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IVF in Tijuana

Are you looking to become pregnant but have been trying for months without success? In that case, you will be interested in learning about some specialized medical alternatives. IVF in Tijuana, also known as in vitro fertilization, is an extraordinarily successful assisted reproduction procedure that helps couples enjoy the wonderful experience of parenthood.


Experts recommend this outstanding option for couples who have not achieved a natural conception or have already tried other fertilization methods. The causes of infertility can indeed be numerous since they can be caused by one of the spouses or partners or even both. However, this procedure is currently one of the most effective.

In vitro fertilization uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that an egg has been fertilized and then carefully transferred, resulting in a successful pregnancy. Therefore, it has a wide range of ages and circumstances applicable to couples.

What is the difference between artificial insemination and IVF?

Artificial insemination and IVF are assisted reproduction methods, but they have distinctive characteristics. Among the main differences are the complexity of the procedure and the results that can be offered in each attempt.

Artificial insemination basically consists of depositing a sperm sample directly into the woman's uterus from a donor or partner. It is a procedure that requires simpler surgical techniques. Ovulation is previously monitored, so that when the egg has traveled to the uterus with the help of a catheter, the sperm are placed so that natural fertilization occurs.

On the other hand, IVF in Tijuana is a longer and more complex treatment since it is necessary to perform ovarian stimulation for two or three weeks, as well as a careful selection of sperm of the highest quality. In vitro fertilization is performed in a certified laboratory, and once the sperm has entered the egg, that is, it has been fertilized, it is subsequently inserted into the uterus.

In general, the IVF in Mexico cycle is carried out in the following 5 phases:

  1. Ovarian stimulation process
  2. Ovarian puncture and sperm selection
  3. In vitro fertilization and culture of the embryo
  4. Transfer to the mother's uterus
  5. Pregnancy monitoring and verification




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Becoming a parent is a life changing moment in one’s life, filled with excitement and happiness and the opposite is many times true for couples that decide to take this big step without the joy of successful pregnancies. When couples are not able to get pregnant after months, or even years...

More about IVF in Mexico


All you have to do is browse for Mexican Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics and/ or Mexican Association of Reproductive Medicine and search for the specialists name in their online directory. Make sure you search using their full name. With the help of the directory, you can also get to know more details about your surgeon such as their training and experience. This is important because any doctor whose name is not in their directory is not certified. Any doctor not certified should not even be considered as an option. This easy step will help protect you from fraud plastic surgeons who display fake degrees and qualifications.

Where to perform a safe IVF

Do gynecologists perform IVF? No, those indicated to carry out assisted reproduction methods are fertility specialists. Still, your gynecologist will be immensely helpful in sharing your medical history and important clinical details about your case. In this way, your specialist doctor will be able to have a broader view of your case and determine that you are a suitable candidate for IVF in Tijuana.

It is particularly important to always go to experienced specialists and certified institutions. That is why we connect you with some of the best fertility clinics in Mexico easily and safely. These have first-class facilities, are governed by careful protocols, and offer professional guidance to those couples who want to expand their options to be parents.

Our network of specialists is distinguished by providing exceptional care and complete information throughout the process, in addition to offering clear instructions and constant monitoring to ensure that the medication is working or making the appropriate changes in the indicated dose. Thus, having an expert guide can increase the chances of success and feel safe.

What distinguishes our services during IVF?

IVF in Mexico has made it possible for more and more couples to achieve the dream of growing their family. However, those who have not yet tried may have doubts, a combination of feelings, or even fear that they will not achieve their goal. That is why we offer a complete service through our Medical Tourism in Mexico agency so that the process is easy.

These are some of the advantages of starting your process with us:

  • Personalized attention

Even if you live abroad, you will receive the best care and follow-up from your first contact with us. We will assign you a care advisor to learn first-hand some general details about fertility treatments. This agent will also help connect you with one of the best specialists and provide cost information and some other instructions to get you started as soon as possible.

Thus, you will receive constant attention before, during, and after your trip to Mexico. It is worth mentioning that most of our staff and medical network are bilingual, so we create an open environment with effective communication so that they feel comfortable and understood.

  • World-class fertility centers

Currently, HW Bazaar has several destination options to make treatments more accessible to a greater number of people. So that you can know and choose the most convenient fertility clinics in Mexico for you. Such is the case of Tijuana, a large border city with unique advantages, especially for those from the United States or Canada.

The fertility clinics that are part of our service network are serious institutions with state-of-the-art technology and have comfortable facilities and professional doctors who will help you feel comfortable and guided at all times.

  • Straightforward process

And those who live abroad? Is the process complicated? One reality is that, unlike other treatments, IVF requires a much more complex process. That is because a cycle is made up of several stages, so you will need to invest in attending some important appointments in person.

Even so, we have designed a system without waiting lists that are practical and efficient, even for those who live outside of Mexico. One of the great advantages is having a first remote consultation to assess whether your case is a candidate for the process. And later, the cycle can be programmed so that they can carry out good planning.

  • All-inclusive packages

Thanks to medical tourism, having an IVF in Tijuana is cheaper than in other countries, but at the same time, you receive the highest quality treatment. Our clients have to pay for their treatment out of their own pocket in most cases. For this reason, our all-inclusive packages are super practical and comfortable.

That includes a full IVF cycle, medication during treatment, follow-up visits, and other benefits. They also include the reception and return to the airport and the fact that we have agreements with luxury hotels and recovery houses that offer exclusive prices so that our clients can enjoy their stay.

Start the best experience of your life

For many, an assisted reproductive treatment like IVF in Mexico is just beginning a new stage in their lives. Many couples have made it possible to become parents with patience and perseverance. And although the road is not easy, it is well worth trying!

We invite you to reach out to us, where we will provide you with all the information you need about IVF in Tijuana or other alternatives. You can write to us right now at [email protected] or call (858) 779 2552 to discover the enormous benefits of assisted reproduction.

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