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Difference Between a Nutritionist and a Bariatric Surgeon

12 June, 2022

Obesity is a major problem in the American population. It is not surprising that the common theme of social networks is “how to lose weight.” Although in order to lose weight, sometimes it is necessary to put yourself in the hands of specialists, some people doubt and wonder which the best option is; a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana or a nutritionist? What would you answer?

Well, the decision will depend on what your most important needs are. If you want to know more about the area in which each professional works, we invite you to continue reading because, in this article, we will explain the main differences between both medical specialties. Stay with us to discover who to turn to enjoy fantastic results.

What is the specialty of a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana?

The initial preparation of a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana is medicine. That means that to be a surgeon, he first had to study for six years in medicine and then another four or five years in this bariatric specialty. These years of study allow the professional to have a great deal of knowledge, not only to treat obesity but also to identify other chronic health problems.

Thanks to this branch of bariatrics, the doctor can find the origin of the excess body and thus provide a comprehensive, effective, safe treatment. Among the different treatments that a bariatric surgeon can offer you to lose weight successfully are the following:

The interesting thing about these methods is that they are very reliable. For this reason, every year, a significant number of people decide to undergo surgery to lose weight loss surgery in Mexico. If you are overweight and would like to combat obesity, we recommend contacting our best medical tourism agency, Health & Wellness Bazaar, so that you will get a free assessment.

What does a nutritionist focus on?

The peculiarity of a nutritionist is to study nutrition for a minimum of four years to be able to practice professionally. The main objective of this specialist is to develop a nutritional plan for patients. For example, he recommends and educates in order to guide on the correct diet and what should not be consumed.

In general, nutritionists study various aspects of food, such as nutrients, chemical, biological and metabolic processes, as well as the consequences of the lack of these nutrients. In addition, many of them work together with bariatric surgeons since the nutritionist is a key player in the surgical treatment of obesity.

If so, the nutritionist will recommend the diet before, during, and after the surgical intervention. Thus, he will be able to maintain a healthy weight when seen by his surgeon at Mexico bariatric center.

In which cases should you go to the nutritionist?

You should only go to a nutritionist if you want to maintain a healthy and stable weight. Some patients need counseling and supervision based on their nutritional needs. Therefore, if what you are looking for is to prevent any level of overweight, without a doubt, a nutritionist is the ideal specialist for your health.

On the other hand, if you have a BMI within normal parameters and want a special diet because you practice sports, are vegan, are a teenager or an older adult, without a doubt, a nutritionist is the most appropriate alternative. Above all, he will personally suggest how to balance your diet and tell you what things you should avoid consuming.

If, after an assessment with the nutritionist, the suspicion arises that your problem is already a certain degree of obesity and other health problems arise from this, rest assured that the nutritionist will let you know and refer you to a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana to carry out the pertinent studies.

Who to turn to fight obesity?

A bariatric surgeon in Tijuana is the indicated specialist to perform an obesity treatment. This bariatric expert, unlike a nutritionist, has a different approach since he thoroughly analyzes the patient’s medical history, so going to one is an extraordinary guarantee that he will attack your problem at the root and permanently.

In addition to the complete clinical examination, he will guide the professional to determine why the patient is obese. In some cases, this condition is due to bad habits, that is, overeating, exercising too little, or a combination of genetic problems. Also, the problem may be metabolic, either from a chronic disease or perhaps a side effect of a specific medication.

On the other hand, some patients may have psychological obesity due to depression, stress, anxiety, nervousness, or other mental health problem. One of the main factors the doctor takes into account during bariatric treatment is the body mass index. For example, patients may be candidates because they have a BMI of 30 and are morbidly obese at or above 40.

If your BMI qualifies after a previous analysis and the surgeon has already determined the cause of your obesity, he will now proceed to indicate the correct treatment. Depending on the type of surgery you choose to undergo, keep in mind that it is just what you need to feel good about yourself. In addition, you will obtain natural and optimal results in the short and long term.

Receive comprehensive care from Health & Wellness Bazaar

Today, there is a growing number of people with high degrees of overweight, but this can be prevented with the timely advice of a nutritionist. However, when obesity is chronic, it will require the attention of a bariatric surgeon. In fact, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, you will be part of comprehensive care to treat your weight problem, as we have specialized treatments, nutritionists, psychologists, and surgeons.

Approach our multidisciplinary medical team without hesitation and schedule an appointment at Health & Wellness Bazaar, where you will find Dr. Alberto Michel and Dr. Dario Ciambelli, both bariatric surgeons. Together we will find a definitive solution for obesity. Call us right now at (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected];  it will be a pleasure to help you recover your health.

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