Skin Removal Surgery in Mexico

Skin Removal Surgery in Mexico

As thousands and thousands of people go about their weight loss journey, they have found the safest and quickest solution through bariatric surgery. During the first few weeks, patients begin to lose weight, representing a significant improvement in their health and physical condition. However, when a large amount of weight is quickly lost, the patient’s excess skin may be left, especially in those who used to have a BMI higher than 40. Therefore, skin removal surgery in Mexico has become an excellent surgery for post-bariatric patients to achieve phenomenal physical results. As a result, multiple national and international patients turn to Health & Wellness Bazaar’s for a comprehensive medical plan that puts them on the path towards losing weight and enjoying a stunning physical appearance.

What Is Skin Removal Surgery?

After bariatric surgery, you will lose remarkable amounts of weight week after week. It is expected that after reducing the size of your body, your skin no longer has enough elasticity to return to its natural state, forming excess skin and skin flaccidity.

This procedure uses modern surgical techniques in which the surgeon removes excess skin and closes each of the blood vessels. The incisions’ size depends, of course, on the body areas that are addressed and the amount of saggy skin. You can choose the board-certified surgeons through Health Wellness Bazaar who take extra care to leave minimal scars and allow a speedy recovery. Besides, if there is more than one area to improve, they might do the procedures in different stages throughout a designated period according to each patient.

Usually, excess skin occurs on the face, arms, breasts, abdomen, back, and thighs. Some patients only need to have a procedure in few areas of the body, while others need to remove the skin from multiple parts of the body.

It is vital that bariatric patients consider this successful procedure since excess skin can make everyday tasks significantly more difficult, including activities such as bathing, exercising, bending down, and doing house chores. Patients who resort to skin removal surgery in Mexico are definitely happier with their physical appearance and considerably improve their self-confidence.

Consequently, this procedure aims to make the patient feel comfortable and remarkably satisfied about how they feel and look. Moreover, improving a person’s esthetics can ensure better social and professional relationships. Plus, with better mobility and no worries about developing a skin infection, you can enjoy joining in outdoor activities and exercise.

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

Body sculpting has reached significant popularity in recent years thanks to the impressive results obtained when combined with skin removal surgery in Mexico. Usually, this is a comprehensive technique that includes various procedures treatments.  

One of the modern methods uses an electromagnetic energy body sculpting session that causes multiple muscle contractions to improve the patient’s tone and muscle strength. In addition, patients can experience a reduction of the extra fat portions left in the abdomen, muscle toning, and the lifting of the buttocks.

Complimentary Cosmetic Surgeries

Combining two types of plastic or cosmetic surgeries will ensure better results. The best plastic surgeons at Health Wellness Bazaar recommend performing a skin removal surgery in Mexico in conjunction with a Brachioplasty.

Brachioplasty is a surgery to stretch the remaining or flaccid skin from the axillary area to the elbow. The procedure is done with intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia, so it is completely painless. The surgeon will let you know exactly what to expect.  

Furthermore, the surgeon will only make the necessary tiny incisions to remove that excess fat and skin. As a result, there is minimal scarring, and in some cases, they are hidden because inside the armpit.

On the other hand, another highly recommended surgery for body contouring is liposuction. Apart from removing excess fat mainly from the abdomen, it is a wonderful complement to Brachioplasty. Let us consider each of these complementary cosmetic surgeries more closely.

1.     Liposuction

Although it is a great complement to remove excess fat in a standard Brachioplasty, several studies suggest that if the patient does not have morbid obesity and their skin still has the elasticity to retract, liposuction should be considered the primary procedure.

2.     Minimal Invasive Brachioplasty

Multiple eligible patients can undergo this type of Brachioplasty when their excess skin on their arm is minimal. Natural aging is also a reason why the skin loses its stiffness. However, during this intervention, the surgeon also removes a small amount of fat with small incisions on the inside of the arm to return it to its natural form.

3.     Standard Brachioplasty

This procedure is probably the most well-known and most performed intervention in all hospitals. Since bariatric patients have lost a dramatic number of pounds, the remaining skin causes visual deformations. Therefore, the most effective way to return firmness and esthetic appearance to the arm is to completely remove saggy skin by external incisions from the axillary area to the elbow.

4.     Extended Brachioplasty

This intervention is a little more complex. The incisions extend from the elbow to the chest. This surgery seeks to give a more harmonic appearance, removing the flabby skin and the fatty tissue stored in the side of the axillary zone. This option is ideal when a patient loses a massive amount of weight.

Regardless of the type of surgery that is right for each patient, at Health Wellness Bazaar, we pay close attention to even the most delicate aspects. We want them to rest assured that they won’t have to deal with a visible scar or adverse effects from losing impressive amounts of weight.

Phenomenal Results of Skin Removal Surgery

We can unequivocally say that all of our patients at Health Wellness Bazaar experience how their expectations are surpassed thanks to remarkable modern medical surgical techniques, such as skin removal surgery in Mexico. As a result, a person’s weight and physical appearance are no longer an obstacle to performing an activity or achieving a goal.

All our medical solutions ensure long-lasting results because we are committed to your entire healthy process improvement and recovery.

Every year we are implementing new techniques and ensuring that our standards align with the international practices to give you the best care. Contact us at (858) 779-2552 or submit the brief contact form so we can provide you all the information you need to allow you to live a healthy life with a spectacular appearance.  


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