Why should you receive care from a plastic surgeon in Tijuana

A person's appearance has become increasingly important in this information and technology era. Moreover, an optimal appearance opens the doors to new social and professional opportunities. For this reason, more and more people choose to have a makeover and are looking for the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana. As a result, they enjoy innumerable benefits!

Therefore, our renowned plastic surgeons have helped numerous patients improve their appearance significantly, and thus, they have increased their self-esteem and self-confidence. If you would like to enjoy these fantastic benefits and improve your quality of life, stop dreaming about it and take action! Our health and wellness experts are ready to help you select the appropriate procedure for you so you can turn your dream body into a reality that you can show off

Ideal characteristics of a world-class plastic surgeon

Choosing a surgeon is a crucial decision since you will place all your trust and your health in him. The following list will show you some fundamental characteristics of a world-class plastic surgeon:

  • They use state-of-the-art techniques and technology
  • They have extensive medical knowledge and are board-certified
  • They work in the company of a professional team
  • They receive constant training with modern techniques
  • They perform preoperative tests before any procedure
  • They are capable of improving patients' physical appearance and performing highly complex reconstructive procedures
  • They constantly communicate with their patients to find out their needs and report realistic results

Above all, a good surgeon knows the human body perfectly, is thorough, knows how to work under pressure, and remains calm in the face of unforeseen events. And that is what the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana really do. They not only fulfill the ideal characteristics as mentioned before but also enjoy their work a lot because they contribute to improving the quality of life of their patients.

What can plastic surgeons in Tijuana do?

The best-known plastic surgeons in Tijuana perform outstanding aesthetic procedures. However, they also perform other types of surgeries such as reconstruction procedures due to deformities, accidents, or illnesses. Thus, they help numerous people who have suffered an unforeseen accident, a burn, or correct a severe genetic defect.

Therefore, the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana apply various techniques and use grafts or implants as necessary to improve the appearance of their patients. Without a doubt, surgeons play a very fundamental role in these types of changes and improvements.

Although the work of surgeons is complex, they strive to fulfill the expectations of the patient, be it cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery. In addition, they follow all the necessary actions to ensure optimal results, from performing the necessary tests before any surgery to follow-up care of each patient.

For example, most procedures require certain tests and examinations, including blood tests and psychological evaluations, to see if the patient is for an operation. Without a doubt, the functions performed by surgeons are essential, so putting yourself in the hands of a good surgeon like the ones you will find at Health & Wellness Bazaar, will bring you satisfactory results.

Experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons

Plastic surgeons in Tijuana make sure to use the best surgical techniques available, ensuring a result that meets the patient's expectations. For this reason, it is crucial for surgeons to understand what the patient wants to achieve through the intervention, as the more information they receive, the better they will be able to assess the patient's needs.

On the other hand, surgeons provide their patients with the necessary information about everything that involves surgery so that they can make their personal decision.

It should be noted that plastic surgeons in Tijuana have the skills and professional trajectory necessary to fulfill fantastic results and surpass patients' expectations. Likewise, they have the highest credentials, being prestigious plastic surgeons at a national and international level.

Without a doubt, plastic surgeons in Tijuana have extensive experience performing reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries with safety, skill, and reliability. Their main objective is to seek customer satisfaction. Thus, they provide personalized attention from the initial consultation and throughout the entire plastic surgery process.

What is the most important job of a plastic surgeon?

The most important job of a plastic surgeon is that each procedure performed ensures the satisfaction and safety of each patient. In this way, you will enjoy peace of mind and see excellent results.

Therefore, before undergoing an aesthetic procedure, the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana will guide you and offer you the necessary suggestions.

However, these top-rated professionals do not have a magic wand to erase every single imperfection and make patients look precisely as they have dreamed. Patients play a vital role in ensuring satisfactory and even extraordinary results.

For example, patients are required to follow specific care at home, depending on the procedure they underwent. Some procedures are simple, and patients can return to their everyday activities and exercise.

In contrast, some more complex surgeries require that patients have complete rest at home, avoid lifting heavy things, walk for long periods, or be under the sun for prolonged periods even with sunscreen with high protection.

Clearly, the patient's compliance to follow all the recommendations from the plastic surgeons will go hand in hand with the doctor's experience, skills, and credentials. Please visit our blog, where you will find incredibly useful information about recovery periods, wound and scar care, things to avoid, and when to return to a normal routine and exercise.

