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General Surgery

Do you need to undergo medical treatment that requires a surgical intervention? In addition to offering your incredible plastic, bariatric, orthopedic, dental, and many other world-class treatments, we also have top-rated specialists in general surgery in Mexico.

General surgery involves and addresses various pathologies and conditions that affect organs or vital systems of the body, such as the digestive and endocrine systems, soft tissue, abdominal wall, or external affections. Sometimes, these may require emergency intervention. However, most diseases usually give signals or cause periodic discomfort, thus allowing enough time to be scheduled.

Most of these surgeries are remarkably safe and minimally invasive since they are performed laparoscopically. That allows recovery and healing times to be much shorter and more comfortable than before.


How our service works

At Health Wellness & Bazaar, we focus on creating an optimal environment and conditions for you to receive the medical care you deserve and the surgery you need. We believe that paying attention to your health does not have to be something stressful, exhausting, or uncertain. On the contrary, we provide our patients with a positive, safe, and harmonious approach to experience a smooth process and extraordinary results.

Our service is responsible for connecting you with essential factors such as:

  • Top-rated surgeons

When undergoing general surgery in Mexico, this may be one of the factors that you are most interested in knowing. We connect you with the best specialists and world-class surgeons in the country. They will be in charge of providing you with a reliable diagnosis and treatment since their extensive experience and credentials have gained the confidence of numerous patients from all over the world.

We know that it is crucial for every patient to feel supported by a skilled surgeon. That is why through our platform, you can read about each surgeon and their specialties. Also, we provide you with transparent information such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Biography
  • Medical education and credentials
  • Memberships at medical institutions
  • Awards and Achievements
  • Hospital location
  • Spoken languages
  • World-class facilities

For hospital care to be of the highest quality and provide reliable world-class general surgery, its facilities must have high sanitary and safety standards. But this is not always enough. For this reason, we help you find hospitals and specialized centers that are modern, fully equipped, and are incredibly comfortable facilities to ensure top-quality care.

You can find more specific details about hospitals, facilities, types of service, and their location on our platform. Therefore, you can choose to receive medical care in a convenient location for you.

  • Comfortable Transfers and Accommodation

Year after year, an increasing number of American patients travel to Mexico to undergo general or specialized surgeries, including weight loss surgery in Mexico and plastic surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you have, you will usually need a few days to recover before you go home. That is why we offer you professional advice to help you plan every detail of your stay, as well as all-inclusive medical tourism in Mexico packages.

Once the surgery is confirmed, a patient coordinator will work closely with you to help coordinate your travel dates, itinerary, and your luxury hotel or recovery center reservation. In fact, we put at your disposal a list of the best hotels that offer special rates to our patients where you can prepare before surgery and spend a few days after it relaxing.

You choose how you want to experience your recovery. Both hotels and luxury recovery houses have features that will make you feel with increased peace of mind. Some of their features include:

  • Private room
  • Single or double occupancy
  • Comfortable adjustable medical beds
  • Spa
  • Sea or garden view
  • Meals and drinks included
  • 24-hour nursing staff
  • Wi-Fi and Netflix
  • Personalized attention

Note: Your coordinator will be happy to explain which services are applicable to the available hotels and which are applicable to recovery homes. So, you can choose the package that best suits your wishes and needs.

  • Reasonable Prices

Having a top-quality medical service, personalized attention, a recovery surrounded by care and comfort at an affordable price today is not only for the rich and famous. Thanks to medical tourism in Mexico, Health Wellness & Bazaar makes it possible for you. We are a top-rated agency that provides patients with first-class medical service at a fair cost.

Of course, there are excellent medical services in countries like the US, Canada, and Europe, but the treatments are generally costly and have insurance limitations.

On the other hand, the currency exchange in Mexico opens the opportunity for patients to cover the cost of their treatment and the cost of their entire trip as if it were a vacation not too far from home. So, when you arrive in Mexico, you can rest assured knowing you are the best Health and Wellness experts.


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Types of Surgery

Indeed, when we get ill, most of our environment is affected since, sometimes, even the most basic activities become complex. However, thanks to advanced medical and surgical techniques, it is possible to reduce risks and recover from the pathologies that affect us. Among the surgeries with the highest demand each year are the following:

  • Hernias

Hernias are knobs or bulges that come out of the cavity that contains them. These usually occur in the inner part of the esophagus or intestine when there is a weakness of the muscular wall, causing frequent symptoms such as pain, fever, vomiting, and nausea. Sometimes the simple act of coughing or having a bowel movement can be painful. Although these discomforts can be controlled, the definitive solution is general surgery in Mexico in these cases.

  • Urology

When we talk about the urinary system, and in the case of men, the genital tract, various diseases can affect its functioning and cause annoying symptoms. However, general surgery can currently provide a solution through less painful and invasive procedures such as laparoscopic surgery in most cases.

On the other hand, the most common urology surgeries are focused on penis enlargement for patients desiring to increase their length and girth. Learn more about this state-of-the-art surgery for natural and remarkable results.

  • Cholecystectomy

Have you experienced bile problems? This type of surgery involves the removal of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is an organ that sits just below the liver. The most common cause of this treatment is the presence of gallstones or stones that cause severe pain or infection.

Why choose Health Wellness & Bazaar

Just as a bridge can take you to a destination that seems far away, our services can transform a stressful experience into an enriching one and bring you relief. How is this possible?

Discover just 3 of the many advantages we have for you:

  1. Benefits for your physical and mental health

Enjoying good physical, mental and emotional health is essential to enjoy life to the fullest. However, an imbalance is created in our well-being when we get sick. For many, just thinking about being in a hospital, undergoing surgery, or spending a few days in the hospital can become even more stressful and exhausting, both physically and emotionally.

That is why an old proverb says that there is no better medicine than having happy thoughts; that is, a good attitude and mental health will contribute positively to the way you face your illness and recovery. By choosing to treat yourself through medical tourism in Tijuana, the system is designed for you to comfortably replace stress and worry with unparalleled relaxation while receiving your treatment.

  1. Have a tailed made plan for you

Should you save for your vacation or your surgery? You no longer have to decide because you have enough for both options through our all-inclusive packages. If you have been suffering from physical discomfort for some time, do not postpone it any longer. Since an emergency surgery can cause unforeseen expenses, those around you experience heightened anxiety, and inevitably, you would have to pause your work or other plans suddenly.

Instead, you can plan ahead, organize your schedule, and prepare yourself financially, emotionally, and mentally with our help.

  1. The opportunity to have optimized care

Do you need surgery, but waiting times are too long? This has been a frequent problem in some countries, but it has become even more apparent during the pandemic. Our medical tourism agency is characterized by offering fast response times and excellent personalized attention.

If you live outside the country, you can request a free virtual consultation, and if the doctor diagnoses the need for surgery, you can schedule your date as soon as possible. And so that this process is safe when you arrive in Mexico, all the corresponding tests and consultations will be conducted in person. However, it will be much faster than you imagine. Save yourself all that time-consuming paperwork and lengthy administrative processes.

You deserve world-class general surgery!

Do you want to enjoy first-class medical care? Simply complete our online questionnaire, and a health expert will contact you shortly. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at (858) 779 2552. We will be happy to offer you the medical care to accompany your general surgery in Mexico


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