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Spinal Fusion Mexico

The spine is a structure that fulfills a fundamental function in our body. Not only does it provide protection to the spinal cord, but it also contains nerves and ligaments that allow us to move freely. Spinal fusion in Mexico is an excellent alternative to maintain the functionality of the spine to resolve some symptoms such as pain and other discomforts.


What is a spinal fusion?

The spine is made up of 33 small interlocking bones called vertebrae. Between each of these bones, discs, ligaments, and muscles provide stability, firmness, and movement to the structure. There are cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae.

However, when one of these vertebrae is damaged by degenerative disease, injury, or wear and tear, it can cause movement that results in constant pain or instability. Therefore, spinal fusion in Mexico is a surgical procedure that aims to join two or more vertebrae to maintain alignment and eliminate movement in that area.

Orthopedic surgeons use bone grafts to promote good bone healing, as well as screws and a solid plate to create internal fixation. Thanks to this technique, pain can be reduced or completely eliminated, and further damage to the spine can be corrected or prevented. Currently, it is possible to perform it safely using laparoscopic techniques in many cases.

What you can expect in the process

For many, spinal surgery can be intimidating as this part of our body provides flexibility and contains many nerve endings. That is why we have created an easy and comfortable process so that both our patients and their families feel relaxed and safe.

If you're wondering how to get started, here's part of the process:

  • Evaluation

Our clients from Mexico and other countries can receive a first face-to-face or virtual consultation free of charge. There, an orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana will evaluate the clinical picture of the applicant. Your medical history, symptoms, previous surgeries, and other studies will be taken into account to help determine the type of damage to the spine. In some cases, the problem originates in the neck, back, or lower spine.

Therefore, your surgeon will determine if spinal fusion is the best procedure for the patient. This first consultation will also help people express their doubts and concerns and learn more about the procedure. If you are a suitable candidate, your surgery can be scheduled as soon as possible.

  • Costs

Is a surgery abroad less expensive? Indeed, it is! If you live outside of Mexico and have never experienced medical service outside of your country, don't worry. An agent with great experience will constantly contact you to help you plan your trip and stay. Once the surgery date is confirmed, the first step is to find the best route and flight date.

Our designated agent will provide you with information on basic things for surgery such as the type of clothing or other basic personal items suitable for spinal fusion in Mexico. You will also receive a list of recommended hotels and recovery houses that are located near our clinics, in addition to which days before you will receive your scheduled itinerary during your stay.

  • Surgery

Typically, our clients arrive one day prior to their surgery date. Once our transport picks you up at the airport, you will have a scheduled consultation to conduct medical studies and check-ups and inform you of the latest details. Your orthopedic surgeon will make sure you are physically fit to have surgery.

She will also discuss the length of the procedure, the type of anesthesia that will be used, and some important recommendations for your recovery. If you have a chronic illness or are taking any medications, it is essential to tell your doctor to anticipate situations that may cause a reaction to anesthesia.

  • Stay and accommodation

After surgery, depending on the case, some patients may spend one or two days under observation and then be discharged from the hospital. While our network of medical centers has excellent facilities, you'll also be happy to know that you can spend the rest of your recovery in the comfort of your luxury hotel or recovery home.

This way, you can spend this stage in the company of your companion and have more privacy and services that allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable. Our coordinating agent and the medical team that treated you will continue to be in constant contact with you to provide you with medical care whenever you need it.

Advantages of surgery in Mexico

If you need to undergo spinal fusion surgery, medical tourism in this country offers you unique advantages that you should know about before making a decision. Hundreds of foreign tourists come to Mexico every year searching for excellent medical, bariatric, cosmetic, and general surgery treatments.

Learn the 5 important aspects that make us stand out:

  1. World-class care

Our agency has a great team trained and educated with basic principles to make our clients feel comfortable and safe from their first consultation until their full recovery. The fact that our staff is bilingual allows us to lay the foundation for good communication at all times.

Both in-person and remotely, our flexible and adaptable service allows us to be aware of the needs of our clients. Although our priority is to offer truthful information on everything related to medical services, we offer significant advantages to make each medical treatment a pleasant experience.

  1. The best specialists

If you want to obtain successful results, it is essential to choose a certified surgeon with experience in this specialty. For this reason, we have formed a network of select surgeons who are distinguished by their extensive experience, continuous training, and use of the best technology.

Through our platform, you will be able to meet and choose an orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana and other destinations with great recognition in the medical community. And the best thing is that our system allows you to receive medical care quickly and safely. Put yourself in the hands of only expert surgeons and receive the highest quality care.

  1. Excellent location

Mexico is a country recognized for its incredible tourist destinations, warm climates, abundant culture, and, above all, exquisite culinary experiences. All this makes it a destination with a high demand for travelers. So, you can find cheap flights almost at any time of the year.

But, in addition, being located near the US allows people who live near the border to have greater facilities to travel. In many cases, most of our foreign clients arrive in San Diego, Tijuana, from where our transport will be attentive to your arrival to transfer you to the hospital of your choice.

  1. Low cost

Did you know that medical tourism can save you up to 80% in costs? That's how it is! In general surgery and numerous specialties, compared to the average prices in the US and Canada, currency exchange in Mexico allows you to access the same quality service at a lower price. Administrative costs, fees, pharmaceutical products, and less bureaucracy will enable us to offer more affordable prices.

Additionally, our all-inclusive packages allow our clients to cover the cost of surgery, lodging, consultations, and other basic expenses in one package. Our agency has agreements with hospitals and luxury hotels, which provide excellent services at exclusive rates. With medical tourism, you will avoid getting into debt and have exceptional medical service.

  1. Incredible facilities

A spinal fusion in Mexico requires the best technology, quality material, and optimal facilities. For this reason, our network of medical providers works in first-class establishments. Thus, they can offer an accurate diagnosis and an operating room equipped for any situation and facilitate recovery with the best care.

But that's not all, because we also recommend hotels and recovery houses that have the right conditions so that your stay favors a good recovery. That is simply the perfect combination of health and wellness.

Know all the options at your fingertips

If you want to know how you can avoid living with pain and enjoy an excellent quality of life, we invite you to learn more about spinal fusion in Mexico and other orthopedic procedures available. You just have to call (858) 779 2552 or send us an email at [email protected]; our specialists will gladly answer your questions

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