Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Congratulations! If you are reading the information on this site, it means you have lost a drastic amount of weight or are on the path to do so thanks to bariatric surgery. It has been confirmed and demonstrated through years of medical experience and numerous success stories that it is the safest, quickest, and most effective means to lose substantial weight and counteract the severe effects of obesity such as Type II diabetes and hypertension. However, due to such fantastic results, many people are now turning to plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico to achieve an optimal aesthetic appearance. Continue reading to find out the reasons for that decision and the different options for that purpose.

Why Should You Undergo Plastic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery?

Undoubtedly, bariatric surgery in Mexico has changed the lives of thousands of happy patients for the better. It not only has allowed them to enjoy a healthy and satisfying life, but it has added years to their life and save them thousands of dollars that otherwise would be spent on medications and treatments. Nonetheless, a drastic amount of weight loss leaves some patients with saggy skin that results from the body and skin having to adapt to increased weight. Yet, plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico allows them to enjoy the fully extraordinary benefits.

Furthermore, the remaining stretched skin can cause discomfort and other side effects, such as rashes, skin infections, sores, and poor hygiene. Therefore, various plastic surgery procedures can tighten the skin in the body areas where the surgeon recommends reducing such risks of developing those issues or discomfort and allowing them to experience that fantastic new weight that they dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve.

Additionally, many patients who have experienced that saggy skin after losing weight have mentioned that it makes them feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable in social settings. Especially this is true if they are in an environment where they are wearing swimsuits or clothes for summertime. Consequently, it prevents them from enjoying all those wonderful results and increased quality of life. Thankfully though, plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico can reverse all those effects quickly and painlessly.

In summary, the following are the reason why consider plastic surgery after weight loss:

  • Removes any excess or saggy skin that was stretched throughout the years
  • Perform any physical activities freely
  • Increases self-confidence and quality of life
  • Reduces the risks of getting infections, sores, and rashes
  • Enjoy the benefits of a healthy weight to the fullest extent possible

What Are the Recommended Plastic Surgery Procedures After Weight Loss?

Usually, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico chosen through Health & Wellness Bazaar recommend doing plastic surgery procedures after bariatric surgery in stages and over a reasonable period. Of course, every patient is different and will have the body areas that must be addressed vary in arch case. If there is more than one area that will undergo a plastic procedure, the surgeon will recommend doing them separately. Hence, the specific procedures, surgical plan, and period will be tailored made for each patient. These are the recommended plastic surgery procedures after weight loss, according to the patient’s needs and expectations:

  • Tummy Tuck. – This is probably the most widely plastic surgery performed in bariatric patients who have lost significant amounts of weight. The medical term for such a surgical procedure is abdominoplasty. It is focused on the abdominal area to tighten the muscles and remove excess skin.
  • Breasts and Arms. – These two areas can generally be treated in the same surgical plan. On one side, the surgeon removes the excess skin that could be located from the armpit to the elbow. On the other hand, a breast procedure can either reduce the breasts’ size and skin or have a breast lift to make a more proportioned sized breast (or both).
  • Buttocks and thighs. – These procedures may follow a tummy tuck procedure and address the belt, buttocks, and thigh areas (from the knee to the buttocks) to remove saggy skin and tighten them for a better contour.
  • Neck and Face Lift. – The surgeon removes the excess skin that could be left around the ears and neck areas around the hairline. Additionally, the patient may choose to undergo a full or partial facelift with all its fantastic benefits. The areas that can remove or improve loose or sagging facial skin are the forehead, eyelid, browns, nose, mid and lower face.

Can Plastic Surgery Be Performed Right After a Bariatric Procedure?

The short answer is no, it cannot. However, many bariatric patients plan plastic surgery as ort of their weight loss and health plans. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we make it our goal to ensure not only to lose the most amount of weight but to start a healthy and fulfilling life from that point on that makes them feel fabulous both inside and out. Therefore, we make a strategic plan according to each patient’s needs, expectations, and medical requirements. Some factors that plastic surgeons to recommend a bariatric patient to undergo plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico are:

  • Stable weight. – Usually, both the best plastic and bariatric surgeons in Mexico recommend scheduling plastic surgeries from one to two years after the weight loss procedure. The reason has to do with the fact that it allows maximizing weight loss results and the skin to shrink as much as it is naturally able to do so.
  • Reasonable physical, mental, and emotional stability. – A surgeon will usually confirm that any patient with a chronic condition such as hypertension and diabetes is not eligible for any plastic surgery. However, numerous bariatric patients have been able to reverse such conditions after experiencing a drastic weight loss. Therefore, when they achieve reasonable overall health thanks to a bariatric procedure, they are ready for bariatric surgery. Additionally, it is always best when a patient who will undergo plastic surgery has optimal mental stamina, a positive outlook in life, and realistic expectations.

Clearly, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are committed to comprehensive care for each and every patient. Our priority is not to make a profit but to provide satisfying results that enable a person to feel like he has never felt before. All of this is possible through increased overall health and quality of life, along with the satisfaction of having a fantastic personal appearance, which can be achieved thanks to plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico.

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