Health & Wellness Bazaar is an elite network of Board-Certified English-speaking doctors in strategic locations in Mexico and Latin American specializing in Orthopedics, Cardiology, Regenerative Medicine, Bariatrics, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, and Pain Management. Safety and quality are HWBazaar’s top priorities and its Physician Advisory Committee is composed of a binational team of dedicated, uniquely-experienced and U.S.-trained physicians that meets every other month to provide direction on medical provider selection and oversight, patient service protocols, intra operative clinical and quality management pathways, and all other medical decisions. Only a small fraction of doctors in Mexico meet the HWBazaar exacting standards and participation is by invitation only. Lastly, the Health & Wellness Bazaar online portal has in-depth provider profiles so that patients can choose with transparency and confidence. Our main differentiators in the market are:

Provider network composed of elite Board-Certified doctors with impeccable track record and international training and experience

In-house Physician Advisory Committee performs medical provider vetting, develops patient service protocols, and oversees quality management programs

Our doctors review all patient medical records and provide teleconsultations at no cost to complete diagnostic and confirm treatment

Our Medical Tourism Packages include all medical treatment related costs, on-site transportation, end-to-end patient management, and personalized post-treatment follow-up

Our experienced team will guide you every step of the way to plan and coordinate all logistics of your medical vacation

Our medical team will provide detailed post-treatment instructions to ensure a successful recover and will continuously follow-up with you to check on your recovery

The vision was born in 2014 when David Mora joined Clinica de Rodilla y Hombro, an orthopedic surgery center his father Dr. Eliseo Mora founded in Tijuana, Mexico, to direct the company’s vision and business strategy. Soon after joining his father’s clinic, David recognized that most of their patients were North Americans traveling south to Mexico in search of affordable and timely health care options due to the excessively high costs in the U.S. and long wait times in Canada. To meet the increasingly high demand from this market, and to shorten the gap between the available options and their unmet needs, David Mora decided to reposition the clinic as an orthopedic medical tourism center of excellence; Baja Orthopedic Institute. Further frustrated by the shortcomings of other specialties offered to medical tourism patients, Health & Wellness Bazaar was created to search for, screen, and select the best multi-specialty medical groups in selected medical tourism destinations and to offer the most inclusive and comprehensive medical tourism services to our patients.

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