Hair Transplant in Mexico

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Hair Transplant in Mexico

Hair Transplant in Mexico

Severe hair loss from your scalp can lead to baldness and this is more common in men. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness among men and women and, fortunately, there are many treatment options to help you look your best even when nature is not in your favor.

Depending on your type of hair loss, you may be a candidate for hair transplant with Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.) and/or Follicular Unit Transplantation (F.U.T.) techniques. Our surgeons will review your photos to determine the cause and type of hair loss in order to recommend the technique that will provide you the best results.

Below is a typical itinerary for someone undergoing Hair Trasnplant with our surgeons in Mexico:

Benefits of Hair Transplant in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico for Hair Transplant with our plastic surgeons has several advantages:

Hair Transplant can cost as much as $20,000 USD in the U.S. ($6-$11 per graft) and, because it is generally not covered by most Health Insurance plans, is typically paid out-of-pocket or financed with high interest rate loans. With Health & Wellness Bazaar, traveling to Mexico for Hair Transplant is safe, easy, and affordable with packages starting at $2,790 USD ($1/graft) with minimum wait times.

Our medical providers are able to offer such low pricing compared to the U.S. because of the low cost of land, labor, and materials in the destinations where they practice. The safety, quality, and efficacy of the Hair Transplant is never compromised despite the low pricing and the patient experience is well beyond U.S. standards. Below is a list of the different Hair Transplant options offered by our surgeons:

Our Simple Process

Undergoing Hair Transplant with any of our doctors is very simple. The first step is to create a file for you in our system for your remote consultation. To do so, please submit an inquiry form with your name, email, and phone number.

Second, we will assign you a Care Manager who will guide you every step of the way and will email you shortly after receiving your inquiry with more information on Hair Transplant options and pricing. Your Care Manager will coordinate your remote consultation with our surgeons, check availability and schedule all your appointments for your surgery.

All-Inclusive Surgery Packages

For your convenience, we have designed all-inclusive Packages for Hair Transplant surgery that include the following:

Transportation & Accommodation

Your only additional expenses to the cost of your Hair Transplant package are your transportation and meals outside the hospital. You can learn more about our accommodation options in our Plan Your Trip page.

Hair Transplant Options

Depending on your type and severity of hair loss, you may be a candidate for Hair Transplant with either F.U.E. or F.U.T. or a combination of both techniques. Typically, the more severe the hair loss, the more grafts that need to be transplanted.

F.U.E. Technique

The newest Hair Transplantation technique is the Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.). This technique was born out of the basic idea to avoiding harvesting of “strip” from the donor area. Under this procedure, follicular units are extracted individually, without the need for a linear incision, using a micro-surgery tool designed specifically for extracting one follicular unit at a time. F.U.E. offers the advantage of leaving NO visible scars, since there are no cuts and no strips removed, only tiny circles excised by the surgeon, which will fade quickly after healing. This technique is recommended for patients who want no visible scar whatsoever, but do NOT need large amounts of hair, since the most that can be transplanted is 2,000 follicular units per session. Should you desire more follicular roots, a second – or even a third – session may be necessary.

F.U.T. Technique

Our surgeons use the Trichophytic Closure Technique strictly when follicular units are harvested through the removal of a thin strip of skin from the sides and/or back of the head. Each individual hair – along with its roots and follicles – is then processed under a microscope and transplanted to the receiving area, where they will soon begin their new and permanent growth. To minimize the strip scar from the F.U.T. technique, our surgeons use a special suture without tensioning.

Recovery From Hair Transplant

Recovery is extremely fast; within 10 days the patient will be able to do aerobic and anaerobic exercise (this time period is solely to allow the transplanted follicles to take hold in the receiving area). The scar in the donor area will quickly be covered by the surrounding hair, and although there will be a mark left, it will not be visible unless the area is completely shaven.

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