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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental implants is one of the safest, most effective and risk-free procedures in dental health care. This surgical procedure replaces the entire decaying tooth with a metal implant placed in the gums and bone tissue, creating an artificial bond with the jawbone to support a custom-made crown. This durable and convenient alternative, on top of restoring a beautiful smile, also improves your speech, putting an end to slurring caused by ill-fitting dentures. If you have one or more missing, broken, damaged or decayed teeth, then dental implants are for you.
Dental implants are artificial teeth placed through metal posts after the broken or decayed teeth are removed. They function in a very natural manner, thus avoiding the discomfort and irritation that comes with dentures and/or any other substitutes that provide partial relief. This is because the bone heals around the implant entirely after some time, fusing with the jawbone in the process. It then provides a well-fitted, naturally operating and permanent solution to your oral problems.
Dental implants operate naturally with a success rate of up to 98% and can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth and your oral health. Because these implants are permanent and become part of your mouth, they also provide unmatched comfort and oral hygiene during the entire day and night. The notably high satisfaction and success rate prove just how beneficial dental implants can be.
Our highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons and medical professionals at Health and Wellness Bazaar provide high-standard and outstanding oral health care in accredited facilities in Mexico. Additional to dental implants in Mexico, our professional dental surgeons also offer dental assessments, recommendations, and oral healthcare advice.

Advantages of Getting Dental Implants Abroad

Why travel all the way from the US to Mexico to get dental implants? Getting your dental implants done in Mexico has a number of benefits over undergoing the same procedure in the US. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Savings of 20%-50% on dental implants in Mexico as compared to the US
  • Our customers report very high satisfaction rates
  • Our dental surgeons are US board-certified and practice 4 days of the week in the US, offering exceptional quality and the latest procedures
Health and Wellness Bazaar provides the most affordable and convenient packages for dental implants in Mexico. The generally lower costs of freeholds and commodities related to this practice contribute to the much lower expenses incurred for dental surgery and other oral treatments in Mexico. However, despite the lower medical bills, no compromise is made on the quality of the procedure and its execution as well as the expertise of the dental professionals available at our dental facilities. Our US trained dental surgeons practice safely, efficiently and exceptionally, placing your oral well-being, comfort, and satisfaction above all else.

What to Look For in an Oral Surgeon Abroad

It is incredibly significant to undertake your dental treatment journey abroad with research and caution. A lot of planning and precaution must go into choosing the right medical facility for yourself. We understand how stressful, time-consuming and inconvenient this process can be. That is why we at Health and Wellness Bazaar, contract with the highest-rated English-speaking doctors, dental surgeons, and medical professionals.
You must look for an oral surgeon who has been in practice for several years. A more experienced surgeon will better understand your dental requirements and implement the necessary medical procedures in a more proficient and skillful manner. Furthermore, you must ascertain which dental or medical professional societies your chosen dental / oral surgeon is a part of. This will confirm your dentist’s certification and credibility in the field of oral healthcare, hygiene and medication.
Our good reputation and distinguished professionalism are excellent indicators of our well-established and largely approved oral surgeons. Health and Wellness Bazaar ensures that all its affiliated dental surgeons possess the above mentioned, desired professional qualities and credentials.

What Is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism comfortably connects you with low-cost dental facilities abroad. Dental tourists undertake journeys to foreign, less-developed countries with much lower healthcare costs in order to save money. The lower cost of living in underdeveloped countries contributes to inexpensive dental care as compared to developed countries like the US where healthcare is very costly.
Most health insurance companies in the US do not provide coverage for even the most necessary and critical dental conditions. What's more, private dental health care costs in the US are exorbitantly high. Therefore, dental tourism allows one to avail high standard, excellent treatment options in much tighter budgets. Our US trained and experienced dental professionals, meet or exceed the US standards of health and dental care. Because of this, our oral surgeons also practice in the U.S. some days of the week. Therefore, getting your dental implants in Mexico with Health and Wellness Bazaar is an ideal and an affordable alternative to oral health care and/or surgery in the US.

Why Mexico?

Other than the 30-60% lower treatment expenses, there are numerous reasons why you should opt for getting your dental implants in Mexico. Some of these are listed bellow:
  • Mexico health services are known specially for their exemplary oral and cosmetic surgeries
  • You can turn your dental visit into a vacation by extending your stay for a few days
  • Its proximity to the US as well as its affordability make Mexico one of the top destinations for medical tourism among Americans
  • You can avail excellent health and dental care, similar to that in the US, in a budget
  • You do not have to sit through waiting lists in order to get your desired treatment as your medical needs will be tended to as soon as possible
  • You can escape the exorbitant private health care costs as well as the increasingly high health insurance premiums in the US by opting for treatment in Mexico
  • Our providers’ facilities in Mexico have the highest quality as well as safety certifications

Why Choose One of Our Oral Surgeons?

Our network of oral surgeons at Health and Wellness Bazaar consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who maintain their strong work ethic throughout their practice. Graced with the fine qualities of compassion and honesty, our oral surgeons are detail-oriented, dexterously fulfilling their everyday oral healthcare responsibilities.
Below is a list of beneficial qualities of our oral surgeons at Health and Wellness Bazaar. This will convince you why undergoing the procedures for dental implants in Mexico is a great idea.
  • An elite network of Board-Certified oral surgeons and medical professionals
  • Ideal for American patients as they are English speaking
  • Meet and/or exceed the US standards of health and oral care
  • Successful track records maintained through experience
  • Extraordinary credentials throughout their years of dental practice
  • Our US-trained Physician Advisory Committee standardizes and implements high-grade programs across our providers
  • All of our dental and healthcare facilities are surveyed and examined beforehand to verify quality accreditations and technological equipment
  • Follow the most advanced and safest techniques for oral healthcare
  • Patient-centric approach prioritizes patients, contributing to high patient satisfaction rates
All these qualities and features of oral surgeons at Health and Wellness Bazaar reveal the eminence of our dental and medical providers’ facilities in Mexico. These factors are also contributing to the rising popularity of dental tourism among Americans, especially to Mexico due to its closeness and easy accessibility. Getting your dental implants in Mexico will surely prove to be a successful, feasible and enjoyable experience.

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