You deserve the best treatment

Our medical team is aware of the importance of undergoing surgery for you, so we want you to be sure that you will receive a kind, cordial and professional treatment. If you decide to undergo a procedure in Tijuana, rest assured, knowing that plastic surgeons in Tijuana are top-rated, and their countless delighted patients with extraordinary results speak for themselves.

Call now our Health & Wellness Bazaar experts at (858) 779-2552, or you can email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to answer any concerns to help you look spectacular!





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*Individual results may vary


Undergoing plastic surgery is a personal choice that can lead to wonderful results. Nonetheless, you must be clear about the reasons you will be undergoing a procedure. It is vital to make this physical change for yourself and not for some social pressure. Once you are clear about your reasons, Health Wellness Bazaar will help you choose the best qualified plastic surgeons in Tijuana that you will trust and feel comfortable with.

Communication with your plastic surgeon and his medical team is essential. Let them tell you why you should trust them to ensure your expectations are met. Feel free to ask them any questions before the operation. In this way, you will understand the whole surgery process and the recovery period.

Just like in any surgical intervention, you need to prepare beforehand, starting with your diet. A week before surgery, try to eat healthily. This includes reducing the consumption of drinks with high sugar and alcohol content. Instead, make it your goal to increase water and electrolytes consumption.

Tobacco is one of the most dangerous things for your health and recovery. If you are smoking, it is highly recommended to avoid it at least 1 month before the operation. Otherwise, there the healing of the wound might take much longer. It's always a good time to quit smoking anyway, so what better motivation than to do it for your physical makeover.


Before your plastic surgery procedure, you should provide your plastic surgeons in Tijuana with any pre-op tests and medical history that you have. Then, you can sign the documentation necessary for the surgery.

If you have any other questions about the procedure before going to the OR, your surgeon will make sure you have peace of mind. It is better to delay a few minutes than going into the operation room feeling anxious or stressed.

Make sure that during the day of your procedure you wear comfortable clothes. It doesn't matter if it's a simple one and you can go home the same day. For example, if the surgery is done on the torso or head, wear button-toned garments so you can remove and put them on more quickly.

Additionally, plastic surgeons recommend having a good night's rest the day before and try to relax as much as you can. Expect delays. Perhaps that day, other people were admitted, or some last-minute paperwork should be done. Also, on the day of your procedure, avoid using makeup, moisturizing lotions, and preferably no nail polish.

Following these simple recommendations before the intervention will make you feel at ease and confident.


It is vital that you strictly follow the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon. For example, in the days following the procedure, you cannot make strenuous moves. Some particular procedures require much less movement than others. Hence, make sure someone will be around to help you with things like moving around the house, preparing meals, and whether your surgeon allows you to shower right away.

Meet the prescribed rest time and attend each of the appointments marked by your surgeon, so you can find out if your recovery is progressing satisfactorily. Although post-surgery infection cases are rare, if you notice any abnormalities, contact your surgeon immediately to avoid any complications.

As your recovery progresses, your surgeon will tell you when to resume physical exercise. During the first few weeks, the wounds are still healing. Granted, you should not make any vigorous effort. Don't be discouraged if you don't notice the results you expected in the first few weeks. Remember that the area where the plastic surgeons focused on is still swollen, but it will gradually decrease that inflammation, and you will be able to enjoy the results.

Psychological Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Researchers have confirmed that most plastic surgery procedures performed in Tijuana have improved several patients' mental and emotional health. One of the first changes they experience is a decrease in anxiety in social situations. On the other hand, they have seen an increase in their self-confidence. Most of them even want to set themselves up for new challenges, expand their social circle, and look for only positive changes within themselves.

Just being content with your physic each day will increase your self-esteem and confidence. You'll enjoy trying out new ways to dress and be more open to engaging in social activities than you previously avoided. Some studies show that the most attractive people are the ones who enjoy the most professional and personal opportunities.

However, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we understand perfectly well that to achieve these benefits, a physical makeover must be put into the hands of experts. That is, plastic surgery should be performed by qualified and professional plastic surgeons in Tijuana. Besides, all our facilities ensure that only the highest health and sanitizing standards are followed.

Never forget that good communication and confidence in your medical team ensures you an entirely satisfactory result. The medical team must meet your expectations and the goals for which you are coming to them.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have only the best medical team and equipment that work to live up to your expectations. Our surgeons have years of experience and constant training to give you the results you deserve. Of course, you can contact us at (858) 779 – 2552 at any time. We will be happy to address any concerns or questions you have regarding any personal makeover that can enhance your physical beauty and appearance.

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