Tummy Tuck in Tijuana

Tummy Tuck in Tijuana

Have you tried for a long time to look good in that outfit you really like or a certain swimsuit? Have you tried strict diets and continuous exercise, but you still have too much flab or excess skin in your abdomen? Then, your best solution with phenomenal results might be tummy tuck in Tijuana, also called abdominoplasty. From the thousands of plastic procedures performed each month worldwide, the tummy tuck is among the top 6 chosen by patients who seek to enhance their appearance and body sculpture.

What is a Tummy Tuck?                                  

Even though tummy tuck has become increasingly popular in the last 20 years, it is a procedure that has been practiced and improved for centuries. For example, in the 1800s, doctors used excess skin to cover up wounds. Later, by the early 1900s, the first gynecologic surgeon in Baltimore, USA, performed what we now know as a tummy tuck or, as it is called in the medical field, abdominoplasty. As years went by, the procedure was refined and incorporated modern techniques. By the 1980s, this was a remarkably effective surgery to treat patients with an umbilical hernia.

Nowadays, thanks to significant advancements in the medical and surgical fields, tummy tuck in Tijuana provides outstanding results to remove noticeable scars from other surgeries like a C-section, tighten muscles in the abdomen, and remove excess skin after weight-loss surgery. Additionally, the tummy tuck is an essential component in Mommy Makeover procedures along with liposuction, breast lifting and augmentation, when they are required. Therefore, this procedure allows men and women to enjoy a youthful and aesthetic appearance and contour.

Who Is Eligible for Tummy Tuck?

If you wonder if tummy tuck in Tijuana is right for you and if you are eligible for such a procedure, our fantastic plastic surgeons walk you through the requirements and steps to undergo this cosmetic treatment. First of all, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and the world confirm that it is not a weight-loss procedure or a replacement for a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Instead, it is perfect for those who have a reasonably healthy life and active lifestyle with a BMI below 30 but still have excess skin and fat in the abdomen and waist areas. Additionally, this procedure is perfect for women who have been pregnant or those who have lost significant amounts of weight. As a result, their abdominal muscles may have become separated or weakened, and the skin is saggy due to a period of being starched out significantly.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, eligible candidates for this surgery are those who will undergo a comprehensive plastic surgery treatment such as body contouring after drastic weight loss and mummy makeover. A tummy tuck can correct all those problems and side effects, which have not been able to be corrected even after strict diets and continuous exercise. Therefore, you may be a suitable candidate for a tummy tuck if you meet some of the following criteria:

  • Have a reasonably healthy life and active lifestyle
  • Have a healthy weight or have a BMI below 30
  • Have no plans to be pregnant in the future
  • Have lost considerable amounts of weight
  • Have excess skin and fat around the abdomen and waist
  • Have been pregnant in the past and are considering a mummy makeover
  • Have quit smoking

What Happens Before and During a Tummy Tuck?

First, when you choose Health & Wellness Bazaar to enjoy a comprehensive cosmetic procedure, a plastic surgeon will have a consultation with you via videoconference, phone call, or on-site to consider the requirements as mentioned above along with your particular medical history and appearance goals. During such evaluation, he will explain in detail how the procedure works and what the expected results will be.

Then, you will make a plan with one of our patient care managers and get an all-inclusive package that covers the following:

  • Comfortable accommodation in a fantastic local 5-star hotel
  • All ground transportation for your safety and convenience
  • Pre-op and post-tests
  • Medical staff fees and hospitalization
  • Anesthesia and anesthesiologist
  • All treatment-related materials
  • Post-op medication if needed

Thanks to these comprehensive packages, our patients can simply start their trip, sit back, and enjoy the results, and why not, a lovely retreat or getaway.

During a tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon works with the anesthesiologist to make your procedure quick and painless. Then, he proceeds to make a small incision in the low part of the abdomen to ensure minimal scarring that is almost invisible since the underwear or swimsuit can cover it. Next, the surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles, removes the excess fat and skin, and if needed, he makes a new belly button to give a natural and aesthetic appearance. Of course, not all stretch marks may be removed, but they are significantly less noticeable once the surgeon removes the excess skin.

How Is the Recovery Process After a Tummy Tuck?

Following a tummy tuck in Tijuana, a patient usually spends one night in a state-of-the-art medical facility. Then, the recovery period can continue at his hotel or home. It is highly recommended to avoid entirely any strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting during the first few days after the procedure. After about six weeks, a patient has fully recovered and can restart such physical activity and exercise. Of course, the plastic surgeon will provide further instructions regarding the best ways to sit and lie down and returning to work and performing everyday activities.

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction. What is the difference?

These procedures share one fundamental objective: enhancing a person’s figure in the body’s midsection and abdomen, making it more aesthetic, flatter, and tighter. However, there several differences in procedure and technique. Here the most important ones:

  • Liposuction targets only fat deposits in the hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach area
  • Tummy tuck targets the abdomen area exclusively, but besides removing fat, it removes excess skin and tightens the muscles
  • Liposuction’s results might not be permanent if there is no healthy diet, whereas tummy tuck offers more permanent results
  • A surgeon uses a cannula or thin tube to remove fat underneath the skin. In contrast, in a tummy tuck, the surgeon makes small incisions and uses surgical techniques

What is the First Step to Enjoy Fantastic Tummy Tuck Results?

It only takes a call at (858) 779 – 2552 or submitting a brief contact form to reach out to one of our Health & Wellness Bazaar’s care managers to set up an appointment for a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. You will learn more details about the extraordinary procedure and results of a tummy tuck in Tijuana and our all-inclusive packages so you can just take the first step, sit back, and enjoy a fantastic appearance!


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