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Gastric Bypass Mexico

Obesity is one of the best-known and harmful conditions in the world. The reason? Because it leads to more chronic diseases that affect our health and significantly decrease our quality of life, such as cancer, type II diabetes, and hypertension. Thankfully, an increasing number of obese patients opt for a gastric bypass Mexico as a quick and effective solution that not only allows them to eliminate obesity but reverses its adverse effects like the ones mentioned earlier.



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Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weigh Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weigh Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weigh Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weigh Loss Surgery



In fact, this procedure is one of the most performed weight loss surgery procedures in the world. Therefore, don't worry if you have tried different methods to lose weight, but your body has not responded favorably. Most likely, you are not responsible for that failure. There are several reasons why most obese patients gain weight and cannot get rid of it even after trying strict diets and exercise.

However, they have successfully achieved their optimal weight thanks to gastric bypass Mexico and now feel fantastic inside and outside.

In addition, the best candidates for this procedure are those patients who have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 or above 35 with severe complications from obesity-related conditions. So, if you meet these requirements, this modern procedure is undoubtedly the perfect option to start enjoying a better quality of life.

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How is the gastric bypass Mexico procedure performed?

Gastric bypass surgery is performed with laparoscopic surgery and consists of reducing the size of the stomach by 85% of what it used to be. Generally, the stomach is divided in two; the upper part of the stomach, which is the smallest portion, is connected with the small intestine to absorb fewer calories.

Consequently, this malabsorption technique helps the patient reduce his food intake beyond the usual 1000 CC of a standard obese person. Therefore, the patient can be satisfied with tiny portions of approximately 50 CC of food. Due to this dual mechanism, a greater amount of weight can be expected to be lost.

This procedure is currently performed because it is one of the best treatments to lose weight effectively and steadily. Most patients who have undergone this procedure have reported faster weight loss than those who have undergone other bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve Mexico, gastric balloon, lap-band surgery, and other similar.

How Much Weight Can You Lose After a Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass Mexico is a remarkably successful technique to lose weight permanently, but it should only be used in qualified patients. The most significant weight loss occurs over the course of six months when a patient may lose up to 80% of his excess body weight.

The speed at which a patient loses weight depends on several factors, such as the initial weight, BMI, and, more importantly, the new habits he adopts in his lifestyle after the surgery. Indeed, gastric bypass surgery causes significant weight loss, but not all by itself. The success of the treatment depends 60% on the technique and 40% on the patient's commitment.

Therefore, for the best short and long-term results, patients must maintain new healthy habits and be physically active, either with exercise routines or avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. So, considering all this, the patient can lose from 70% to 100% of excess body weight during the first year.

Moreover, the changes are noticeable drastically, as early as three months after the procedure. While the weight loss may be permanent, remember to keep a commitment to your healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, if you don't implement the recommendations made by the surgeon and nutritionist, you may gain the weight back and have side effects such as the dumping syndrome if you consume foods with high sugar content.

What to consider before a gastric bypass procedure

Before a gastric bypass procedure, you will be asked to take a few tests to see the state of your overall health. For example, the most common are blood tests and ultrasounds; but nutritional counseling and psychological support can be provided depending on your case. You must avoid alcohol and tobacco to prepare your body for the procedure.

Above all, the preparation stage is essential. Therefore, before the intervention, bad eating habits should start to be changed for healthy ones. In addition, it would be beneficial to prepare an exercise routine to begin to show that you want to lead a healthy life. You should also mentally prepare for surgery by being reasonable with yourself and your expectations.

On the other hand, the anesthesiologist should evaluate the patient to rule out possible complications during the procedure. Without a doubt, being informed about everything that involves a gastric bypass Mexico will help you to be better prepared before the procedure.


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What happens after the gastric bypass procedure?

If gastric bypass surgery is performed laparoscopically, the recovery is much faster. Thus, you will stay in the hospital for two to four days. The advantage of using this method is that it is minimally invasive. Still, over the course of a month, you will feel much better and get back to your routine and start enjoying new activities you couldn't enjoy before.

What are some of the recommendations that the bariatric surgeon in Tijuana and nutritionist will give you? First, they will recommend avoiding eating foods high in sugar and fat. Also, stay well hydrated and try to chew your food well, drink slowly, and eat small portions. For this particular procedure, it will be essential to take vitamins and minerals to get all the nutrients your body needs.

