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Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck at the LIMARP facility in Tijuana Mexico 9/2 by Dr. Marco Rodas Nava. He did an amazing job and removed 10 lbs of skin from my stomach. I had to have an anchor cut and had an extended tummy tuck. This tummy tuck is the first of several skin removal surgeries I will have to have post gastric sleeve two years ago with a total weight loss of 175 lbs. I am very happy with results thus far. The first few days are a challenge, but I was up within a few hours of the surgery walking around. I found sleeping difficult, but 10 days out and I feel like I am truly getting back to my old self.

Tummy Tuck
New Orleans, USA

The facility is beautiful. It is located on the grounds of a golf resort, so the room views are lovely. All private rooms. It feels and looks like a spa. The medical staff was amazing! they had nurses and doctors around the clock tending to my needs and monitoring my progress. They all speak excellent English. Dr. Rodas is just an artist. His stitching technique is sure to leave as small a scar as possible. I was awake throughout the entire procedure, as he gave me a spinal and of course some twilight drugs to keep me very relaxed. It was a great experience, and Dr. Marco Rodas Nava comes from a long line of plastic surgeons. His dad is also a very successful PS in Mexico. I thank God for brilliant talented docs such as this, where I can actually afford to have the body work I now need after my weight loss. I highly recommend this physician! as a matter of fact, I am going back in March for my arms and breasts

Tummy Tuck
San Francisco, USA

I used HWB for a tummy tuck. They were absolutely amazing, from beginning to end. Talked with Lauren to get all the information I needed, she was so helpful and kind with getting me quotes and suggestions without ever once being pressuring or overbearing (something I did not at all experience from any of the local doctors I attempted to contact). Scheduled my surgery in March, had a Tummy Tuck and BBL with Lipo 360 and muscle repair in Tijuana with Doctor Rodas. Everything went so smoothly. Marla was my patient coordinator and was so good about communicating with me every step of the way. She made all my reservations at hotel and recovery house (definitely upgrade to staying at Bella, they were absolutely amazing!!) and scheduled all my appointments. I just in generally get a lot of anxiety over trips and medical stuff and whatnot, this was definitely a lot of anxiety and having the peace of mind knowing Marla and her team were taking care of all the details for me made a huge difference. (My roommate at the recovery home did everything herself and honestly I can’t imagine doing that I would have chickened out lol). After surgery Marla was great with checking in on me to see how I was doing and if I had any questions or concerns. It was great knowing she was a simple text away if I did have any problems. The hospital staff were all amazing and so helpful. Not everyone spoke English, but there was always someone able to translate for me and communicating was no problem. Quality of service was better than anything I have experienced in US hospitals. Dr. Rodas was very clear and thorough with how thing would happen and what to expect and all the details. I felt like he did an excellent job with the surgery. My experience was just amazing. I also would like to do my arms and breasts and definitely plan to use HWB again because they were so great and helpful and everything went so smooth. Can’t wait until I can schedule my next surgery!

Melissa Tebow
Phoenix, USA

I’d like to briefly share my experience with doctor Samano, I had gone through an extensive search as majority of people do when thinking of go under plastic surgery to enhance your body, I came across doctor Samano when I started to search and read all of the reviews, I made sure the doctor is a certified plastic surgeon and learned he is an American society of plastic surgeon member. I had to feel the trust and entirely convinced since he would be doing my and my husbands surgery. Through the search I came across a couple of negative comments, but I analyzed the scenarios and realized that there was a valid reason for those people to get complications, one thing I was always aware of is that the end result it is not 100 percent on the doctor but also in the patient ability to follow instructions and very importantly having good health prior to the surgery. I decided to move forward with the doctor after evaluating all since there were much more positives than negatives with I’m sure all discord out there have as well, I made arrangements for me and my husband to flight from Canada to Cancún and had our surgeries my husband was extreme make over basically since he was overweight and had a nigh belly he had Lipo done, I had liposuction, mini tummy tuck, bicheptomia and bbl, it all went well and although we are still under the recovery process we so far are happy with the progress, their crew was always very attentive to us while in cancun and the doctor as well.

Tummy Tuck
Ontario, Canada

I had my surgery April 15th with doctor Rodas Nava I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair lipo 360 and small bbl, I went through Health and Wellness Bazaar for my surgery/trip planning! First I have to say I was terrified at the thought of surgery let alone so far and going alone. From the drivers to the communication with Lauren and Marla was amazing I never felt lost or scared. My trip was planned and organized without any stress on me. I have 5 kids so having the anxiety eased was amazing for me. The hospital was great especially the staff they were very patient and attentive I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. I stayed at Linda by casa recovery house which was also organized through HWB and that stay was phenomenal as well. I'm very happy with the whole trip and my results have been nothing short pf amazing Thank you all so so so much I'm looking to book my 2nd round April 2022!

