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High-quality medical care and the opportunity to receive treatment from the best doctors, surgeons, and specialists are a luxury in many countries. However, thanks to Medical Tourism Tijuana, numerous patients from the United States and worldwide come to this prosperous city to receive such care at affordable costs and various financing options.


As a result, they can significantly improve your health and appearance. In addition, thanks to these extraordinary benefits, patients around the world have enjoyed a higher quality of life reflected in their personal, social, and professional lives.


Undergoing a simple treatment like a dental treatment to a complex procedure like bariatric surgery is not only safe but accessible and affordable by choosing Medical Tourism Tijuana. Consider the following great benefits of doing it through Health & Wellness Bazaar.


The costs of medical or dental treatments through medical tourism in Mexico allow patients to save incredible amounts of money for similar procedures in their home countries. It has been proven time and again that it can result in savings of up to 80% depending on the specific treatment or procedure.

Additionally, numerous patients choose Medical Tourism Tijuana because their insurance companies refused to cover a procedure, even if doing so will allow them to reduce health risks and mortality significantly. In some cases, they may cover such treatments, but the deductibles are insurmountable, or the paperwork can take years to complete.


Without a doubt, a patient who has struggled with various diseases or chronic diseases for some time has spent incredible amounts paying for medicines and treatments. Consequently, although medical treatment in Tijuana is significantly cheaper, they may have already spent much of their savings or resources dealing with these problems. In other cases, patients have limited income or have other high expenses but still desperately need medical treatment or want to improve their appearance for health reasons or increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fortunately, Health & Wellness Bazaar has helped numerous patients find perfect financial solutions for their needs and circumstances. For example, Citerra Finance is an outstanding institution that we work closely with to provide our patients with the best medical financing options. They offer low-interest loans so that patients can have peace of mind that their expenses and the future are covered. In fact, Citerra can finance the medical procedure and other costs, such as your flight and accommodation included in our all-inclusive medical packages.


Without a doubt, one of the main reasons so many patients come to Tijuana for medical care is the extraordinary care they receive from the best doctors, surgeons, dentists, and medical experts that can only be found in the best hospitals in the world. Health & Wellness Bazaar prides itself on having in its network only specialists with the highest credentials and certified medical experts endorsed by the most prestigious medical institutions and organizations.

In addition, we know that one of the best endorsements and recommendations that any professional in the medical field can receive is that of their patients. For this reason, the professionals you choose through Health & Wellness Bazaar are highly awarded and have received fantastic reviews thanks to their extraordinary care for each patient and remarkable results that exceed their expectations.


It would be logical to conclude that in order to receive affordable or low-cost treatments, they must be offered in low-quality medical facilities or third-world clinics. However, nothing is further from the truth when it comes to Medical Tourism Tijuana. Our patients receive world-class award-winning treatments for their safety, high standards, and practices in all facilities in our network. In addition, patients can enjoy the most advanced medical methods and procedures.

Why can we offer such extraordinary medical facilities and procedures at a low cost? Simply because medical centers in Tijuana can save in many ways that are awfully expensive in other countries due to the way the government and insurance companies work. Some of the things or aspects in which we can save considerable amounts while providing the same high-quality medical treatments as in first-world countries are the cost of labor and medical fees, medications, listening costs, real estate values, paperwork, non-existent lawsuits for negligence, and many other factors.


There are numerous opportunities to improve or reverse problems, diseases, and conditions in Tijuana, Mexico. Also, many patients come only for regular checkups or preventive treatments that will result in tremendous health benefits later on. The following are the most requested treatments at Medical Tourism Tijuana:

Bariatric surgery.

For years, health experts have warned that obesity has reached epidemic proportions. In addition, the adverse effects of obesity, such as diabetes and hypertension, have significantly reduced the quality of life and increased mortality for millions of people around the world. However, bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass Mexico and gastric sleeve Mexico surgery have allowed numerous patients who come to Tijuana each year to lose weight dramatically and reverse the effects of obesity-related conditions.

Plastic surgery

Thanks to the best plastic surgeons in Mexico found at the Health & Wellness Bazaar network, thousands of patients now enjoy fabulous improvements in their beauty and appearance. Reasons for undergoing a procedure range from reversing the effects of age to recovering from an accident, illness, or genetic factors. Some plastic or cosmetic procedures available in Tijuana are Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation or Reduction, Liposuction, Facelift, and many more.


Fertility. - Thanks to modern treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), many couples have been able to enjoy parenthood that was previously very difficult or practically impossible.

Stem cell therapy

An innovative treatment that uses the latest medical treatments to reverse or even stop degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

Orthopedic treatments

These treatments performed by specialists focus on improving the patient's mobility in bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.

Dental and oral treatments

Dental tourism in Mexico is another broad area where many people from the United States come to Tijuana in search of high-quality and more affordable solutions. Some treatments can be simple, such as teeth cleaning, dental crowns, teeth whitening, etc. Other procedures can be more complex, such as dental implants, dentures, bridges, resin adjustments, oral restoration, etc.

General Surgery

Many other procedures may not be included in this list, but Health & Wellness Bazaar can help patients find the right solution for any problem or condition. For example, patients have come to Tijuana for surgeries such as gallbladder removal, hernia repair, penis enlargement, among others.


