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Liposuction in Mexico

Beauty has become a very important trait in today’s society; in consequence, the desire to have a better figure and look younger has become a priority for many men and women around the world. Most of them dream on being slim and in shape so they are willing to undergo any treatment or surgery to achieve a perfect body. They commonly speak about getting a Lipo because it is one of the most recurrent procedures to shape the silhouette; however, it is necessary to analyze several factors before undertaking it as its possible complications, recovery time, costs and of course benefits.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that helps to eliminate stubborn fat in specific areas that have not responded to treatments such as exercise or diets.  At Health & Wellness Bazaar you will find a group of experienced and talented surgeons who can help you reduce fat excess, smooth selected areas and sculpt your body to achieve your dream figure.

What is the itinerary and process to follow?

Generally, for this type of surgery four days are required. The first day you arrive our team will pick you up from the airport, then your doctor will do the pre-op tests and consultations. During the initial consultation, you will discuss the areas of your body you would like to treat; then, your surgeon will explain you the surgical techniques he will use and the expected results.


The surgery is performed on day 2; depending on your case, the anesthesiologist may use local or general anesthesia. Your surgeon will insert a cannula and move it back and forth to break the fat deposits apart and remove the excess tissue from the deep underlying layers. Once your surgeon achieves the desired result, he will close the incisions. This surgery, depending on the total number of areas treated, typically takes 2-3 hours. After the surgery, you will be in a recovery bed under observation. Once you recover from the anesthesia, you will be moved to a recovery room to spend the night in the hospital.


The third day is to recover and rest. On the fourth day, a follow-up consultation is done to make sure you are ready to return home. This itinerary is not a rule; it varies depending on the areas to treat and the specific needs of a patient.  We recommend you to have a companion on this trip to aid you in the first hours of post-op and to make your recovery more pleasant.

When is liposuction recommended?

Unlike bariatric surgery, liposuction does not help losing weight; this procedure eliminates specific fat deposits that are difficult to eradicate despite doing exercise and diets. Liposuction reduces weight because of the extraction of the stubborn fat; as a result, it is noticeable a volume reduction in the specific areas that were treated. For patients who want to enhance their figure in other areas, the reinjection of part their fat extracted in the butt (Brazilian butt) or breasts is performed.

 The best candidates for this procedure include patients who are within 25 to 30 pounds of their weight loss goal, and this type of surgery is also recommended for people between mild or moderate weight. It is important to mention that for people with obesity or morbid obesity, other procedures are recommended such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, an adjustable gastric band or gastric balloon.

In what body areas is liposuction recommended?

In men:  face, neck, chest, arms, upper and lower abs, flanks, hips, thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks, pre-sacral, middle and lower back.

In women: face, neck, upper and lower bra, arms, upper and lower abs, flanks, hips, pubis, thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks, presacral, lower and middle back.

The most common procedure is the liposuction on the abdomen and flanks, hips, the inner side of the thighs and back.

Does liposuction involve any risk?

Liposuction, as any other surgery, involves some degree of risk and, if general anesthesia is used, the presence of an experienced anesthesiologist during the surgery is extremely important to administer the correct doses and avoid serious consequences.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar our surgeons will explain you the risks that may arise from the operation, and if you have any doubts we suggest asking openly to our doctors so they can guide you and answer all your questions; remember that there are no silly questions or too many questions. Our philosophy and priority is your health, and that means that you must know all the details of this surgery to make sure it will meet your expectations and that you will be satisfied with the results.

What can I expect after liposuction?

There is a misconception that the results can be seen the day after the operation. However, during the first days of recovery, you may gain weight due to the serums and fluids that were administrated during surgery. Generally, in 4 to 6 months you will be able to observe the final results.

After the surgery, it is recommended to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly to preserve the results of liposuction. If the patient regains weight, it will be proportional to the new body contour that was defined during liposuction; this means that in the areas where the fat was removed, the fat will not accumulate again as before.

The recovery time may vary depending on each patient and the areas that were treated. It is normal to feel soreness or swelling during the first days; your doctor will give you specific instructions and medications that will help reduce the discomfort. Moreover, your surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions and a compression garment.  On average, you may return to your normal life three weeks after your surgery.

Why to choose Health & Wellness Bazaar?

Liposuction in Mexico. Liposuction must be performed by certified and experienced surgeons who follow quality standards and protocols to ensure our patient´s safety. It is extremely important that before choosing your surgeon you investigate his/her credentials and the surgery center’s accreditations where you may want to undergo surgery. This is important to assure that you don’t take unnecessary risks and that your surgeon meets the highest standards. It is necessary to understand that this type of surgery should always be performed in a clinic or hospital that has a certified operating room equipped with all the equipment, materials, and safety protocols to take care of your well-being. Depending on the number and locations of areas treated, it may not be necessary to spend the night in the hospital so you could be discharged the same day of the surgery. Although it is a surgery that has fewer risks than others, it is necessary to mention that your surgeon will always have to do preoperative tests and consultation.

Health and Wellness Bazaar features the communal the latest surgical techniques performed by our experienced plastic surgeons trained in the US. They make use of FDA approved materials and implants in all procedures. These traits guarantee an exceptional quality in all our surgical procedures.

We are a network of doctors specialized in plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility, dental, orthopedics and steam cell therapy. All our surgeons are certified, in good standing with the medical board, with extensive surgical experience and accredited medical facilities.

To ensure the highest quality, all our surgeons go through a rigorous vetting process: Our Physician Advisory Committee interviews them, visits their facilities, and verifies their processes and protocols. Additionally, they provide you proofs of certifications, track records of success and active memberships in American and International societies of plastic surgeons. It requires them to have a continuous participation in conventions, conferences, and workshops. Moreover, our surgeons must keep up to date with the most recent medical studies, trends, and latest technology.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar you will be sure that all our doctors are accredited and have the necessary licenses to practice this profession. Our surgeons emphasize the individuality of each patient and perform all procedures with your needs and goals in mind.

Liposuction prices in Mexico

At Health & Wellness Bazaar you can save up to 45% compared to US prices. Typically, these types of surgeries cost $10,000 USD and are paid out-of-pocket or with loans because the vast majority of insurers do not cover plastic surgery procedures.

Traveling to undergo liposuction in Mexico is safe, easy and affordable; our packages start from $1,700USD. The final price of the surgery will depend on the total number of areas that you want to treat and the amount of fat excess removed.

Our packages include airport pick-up and drop-off, on-site transportation, pre-op and post-op tests, surgery center fees and hospitalization, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees, medication and all treatment-related materials.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar you benefit from our surgeons’ quality and professional service at our affordable prices.  Your satisfaction is our goal!

Feeling good about yourself is easy, just call us!

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