Christina Bahm
Arizona, USA

I had an extended tummy tuck, breast reduction/lift and lipo. I was nervous trying to find a surgeon out of the U.S. However, from first contact Dr Samano and Alex, they were amazing, and made me feel comfortable. Alex was incredible the entire time we were in Cancun. She took amazing care of me, taking me to all my appointments, checking on me, and was really felt like they were family. I am 7 weeks into recovery and it has been a bit of a transition. I continue to have a some swelling in my lower abdomen, but it is decreasing. Alex has be sweet and wonderful to help me relax and recognize this is part of the recovery process. Last week I had my follow-up consultation and I was assured I am healing normally. I cannot wait to see the final result. I have some friends and family members considering surgery pending my results. I will update my post to let everyone know how the rest of my healing process goes.

Tummy Tuck
Goodlettsville, United States

I traveled to Cancun for Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck in September. Just over a month post-op the results are amazing. Dr. Samano is a top notch surgeon with a warm and caring personality. The level of personalized care and attention was truly exceptional. Alex, Dr Samano's assistant went above and beyond. She answered all my questions for months beforehand and was available 24/7 after the procedure. She spoke with hotel management on my behalf and got me all sorts of perks during the recovery process. Dr. Santos is great also. He and Alex drove me to my second hotel in Playa del Carmen about an hour away. They provided transportation to all follow-up appointments. I felt like a VIP. Dr Santos checked up on me every day via WhatsApp, advised me on meds and even took the time to wash and blow dry my compression garment during a follow-up visit. Thank you, Dr Samano and team for working your medical magic!

Tummy Tuck
Denver, United States

Y’all I can not say enough good things about HWB!! From talking to Lauren and figuring out what surgeries would work best for me, to reserving a date. I have some distinct features in my blood apparently, instead of denying me surgery, DR. ISMAEL GONZALEZ took time out of his day to have an amazing conversation with me. HE ACTUALLY LISTENED!! Also before I left for Mexico I could not have felt more prepared Thank to marvelous Marla!! I touched down in San Diego and EVERYTHING was taken care of! Sandra and Marla covered ever single base and made the stay so easy!! I was checked on and made to feel important! Dr. Gonzalez is a genius! He did a miracle on my body! I had a circular tummy tuck and I could not be more happy! I will be going back to see Dr. Gonzalez, and the girls, to complete my dream body hopefully in September!!

Rebekah Arboleda
Azle, USA

I recently (April 2021) had a tummy tuck with a BBL with Dr. Ismael Gonzalez and I am very pleased with the surgery. I am looking forward to another procedure in the next year or so

Irma Solis
California, USA

A year ago, I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rodas. He performed an anchor cut extended tummy tuck on me. He educated me on the procedure and why he needed to do the extended tummy tuck on me. He was absolutely right and got incredible results. I'm 50 years old and everyone jokes about my 20 year old belly now. I had this done after MWL (massive weight loss) 200 lbs post gastric sleeve. He is amazing with post MWL surgeries and truly specializes in these surgeries. He is part doctor and part artist. I thank God for his skills and the care he gave me. I am going back in a few weeks for Dr. Rodas to do my arms and breast lift. It is quite the journey I am on, but when Dr. Rodas has rebuilt me, I will look amazing. I have chosen him to be my partner in my total body transformation. Every patient of his I have spoken to has had 100% satisfactory results. Check him out on YouTube and at . He himself looks like a movie star!!

Tummy Tuck
Oregon, USA

Mommy Makeover

Dr Rodas is amazing. I love his work he did with me and will 100% be going back to have other work done. He had the best beside manner . He was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and honest. I knew I was in both skillful and talented hands. I would recommend him to anyone looking for great results from the best surgeon around.

Mommy Makeover
Calgary, Canada

I had a ‘Mommy Makeover’ on September 25, 2018 with Dr. Rodas-Nava. I’m extremely pleased with my outcome & the entire process to this point. Everyone from Health & Wellness Bazaar and from Dr. Rodas-Nava’s office has been wonderful & I’ve already recommended 2 people who are interested in the same procedures i had done.

Mommy Makeover
Escondido, USA

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

I had a weight loss surgery in Houston in 2019 and after losing over 100 lbs I was still very self conscious about my body because of all the extra and loose skin. Plastic surgery was not covered by my insurance and it was extremely expensive to get in Houston paying out of pocket. I searched for some options and I am so glad I found Health & Wellness Bazaar, they connected me with Dr. Andrei Rios who has transformed my body and my life. I will be eternally thankful to the HWB team, Ana, Lauren and Marla were absolutely amazing and helpful from the beginning and they are still in contact with me to date. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and I will be going back to get my face done.