Medical tourism in Tijuana is a comprehensive service that facilitates travel for medical purposes. It includes a complete medical service at state-of-the-art facilities, excellent staff, advice, guidance, and many other characteristics that make your medical care a comfortable and safe experience. Among the highlights are:

Transportation. - If you are coming to Tijuana for the first time, arriving in this great city can seem overwhelming. However, thanks to the personalized ground transportation service that we offer, you will not have to worry about getting to your hotel or the hospital. That will save you valuable time and stress. Our experienced drivers will always get you there safely and on time.

Accommodation for you and your companions. - When it comes to surgery, coming with a companion is always helpful, as someone close to you can provide the emotional support you need. Therefore, you have the option of making the reservation for yourself and one or more companions.

Preoperative evaluations. - Preoperative evaluations may consist of consultations or preoperative clinical studies necessary to assess that you are in optimal condition, such as blood tests to verify your health parameters.

Bilingual advisers and health experts. - Both the customer service staff and the doctors who will treat you are bilingual. So, arriving in a country with a different language will not be a problem. That is incredibly helpful since we can help you clear any doubts or concerns and comply with your requests.

Cost of medication during and after surgery. - Naturally, anesthesia and other essential medical supplies will be applied during the surgery. Similarly, you will be given pain relievers or other medications that help relieve discomfort in the postoperative period.

Surgeons and other doctors' fees. In almost all countries, the surgeons and other specialists' FEES is the highest cost. Paying for a top-quality surgeon gives you the guarantee that you are in the hands of an experienced and trained professional. So, this cost is included in your service.

White collar janitor. - Regularly clean and disinfected facilities are vitally important for optimal recovery. That is why it is a fundamental part of our service to put at your disposal staff who cares that you are always in spotless clean areas.

Periodic remote monitoring. - This can be done via phone call, video call, or email. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can consult the specialists about all essential aspects of your recovery.

Personalized attention. - We want our clients to feel safe and comfortable. That is why we collaborate hard with a talented team that will be in charge of providing you with the best care.


Arriving in a country full of flavor and culture as Mexico, some patients decide to spend several days before or after surgery to vacation and relax. Therefore, your package does not cover all extra days of accommodation. It will be an extra expense that you will have to pay on your own.

Most hotels generally do not include food and beverages in the package. Also, transportation is limited to hotel outings and medical appointments at the hospital. So, the package does not cover the service if you want to go on a tour or visit a nearby place.

Your Care Managers will be happy to advise you on this and other issues that will allow you to make a more precise budget.



What medical procedure are you looking for or need? Do you know the surgeons? What are the costs? What does the service include? How are the facilities and protocols in cases of complication? We know that these and other questions are important to answer when considering surgery. That is why we put all this information at your disposal.

You will be able to meet each and every one of our certified surgeons, as well as the details of the operation, testimonials from other patients, the hotels that medical tourism includes the actual costs of each operation, and much more.


Contacting us is amazingly easy. You can fill out our medical questionnaire, write us an email, or just give us a call. Our quick response service will be happy to contact you and kindly help you solve all your questions.

Our Care Managers will help you manage all the procedures for you to receive medical care. As part of our service, we help you book an initial consultation between you and the surgeon as soon as possible. We facilitate the reservation of your accommodation, as well as indicate the procedure and guide you every step of the medical service or procedure.


Once you have contacted the doctor who will treat you, he will ask you to send him some medical records to review your case and determine if you are a candidate for the surgery or medical treatment. He will also discuss medical options with you and explain which one is right for you.

Depending on the complexity of each medical procedure, the evaluation is different. Some may require prior consultation or additional tests. Once the doctor has approved you as a candidate, you can reserve a date for surgery with a minimal deposit.


Together with one of our patient care coordinators, you can start managing the paperwork and planning your trip. You can choose one of the hotels we recommend, define the dates, schedule your arrival time at the airport so that a designated driver can pick you up, and even receive financial advice. If your insurance does not cover the expenses, we can put you in contact with a financial company so that you can cover the cost of your surgery.

Usually, two hotel nights and two hospital nights are scheduled, but the recovery days may vary depending on each surgery. That will give you enough time to organize your daily and work life before your scheduled surgery date.


The great advantage of choosing medical tourism in Tijuana is that you no longer have to worry about anything else from the moment you get off the plane. We will ensure that your stay is comfortable and that you are well cared for and safe at all times.

Whenever you need it, you will have your transportation to your hotel and hospital on time. In the same way, before, during, and after the surgery, the doctors and the entire medical staff team will provide you with personalized and top-quality attention.




Getting quality healthcare has never been easier! These are just a few of the many benefits that medical tourism Mexico can offer you. If you have been wanting or needing surgery for a long time, don't put off that crucial decision any longer. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we put all the top-of-the-world facilities at your disposal to receive care safely and quickly.

Would you like to know more about these and other treatments that can improve your health and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest? Call us today at (858) 779-2552 or request more information by clicking here. You can also email us at [email protected], and we will gladly explain how you can enjoy the fantastic benefits of medical tourism in Tijuana.

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