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Medical tourism refers to the process where individuals travel from their home country to another country for the purposes of receiving medical care. Medical tourism has been around for many years, and ranges from services such as yearly physicals and dental check-ups, all the way to complex procedures such as heart valve replacement. Many individuals turn to Medical Tourism as a way to avoid high costs for procedures or to avoid long wait times. In fact, many of our patients turn the whole experience into a vacation. Here at HWBazaar, we are re-inventing the medical tourism experience to be more of a whole body vacation instead of just a medical transaction.

Any medical surgery or procedure, no matter where it’s carried out, entails some risk. Nonetheless, here at HWBazaar, we are committed to providing you the highest level of services and quality. All of our medical providers are fully accredited with their Department of Health Services and are continuously accessing our processes to ensure they maintain adherence to international standards.

There are a multitude of reasons why healthcare is cheaper here, but quality is certainly not one of them. A good portion of health care costs in the U.S. are tied up with administrative costs and insurance costs. Additionally, the high costs of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment add to the overall picture.

Here are some other reasons why the costs are less overseas:

Lower cost of labor

Lower real estate values

Lower construction costs (to build hospitals)

Cheaper medical supplies/equipment/medications

Our doctors undergo a rigorous and strict recruitment process that mirrors those by top US medical institutions. On average our doctors have over 15 years of experience and have performed over 5,000 procedures. Additionally, all of our doctors have completed medical training in the US, are active members of the medical associations, and are affiliated to teaching and research institutions. Our unique approach to process improvement and quality improvement allows us to continuously be in the pursuit of perfection. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are implementing a Performance Excellence program, not unlike the ones being slowly implemented throughout the United States and around the world. Through this program, we are constantly assessing and reassessing our clinical and operational processes to ensure that we are consistently providing the highest level of quality, and the safest surgical environment.

You are not required to tell your doctor at home. However, we recommend that you discuss your thoughts about having a medical procedure abroad with your doctor. We can facilitate correspondence between your doctor and the physician that will manage your surgery at one of our partner facilities, if you wish.

When you first tell your doctor about planning a medical trip abroad, the initial reaction of your doctor may be to agree, but, in some cases, it may be skepticism. What you can do is, provide your doctor with more details on the credentials of the medical facility that you are considering, the physician’s background & other trip associated information (we can help you with this). This should address your doctors concerns, if any. Twenty-five percent of the physicians in the USA are from overseas, so US physicians are quite aware of the global medical care quality. In rare cases if your doctor is against medical tourism, encourage him to do a research on the medical care facility & physicians we deal with. We are confident that your doctor will be surprised to know that some of these facilities are better equipped than many local hospitals and clinics.

Yes, there are a number of members on both the clinical and administrative teams who speak English and will be in constant communication with you throughout the entire process.

Of course! At HWBazaar we are trying to reinvent the medical tourism process, to highlight the vacation aspect of medical tourism. Your travel companion can come with you and stay at the clinic during your procedure.

We have preferred rates with a number of hotels across our medical tourism destinations. Our Case Managers will work with you to select an option that best works for you and your companion (if any).

We can handle all follow-ups through our medical tourism network at no additional cost. Nonetheless, you can also have your follow-up done by your doctor in your home country. Our offices can communicate directly with your physician of choice as needed.

Get in touch via email, phone, or online request and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your case and your options with us.

Our medical tourism packages include the following

All surgery-related costs (surgeons, anesthesiologists, facility usage, materials and implants (if necessary)

Transport to and from the Airport, Hotel, and medical facilities

Nursing care, diagnostic and therapeutic services costs during in-patient stay at the Hospital in relation with the operation

Pre-op blood work and electrocardiogram

In-patient drugs and dressing

In-patient X-ray and physiotherapy as prescribed by doctor

In-patient accommodation and meals

Any drugs prescribed following patient’s discharge from the hospital

Any care or service relating to any complications that may arise, which is not related to the Patient’s Surgical Treatment (additional costs will be charged to Patient in accordance with the Hospital’s standard charges prevailing at the time of the complication.)

Any service or care relating to major complications that may arise during the Patient’s operation, which necessitates Patient’s transfer into an Internal or External Specialized Intensive Care Unit. Additional costs relating to the said major complication treatment will be charged to the patient in accordance with the standard charges prevailing at the time of the complication.

Any in-patient stay extension in the hospital, with regard to the initial length of hospitalization, in relation to the Patient’s surgical treatment, and decided upon, due to medical reasons, by the patient and the surgeon. In such an event, costs relating to the in-patient stay extension will be charged to the Patient and paid by the Patient immediately to the Hospital.

Yes, it may be possible. However, this will depend on the doctor’s assessment of your case. Some of our patients combine bariatric surgery with plastic surgery in Mexico.

Our clinical and management team are committed to providing you the best service possible. We will be with you for the entire process – we will be picking you up from the airport and will be with you the entire time.

Send us your contact information with desired procedure and a Case Manager will contact you within 24 hours

Our Case Manager will contact you to get your clinical picture, request any images/analyses we may require to complete your assessment, and will answer all of your questions regarding this process

Once we have received all of your information we will review with our medical team and propose a recommended course of action for your condition with all costs

Our patient coordinator will explain everything in detail and could arrange a phone consultation with one of our doctors if necessary

Potential surgery dates are discussed and when ready we will assist with all of your reservation and the logistics planning

We will continue to be in contact with you and will send you a detailed itinerary for your visit

We will coordinate transfer from the airport to take you to your hotel upon arrival

We will arrange all transportation on-site

You will have your pre-op tests, surgery, and recover in our surgery center and in your hotel

You will have your final check up with your surgeon before you fly back home

We will follow up with you on a weekly basis until you are fully recovered

Our surgical suite and team are qualified and trained to handle all medical issues within the specialties offered. If you don’t see your particular procedure on our procedure list, please contact us for more information.

Yes, depending on your country of origin and/or citizenship & country of destination, you will need a valid passport and/or Visa (we can help you with this, as well).

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