Body Contouring After Weight Loss
Houston , USA

Face Lift

Dr. Rodas is a very skilled plastic surgeon whose medical brilliance as well as his artistic vision is manifested in the amazing transformation of his patients !! His wonderful bedside manner compliments the entire experience!

Face Lift
Saskatoon, Canada


Beautiful nose job by Dr. Rodas-Nava, I absolutely recommend him.

Imperial Beach, USA

I absolutely loved my experience. In September I reached out to Lauren because I wanted to get a rhinoplasty and she recommended Dr. Rodas. He did an amazing job from start to finish. Dr. Rodas and the staff at the medical facility were hands on and helpful with all my needs. It has been 6 six weeks since my surgery and I am very pleased with the results thus far. I would highly recommend!

Gardena, USA

After breaking my nose on Christmas Day in 2015 I have been living with insecurities and wasn’t happy at all with my appearance till August of 2018 when I had a Rhinoplasty done with Dr. Rodas! I can’t even explain how much I was cared for from the beginning to the end. It has been 3 months and Lauren still checks on me. Lauren really took my fears away going across the border to Tijuana due to the fact I’ve never been anywhere else besides my home state of California. Even though everything was calls and messages she really made it feel like she was there and she truly cared. Then when I arrived to Mexico, Michael my case manager took care of me and was there for me from pre op to post op getting me into the border and out. Dr. Rodas and his staff are all truly amazing and caring. I honestly felt more respected and cared for by these medical professionals and this business more than any healthcare I have ever received in America. I had no fears at all! I am so happy with my results and I feel so beautiful. Thank you so much Health & Wellness Bazaar!!! XOXO

Bakersfield, USA

Breast Augmentation

I want to start by saying it’s not easy trying to find a plastic surgeon I was so nervous and scared. I am so happy I found Dr. Víctor Sámano. I have been looking for a awhile to get a breast augmentation. Dr. Víctor Sámano and Alex made my husband and I feel comfortable threw the whole process! From pick ups and drop offs to the follow up after surgery. I highly recommend to family and friends.

Breast Augmentation
Big Rapids, United States

Hair Restoration

Hair loss and getting bald at a young age was really a big problem for me. So, I have made the decision to go to Dr. Behruz Uysal at Regene Medical in Istanbul for a hair transplant. Probably the best decision I have made until now. The Hospital was like a 5" hotel and so is the staff working there. Dr. Uysal is fluent in English and explained to me the whole procedure. After we had established the hairline the transplant starts. Dr. Uysal and his staff are very professional, the best at their game... now 6 months later I am already very pleased with the results and can't wait to see what the end result will look like at 12 months.

Hair Restoration
Amsterdam, Nertherlands

I have had this huge burn since the accident that took place in our house when l was one, and although everyone around me is nice but I could still see people staring which made me uncomfortable. I was thrilled to know that hair transplant would work for my case, was nervous about the surgery but everything went well. The surgeon explained that the donor area was only enough to implant the front part of my scalp which hopefully will give me a full hair line look and I can't wait to cover the rest of my head next session next year. Now people will notice me, not my missing hair!

Hair Restoration
Kiev, Ukraine

I have had three procedures over 20 years with three different clinics. I have experienced both bad and excellent transplants, so I know the difference. My first procedure was just a very bad idea, but I had confidence in the doctor because he came highly recommended by my dermatologist whom I trusted. The doctor placed a ring of about 100 plugs that were about 1/8″ in diameter. This would supposedly build a base of thickness that subsequent procedures would augment to give my hair a thicker look. This technique was discredited when I had it done, and certainly no one does it today. Unfortunately I learned the hard way. After that disaster I traveled from the Midwest to Los Angeles to have 2000 grafts placed by NHI (New Hair Institute). This was a successful procedure and I was very happy with the work. The resulting look was natural and undetectable. Ten years later my natural hairline continued to decline in thickness, so I wanted to have another procedure done. I was very happy to find Gardel Hair Restoration in Tijuana and Dr. Gaston del la Garza. He actually studied with the NHI and is a solid practitioner of the methods pioneered there. Dr. del la Garza did an absolutely great job, and the clinic personal were all excellent at their work, I could not be happier. I had the procedure done a couple of years ago, and the results are superb, and no one as ever asked me if I have had a transplant because the effect is completely natural. I can highly recommend Gardel Hair Restoration. They will give you first class results at a very fair price in a professional clinic. In fact their clinic was superior to the NHI facility in Los Angeles, and NHI is a very respected organization. Thank you Dr. de la Garza and your staff for making me so much happier with my appearance.

