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Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

Nowadays, gastric sleeve in Tijuana has become one of the most performed surgical procedures in this thriving destination for an increasing number of patients from the US and other countries regarding weight loss surgery. Its outstanding results have allowed them to reshape their future by improving their health without having to pay unreasonable costs and expenses in their home countries. Find out what is involved in this procedure so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are choosing the right weight-loss experts.

The Secret Behind Gastric Sleeve Success

Gastric sleeve surgery’s success lies in one basic technique and method, namely, significantly reducing the patient’s stomach size. The results are both logical and safe, making the patient feel quickly satisfied by eating small, healthy food portions. Therefore, as the individual begins consuming fewer calories every day, weight loss and other health benefits become apparent over just a few weeks.

Before undergoing this surgical procedure, the patient must have specific tests and examinations. For example, the physicians and bariatric surgeons perform a complete physical exam, blood test, and gallbladder ultrasound allow the surgeon to know your health before surgery to prevent possible complications.

Gastric Sleeve’s Procedure

A gastric sleeve in Tijuana procedure consists of removing 60 to 85% of the stomach. Unlike gastric bypass, this surgery does not involve any intestinal reconnection. Therefore, the percentage of short- and long-term complications is lower. But the results of losing weight can be just as in the most complex procedures.

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Before starting the procedure, the anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia so the patient can be unconfident throughout the operation. As soon as the anesthesia comes into full effect, the surgeon will proceed with a laparoscopic insition to remove the determined percentage of the patient’s stomach.

After surgery, the patient stays in the hospital for only one or two nights, where doctors can monitor his recovery. In case of discomfort or a reaction such as nausea, the medical team will provide him with the necessary medications and support. On the other hand, the medical team also helps the patient move around the room and give the fluids required to start the proper nourishment.

Who Are Eligible for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

There are certain factors to consider in finding out if you are eligible for this state-of-the-art surgery. One of the most essential ones is through a patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI). A patient with a BMI greater than 40, or even as low as 30 or 35 but has already developed some obesity-related diseases is eligible for this procedure.

The most common diseases related to obesity are asthma, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gallstones, fatty liver, muscle and joint pain, femoral capital epiphysis slippage, heart disease, depression, and the most common: diabetes and insulin resistance. If any of the above are presented, a thorough evaluation is carried out to plan a tailor-made procedure and follow-up care.

Furthermore, gastric sleeve is the definitive and effective treatment for patients with a genetic predisposition to these diseases. It has been shown that patients undergoing this procedure significantly reduce the chances of developing this and other related disorders.

Similarly, a crucial aspect to know if a person is an optimal candidate is when he or she is committed to making changes to their eating habits and complying with a long-term fitness plan.

What Happens Before the Operation?

The bariatric experts will make specific preparations for each patient. However, as it was pointed out before, the patient needs to demonstrate that he or she can make significant changes in his or her diet and exercise routine before the intervention. Weeks before the operation, the patient will begin working with a medical team to develop the necessary skills to achieve better results.

1.     Doctors and surgeons

Of course, surgeons are a vital part of a successful surgery. Hence, weeks before the operation, the patient will have the necessary consultations with them. They will explain what the procedure consists of, make a complete evaluation, and explain what to expect before and after the gastric sleeve in Tijuana.

2.     Psychologists

Without a doubt, undergoing any type of operation can evoke different emotions. Granted, a psychologist is immensely helpful, as he understands what the patient is feeling and helps him prepare emotionally for his surgery and subsequent changes.

A critical factor in the psychologist’s treatment is developing strategies to change the patient’s relationship with food. Remember, stress and worries are often the causes that make a person eat more than is good for him. On the other hand, it is essential that after surgery, you continue to consult with your psychologist for as long as he sees fit. Especially if any emotional concerns are putting your progress at risk.

3.     Nutritionists

For his part, a nutritionist will be in charge of providing the basis for how to eat healthily, how to prepare nutritious meals, stick to a meal schedule, and how to eat the right portions of food,

4.     Physical Exercise Specialists

These experts will work with you to develop a tailor-made fitness program to allow you to exercise regularly. Starting a physical activity plan well in advance of your surgery will help you have a speedy recovery and ensure optimal results in terms of weight loss and health benefits.

Benefits and Results of Gastric Sleeve

One of the reasons why the gastric sleeve in Tijuana is so successful is that the appetite hormone is located in the portion extracted from the stomach. Consequently, the procedure allows the patient to enjoy a healthy diet suppressing the need for comfort food and eating more balanced portions. Moreover, the patient develops a feeling of satiety much faster when eating and for more extended periods.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it does not require future maintenance. That is, you don’t need to have monthly lab tests to be able to monitor your vitamin, mineral, or hemoglobin levels or adjust any bands around the stomach.

On the other hand, the results vary for each patient, depending on how committed he is to change his lifestyle. However, he can expect a 70% loss of excess weight between 12 and 18 months after surgery.

At Health Wellness Bazaar, we know you want to make a significant change in your life. Apart from eating a proper diet, exercise is vital in being healthy and maintaining weight loss after the gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Therefore, it may sound too hard to accomplish. However, the benefits will be experienced almost immediately and will add many years to your life. Something worth going for despite the sacrifices of efforts it may take.

Rest assured that our team of specialists understand any difficulties you may have and is committed to helping you with your physical and emotional change. Hence, they will continue to follow up on your progress several months after your operation. Therefore, you must attend all your follow-up appointments (on-site or remotely) in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and allow your gastric sleeve experts to ensure the best possible results in your life and health.

Schedule your first appointment today at (858) 779-2552, so you can make sure if gastric sleeve surgery will be the factor that turns your life around to experience incredible benefits!

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