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Hip Replacement Tijuana

Are you experiencing difficulties in functional activities such as walking, going up and downstairs, and standing up for your seat, among others, due to hip pain or stiffness? When this happens, your life quality is greatly affected. Not everyone experiencing pain in the hip joint will indeed require a complete Hip Replacement Tijuana. Still, depending on the seriousness of your problem, your doctor may advise you to ponder over options for hip replacement surgery.


When is hip replacement surgery the best option?

When your hip has been severely affected by arthritis, a fracture, or other health conditions, it disrupts your everyday activities and becomes more brutal or even more painful to walk or get in and out of a chair. Still, if nonsurgical treatments haven’t worked or are no longer functioning effectively and walking support does not help you appropriately, undergoing a hip replacement surgery may be ideal in your particular situation.

A hip replacement surgery is a very safe and successful procedure that can help you alleviate your pain, raise your range of motion, and be ready to get back on track to your regular and everyday routine. This type of surgery is typically performed when suffering from osteoarthritis and other hip problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

In a total hip replacement (well-known as hip arthroplasty), the bone and cartilage damage are eliminated and replaced with either metal, ceramic, or rigid plastic prosthetic components. This prosthesis or artificial joint will help relieve your pain and improve your function amazingly.

Several people endure the pain for extended periods before explaining their situation to their physician, but you don’t have to face that any longer. Learn how through Hip Replacement Tijuana, you can find the most experienced surgeons and the latest surgery procedures to keep on enjoying your life to the fullest. In addition, through Medical Tourism Tijuana, you can encounter the best all-inclusive packages to have the best time ever in Tijuana City while taking care of yourself.

Below you can have an overview of what a typical itinerary awaits for someone who decided to undergo a Hip Replacement surgery with one of our orthopedic surgeons in Tijuana:

  • Day 1: Arrival at the surgery destination- pre-op examination, medical tests, and admission to the hospital- Spend the night in the hospital.
  • Day 2: Hip replacement surgery- Spend the night in the hospital
  • Day3: Rest and recuperate. Spend the night in the hospital
  • Day 4: Discharge- Spend the night in the hotel
  • Day 5: Rest and recuperate- Spend the night in the hotel
  • Day 6: Follow-up examination- Spend the night in the hotel
  • Day 7: Go back home

Hip Replacement Surgery in Tijuana

Selecting Hip Replacement Tijuana with our medical tourism orthopedic providers has numerous benefits:

  • Prices are much lower than in countries like the U.S and Canada, saving up to 75% on the total price.
  • Top-rated and experienced with U.S orthopedic surgeons in Tijuana.
  • Supreme results with materials and implants approved only by FDA.
  • Most recent surgery techniques and technology.

People can pay as much as $70,000 USD for a Hip Replacement surgery in the U.S.  without having proper health insurance and having a 3-year long waiting time in Canada. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, traveling to Tijuana for Hip Replacement surgery is secure, trouble-free, and low-priced. Our surgery packages initiate at $11,000 USD; this is budget-friendly since you will be able to save up to 75% on the total cost and have a minimum waiting time.

The medical standards, quality, safety, and effectiveness of the total hip replacement surgery are never jeopardized despite the affordable prices, and the patient’s experience goes beyond U.S qualifications and standards.

Total Hip Replacement Procedure

Exists four essential steps for a hip replacement procedure:

  1. The harmed femoral head is removed and replaced with a metal stem located in the hollow center of the femur. This may be stuck or “press-fit” into the bone.
  2. A metal or ceramic ball is placed in the upper part of the stem; thus replacing the femoral head that was removed.
  3. The cartilage surface of the socket is eliminated and replaced with a socket made of metal. Screws or cement are sometimes utilized to hold the socket in its proper place.
  4. A plastic or metal spacer is incorporated between the new ball and the socket for a smooth sliding surface.

Hip Replacement Implant Alternatives

Our orthopedic surgeons in Tijuana are not inclined toward a particular implant brand or model; they do not perceive any remuneration from this. Nevertheless, our typical orthopedic surgery packages include a Johnson & Johnson DePuy Hip System. Our surgeons have vast experience using all types of hip replacement implants and will help you decide and select the perfect one for you. You can choose from Smith & Nephew, Biomet, Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, and Zimmer.

Nowadays, technology makes implants last around 20-25 years; that way, revisions and check-ups are less influx. To know more about the diverse types of implants and their advantages, you can consult your Case Manager and verify with our surgeons which one will be the perfect fit for your bone structure and your way of life.

Improve your quality of life now!

Stop experiencing pain that prevents you from beautiful things in life, just as walking along with a loved one or having normal activities while feeling incredible. Improving your healthcare is within your reach at Health & Wellness Bazaar, where you can find the best orthopedic surgeons to help you relieve your pain and enjoy life to the fullest extent.

Our best surgeons are waiting for you at Hip Replacement Tijuana. Call us today at (858) 779-2552 or request more information by emailing us at [email protected]; you will never regret this life-worthy decision.

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