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Mommy Makeover in Mexico Cost

Mommy Makeover in Mexico Is a combination of surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and butt lift. The price may vary depending on each case and other factors such as the area where it is performed. But is mommy makeover in Mexico cost more accessible? Yes. In this article, we tell you why.


But first, we want to tell you about some of the reasons why you might need a Mommy Makeover procedure. It is well known that women face different changes in some parts of their bodies after pregnancy and lactation. In some cases, the stomach stretches, weakening the abdominal muscles, the skin becomes more flaccid, and even the breasts lose volume.

Sometimes it is very difficult to reverse changes based on diet and exercise, which is why procedures such as the Mommy Makeover Mexico have become one of the most popular procedures to counteract the effects of pregnancy. Thanks to technological advances, surgeons can gently sculpt excess fat, tighten and correct areas that require it, and restore fullness to the breasts.

What changes can women experience after pregnancy?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding involve profound changes in the woman's body. Some of these changes can cause physical or emotional discomfort. The situation becomes more critical when some aspects of the body figure refuse to return to their previous state, despite exercise and a healthy diet.

These are some of the main changes that women can have after pregnancy:

  • Abdominal changes: As the baby grows inside the mother's uterus, the uterus expands, causing the abdominal muscles and the skin of the abdomen to stretch. In many cases, diet or exercise cannot return this body part to its pre-pregnancy appearance.
  • Changes in the breasts: Although the volume of breast tissue is reduced after pregnancy and lactation, the skin is not necessarily reduced to its pre-pregnancy state. As a result, a woman's breasts may sag and appear shrunken, even if they are the same size as they were before pregnancy. For some women, the opposite happens. Her breasts increase in size with pregnancy and breastfeeding but remain larger instead of returning to their pre-pregnancy size.
  • Weight gain: During pregnancy, excess weight usually increases in the hips and thighs. Women often find it difficult to lose the extra pounds afterward, even with diet and exercise.

What does the Mommy Makeover in Mexico procedure consist of?

The Mommy Makeover procedure in Mexico is designed to lift and reshape the breasts, as well as to form the abdominal area. It regularly requires three surgical procedures. How is it achieved? Removal of stretched skin that developed as a result of pregnancy and/or lactation.

  1. Breast procedure: Excess skin developed during pregnancy is removed to lift and firm your breasts, trying to give them an appearance similar to the one they had before pregnancy. They can also include breast implants if the patient wishes. Now, if a woman's breasts grow disproportionately due to pregnancy, she can opt for a breast reduction.
  2. Procedure in the abdominal area: The abdomen muscles are tightened and the excess skin developed during pregnancy is removed. The stomach will look flatter if the patient's abdominal muscles are tight.
  3. Liposuction in Mexico: This surgical procedure allows you to remove fat from the hips and thighs where weight has been gained after pregnancy, which, with diet and exercise, does not disappear.

Is mommy makeover cost more accessible in Mexico?

In recent years, Mommy Makeover treatments have become very popular thanks to the incredible technological advances in this field of medicine. Surgical procedures are becoming less invasive, which helps reduce recovery times.

Mexico is one of the main health tourist destinations worldwide. Why? One of the most notable benefits is that it allows savings between 35% and 85% in some treatments and surgical procedures.

The solid growth of the Medical Tourism industry in Mexico is due to numerous factors such as geographic location, investments in private hospitals, infrastructure, and advanced technology equipment. We also add the quality of the medical services, the dollar exchange rate, the excellent price of the treatments and surgical interventions, and the tourist attractions it offers to the visitor.

Mommy Makeover Mexico cost allows savings of up to 80% compared to prices in other countries such as the United States. However, the price may vary depending on each case and other relevant factors. Let's see some:

  • The medical surgeon. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who are talented, board-certified, and can deliver satisfying results for your image. Each surgeon has his specialty as well as his level of experience and accreditations. Therefore, the selection of a good surgeon defines the total cost of the surgery. Like Dr. Ismael Gonzales, Dr. Marco Rodas, Dr. Javier Nares, Dr. Tania Najar and Dr. Mario Navarrete.
  • The place where the procedure is performed. The prices of the surgeries are established according to the region. For example, the cost may be high in places like Los Angeles, Houston, and New York, but the rate is more affordable for procedures of the same quality in Mexico. So to determine how much you will pay for the surgery, you need to pay attention to the rates where you live and the cost of living in that area.
  • Surgical center. The surgical center is a fundamental factor, not only because of the cost but also because of its safety. So don't try to cut costs by sacrificing your security. It is of the utmost importance that the surgery is performed in an accredited surgical center with qualified staff and board-certified surgeons.
  • The complexity of the procedure. The type of interventions will depend on different factors such as the patient's needs, the amount of skin and fat to be removed, the type of incision, and the procedures performed by the specialist.

Where to find the best Mommy Makeover costs in Mexico?

Tijuana, in Mexico, receives a large number of patients from different parts of the world, among which the United States stands out. Why do you choose Tijuana to undergo the Mommy Makeover treatment? Because they find this city a valuable opportunity to receive high-quality medical care, with cutting-edge clinics equipped with the latest technology.

As one of the busiest land border crossings in the world, Tijuana has become the capital of medical tourism. Its low cost in consultations, procedures, medications, and surgeries. The speed of treatment also influences some patients to perceive that the medical system in their country of origin is slow. But just like in their home country, patients are treated with the same warmth, kindness, and empathy.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have designed all-inclusive packages with world-class facilities. The service is personalized with immediate attention, and the best specialists and surgeons provide medical care.

Our medical tourism packages include the following:

  • All costs related to surgery (surgeons, anesthesiologists, use of facilities, materials, and implants (if necessary)
  • Transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and medical facilities.
  • Expenses for nursing care, diagnosis, and treatment services during the hospital stay in the Hospital in relation to the operation
  • Preoperative blood tests and electrocardiogram
  • Medications and dressings for hospitalized patients
  • Inpatient X-rays and physical therapy as prescribed by the doctor
  • Accommodation and feeding of hospitalized patients.

Revitalize your body with Mommy Makeover at the best price!

It is common for women to experience post-pregnancy body changes and a loss of self-confidence. If you are unsatisfied with the changes in your body after having children, a Mommy Makeover procedure may be just what you need to revitalize your body and regain your confidence.

Mommy makeover in Mexico cost should not be the deciding factor in choosing a doctor but should take into account several elements, such as experience, certification, and, of course, professionalism. Through Health & Wellness Bazaar, you will be able to experience world-class medical care by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and get your mommy makeover treatment at the best price. For more information, call our health and wellness experts today at (858) 779-2552.

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