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Gastric Bypass in Mexico

Gastric Bypass in Mexico

In the extra weight affecting your overall health?

For those who had believed that achieving a slim and healthy appearance, with a body mass index adjusted to their size, was a titanic task, impossible to achieve, even after having tried most of all types of rigorous diets and exercises, the bypass gastric is the fastest, safest and most effective solution offered by the medical profession currently. This procedure is considered the king among the options of bariatric surgery for more than thirty years.

gastic bypass

It is a highly safe surgical procedure, no more risky than any outpatient intervention. A gastric bypass is a powerful tool at your disposal to help you achieve your goals; however, it is not a silver bullet. Most of our patients lose between 65 percent and 90 percent of their excess weight over one year. Besides, it is a tremendous surgical technique which positively influences in the prevention and treatment of numerous health problems associated with obesity, such as cancer, hypertension, type II diabetes, and sleep apnea.

Gastric bypass surgery abroad

The choice to undergo a bariatric surgery such as bypass can be difficult, because for obese patients it involves going through a drastic change in their way they perceive themselves, relate, but it also entails a series of sacrifices and efforts that they must make to improve their quality of life. The good news is that at Health & Wellness Bazaar we have a team of trained, certified and experienced professionals who will work tirelessly make the intervention as safe as possible, so you are satisfied with our health services and the subsequent results.

Another perk of performing this surgery abroad with us is that you can save up to 80 percent of what you would invest in the United States, since; in general, gastric bypass surgery is not covered by health programs in the United States. The gastric operation back home can rise in cost up to 35,000 US dollars, when you accept our health tourism packages in Mexico you can save a significant amount of money, with plans starting at $ 5,490 and derisory waiting times.

This significant difference is in response to the low costs in medical fees and surgery supplies in this Latin country, you can rest assured knowing that every doctor treating you is  very professional,  prepared and of great human touch doctors to advise them at all times. Currently, we have surgeons in Tijuana, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and the capital, Mexico City. We invite you to contact us, through the means available on our website. Remember that we want to serve you because our only goal is your health.

Step by Step

The gastric bypass is a bariatric surgery that helps you lose almost all excess body weight, as a result of obesity. The intervention, which may have an approximate duration of an hour and a half, is performed laparoscopically with five incisions in the abdomen. We ´re talking about  a restrictive method with the purpose of limiting the amount of food you´re able to consume; this is achieved by reducing your current stomach size from 20 to 30 ounces and stapling them in a smaller bag, which reduces their dimensions. When creating this bag, you feel fuller with small portions, which limit the caloric intake. Immediately after the operation, most patients only need about a ¼ cup meal to fill their new stomachs.

bypass results

On the other hand, the gastric bypass also affects how your digestive systems absorb calories and nutrients. One part of your intestines still allows the gastric juices to digest food, but, the other segment of the intestine, which has been connected to the bag, will no longer have digestive enzymes necessary to break them down. This means that fewer calories are absorbed, which results in greater fat loss and an additional barrier to prevent you from regaining weight.

Only people between the ages of 15 and 54, whose BMI is above 30, and who have conditions derived from obesity, such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea, qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

Preparation for bypass surgery

Cigarettes are one of the great enemies for your health and cause all kinds of life-threatening pathologies so it won´t hurt abandoning this habit as a measure before your bypass surgery, at least two weeks before the scheduled date to enter in the operating room. Your surgeons will also recommend that you follow a specific diet before surgery, and our highly trained staff will be available to help you plan your future feeding changes and lead you to a more active lifestyle, complementary to the procedure.

You should stop eating food one night before the operation. Try to relax, take a warm bath and concentrate on the reasons why you chose to undergo this change of life. Fear is entirely normal, but you can rest assured in knowing, thanks to Health & Wellness Bazaar, you are in good hands. Also, do not drink coffee or drink water unless the surgeon authorizes it. Once you arrive at the hospital you will be admitted, once checked in the hospital you will also have to fill some required forms for which you´ll need to identify yourself. You will meet the nursing staff and an assigned nurse, along with the anesthesiologist, who will be available throughout preoperative process.


After the gastric bypass surgery, you may end up experiencing pain and discomfort which you will be able to overcome by following your surgeon´s indications and the rigorous pharmacological treatments. You will have to make significant lifestyle changes, start going for walks, stop drinking and seeing your bodies as a temple. And there are, likewise, some things that you can expect in the postoperative period.

  • Body aches
  • Flue like symptoms, like fatigue and cold sensation
  • Dry skin and weakening of the hair
  • Difficulty to eat, at least a few weeks after the surgery, while you get used to it.
  • A rigorous 12-week post-recovery diet

It is vital that you take the time to study the subject and thoroughly understand all the implications of the gastric bypass. You should realize that you will feel some degree of discomfort after the operation; however, this is normal, and you will gradually become familiar with it. Physical exercise can speed recovery, but you should not start any routine without consulting with our surgeons. You may go for a brisk walk, which does not represent any risk and, on the contrary, it will make you feel much better.

Results of gastric bypass

Gastric surgery is without a doubt the bariatric technique that promises better results. The amount of body weight loss depends on the changes introduced to your daily life habits. It may be possible for you to lose more than half of the excess weight in two years. Also, the bypass weight loss can contribute to improve or control other conditions related to obesity, such as high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux, type II diabetes and sleep apnea.

You can trust that our bariatric surgeons are trained and certified to meet your requirements and advise you throughout the process. We only work with the best-prepared specialists, so that we can offer you the highest quality standards because our health is our goal. Our surgeons always undergo a rigorous research process, to know one hundred percent that they are accredited as surgeons, authorized to comply with the requirements of law and have extensive field experience.

Our packages

At Health & Wellness Bazaar we have a broad team of bariatric surgeons, as well as talented and experienced doctors whose professional trajectory has been confirmed so that we can guarantee the best medical and compassionate care. The specialist performs these cutting-edge procedures to treat obesity and metabolic disorders. In collaboration with our team of bariatric surgeons, we have developed comprehensive weight loss packages that you can consult through our website, by contacting us. These plans include:

  • Airport pickup and shuttle service
  • Hospitalization and hotel lodging
  • Transportation during your stay
  • Pre-op tests
  • Honorary fees and hospitalization in the surgical center
  • Post-op medication
  • Humane and personalized counseling
  • Psychiatric and physical evaluation before the intervention
  • Constant over the phone, e-mail or video call consultations
  • Follow up program to keep on track with the goal

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