Hair Restoration
Los Angeles, United States

Having had a procedure in San Francisco, CA where I reside in a clinic that caters to renowned athletes, I can assure you that my experience with Gardel Hair Institute and Health & Wellness Bazaar was much better than the first one in SF. The offices, equipment and personnel of Gardel Hair is excellent, starting with Health & Wellness Bazaar, who facilitated the transport, the professionalism and the staff of Dr. Gaston de la Garza the day of the procedure, everything first, as well that the post operative. Three of my clients have been treated and are very satisfied with the care and results of their procedures. The results are amazing!

Hair Restoration
San Francisco, United States


I have to say Health and Wellness Baazar has been a good experience. I had a Tummy Tuck and Lipo Aug 7th 2018 With DR. Rodas in TJ. There has been so many people who have been botched in TJ and have had infections. Im so glad my incision looks so healthy and professional. I think Dr. Rodas did a Great Job and my Belly Button looks so good. It look stretched in the beginning and now it looks like a normal belly button. Thank You Lauren for checking on my progress. and have to say a thank you to Michael my case worker he was awesome.

Nampa, USA

Hi to everyone reading my review, I started my mission looking for a plastic surgeon for an extended tummy tuck in Tijuana 5 years ago, I came across a few doctors but quite a few of red flags came up, I filled out consultation forms online for many and healthy & wellness bazaar being one of them, I received many returned emails about sending my info, pics & health screening forms, I think that’s very impersonable when you’re looking to put your life in someone’s hands. I then received a phone call from Lauren Murphy from HWBAZAAR, she was the only one who picked up the phone prior to sending an email, that was a plus right there, I explained to her what I was looking for, and how another company in the DR had taken my deposit, I never received a phone call & I went through the ringer to get it back, Lauren and I spoke about 20 minutes or so, me explaining what I would like to have done, not until after we spoke did she request any info about me moving forward. I sent info required, pics , & health questionnaire, she’s very prompt with responding via email & text, I changed my date a couple times starting with January 2019 but my anxiety got the best of me, I moved my date to November 23, 2018, the closer time came the more anxious I grew, Lauren never made me feel alone via her commutation, I received all document info I would need & any vitamins I may need to start pre op. Well needless to say I’m here in Tijuana, I was picked up by a driver, great personality I felt very comfortable the staff were all bilingual a big plus, hotel is everything & then some as shown on website, the hospital is beautiful, very clean and staff was great, Dr Rodas is awesome exceeded my expectations, I explained to him what I wanted & how I wanted to look, I originally came for extended tummy tuck and maybe a BBL, I told Dr Rodas I wanted to be snatched (giggles) I had to explain what I meant , I wanted a small waist with defined abs, well that required a different kind of TT because I had massive weight loss of 120lbs leaving sagging skin, he explained the procedure of an anchor cut to achieve the look & informed me of have a line through the middle of my stomach, I said idc I’m married I’m not wearing a bikini bathing suit, and with the bbl he said I had more skin than fat therefore my bbl wouldn’t be drastic, I said I don’t want a donkey butt any way, he marked me up we proceeded, with pre op testing, anesthesiologists and b4 I knew it I was headed off to sleep surgery was scheduled for 10am I was on the table at 9:30am , I love promptness, I was done at 1:30 pm I felt great the 1st day, my second day was a little tough, the nurses are very helpful & caring, my 3rd day I’m feeling better, I did some walking outside to Starbucks for coffee lol, they’re food is great, the driver escorted me back to the hotel , so far so good results are looking good even with the beginning stage and the incisions are nice & neat, my bbl is just enough my only worry with bbl was it being to big & having to buy new clothes, it’s very natural , my sister in law came with me and she’s already looking to use Dr. Rodas , I anticipated a lot more pain & each person is different but mine is manageable, I’ll be posting before & after pics very soon. I thank God for such caring hands Dr Rodas, Lauren, Mike & Manni my nurse I can’t pronounce his name so I called him Manni. Thank You All

Nottingham, USA

Plastic Surgery

The entire experience with Health & Wellness Bazaar from the first time I called to follow up has been nothing short of outstanding. Dr. Gonzalez, Lauren, Marla and the entire staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. At no point did I feel pressured, uncomfortable or like I was not able to ask questions or speak my mind. Thank you all for making everything go so smoothly and I would definitely consider going back if I ever need any cosmetic procedures in the future.

Los Angeles, USA

The reason I chose Dr. Flores Valdivia was because of his professionalism. I was looking for a doctor would give a natural look that I was searching. I saw his work and I loved it.

Monterrey, CA, USA


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