During the first three weeks after the gastric bypass, you should consume broths, unsweetened juices, skim milk, soft foods such as purees, yogurt, and other soft foods.

If you follow these and other recommendations before and after gastric bypass Mexico, rest assured that the results will be optimal, and you will have a healthier future.

What are the benefits of gastric bypass surgery?

Consider the fantastic benefits of a gastric bypass procedure in Tijuana. Far from being an invasive technique, it has significantly changed the lives of many patients who had low self-esteem. In addition, thanks to this method, they have finally managed to enjoy a better quality of life.

Numerous patient testimonials confirm the effectiveness of this modern technique. Rather than regret it, these patients are grateful to have incorporated this procedure into their lives. In fact, many of them say they wish they had undergone gastric bypass Mexico earlier in their lives.

Without a doubt, this surgery can bring extraordinary changes in the life of an overweight patient. If you are interested in knowing if bariatric surgery is the right option for you, you can seek the advice of our fabulous health & wellness experts.

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If you have undergone gastric bypass surgery in a Mexico bariatric center and have gained back weight or not lost enough, the most recommended course is to consider a medical examination. Many investigations have shown that sometimes up to 20 percent of the patients who have gone opted for this weight loss surgical technique, and up to 35 percent for those patients who suffer from morbid obesity have recovered their average body weight ten years after this obesity treatment.

This body mass index recovery depends, in most cases, on how well the patients have followed the surgeon's indications regarding the lifestyle, diet habits, and lifestyle. However, for these people, the examination is not necessary. They urgently need a specialist to evaluate their progress and changes to their nutrition habits.

Once the expert has brushed aside diet as the main culprit for the weight increase, he may consider checking if the reason you're gaining weight is due to a stomach expansion.

Therefore, he will surely want to check the stomach pouch size and the existing opening between the stomach and the small intestine. This diagnostic is often achieved through an x-ray of the upper gastrointestinal tract and an endoscopy; this is when a camera is introduced into the stomach through the esophagus, with the goal of evaluating that area.

The surgeon will not be able to determine if you need to undergo an examination surgery to repair the gastric bypass until he has a complete view of the stomach's evolution within the recent years and other gastrointestinal tract problems, gastro-gastric fistulas, or esophageal anomalies.


Obesity is a severe current health problem, which leads to many other chronic diseases, like cancer, type II diabetes, and therefore an increased number of patients opting for a gastric bypass Mexico as an adequate medical and modern solution against being overweight.

This surgery is the most commonly performed and has proven to be the most effective bariatric surgery in the long run, after almost 40 years of proven track record. It consists of the anatomic modification of the digestive system, intending to treat patients who suffer from obesity successfully.

This bariatric surgery technique, which may be done laparoscopically, reduces the stomach's size to about 15 to 30 ml which is then connected directly to the small intestine; this way, the food skips a large portion of the intestine. Because of this, a reduction in total calories you can absorb is achieved; furthermore, due to the decrease in the stomach's size, the amount of food it can hold, therefore, reducing the amount of food you can ingest. As a consequence of this reduction in the size of the stomach, you will feel fuller with fewer and fewer amounts of food, which can translate into a significant reduction in appetite.

Currently, this surgical procedure is performed because it's the best treatment for permanent weight loss on obese patients, for whom conventional weight loss methods have been useless, including strict diets and intense physical exercise.

The best potential candidates to undergo this procedure are those with a body mass index (BMI) of over 40 among male patients and between 35 and 40 among female patients. Likewise, it is a viable option for people who suffer from an illness related to obesity, among which are sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes.

The gastric bypass Mexico technique has shown to be useful for its intended purpose, making it possible for those patients to choose to undergo this surgery to see positive results in their appearance and overall health in little time; being able to lose as much as between 65 and 70 percent of excess weight in a 5-year lapse. During the first year, you can notice the most significant weight loss; therefore, if you wish to lose even more excess pounds, you must put a little effort into it with an exercise regimen.


The examination surgery is a surgical procedure performed on patients who have undergone gastric bypass treatment, with a previous entry to the operating room, but who have not achieved their desired weight loss goals, or even worse, have gained back lost weight for any number of reasons. Gastric bypass failure may reach 10 percent of all cases, but it depends on certain aspects, like the first technique, the surgeon's experience, and the adherence to the post-operatory treatment.

The connection between the pouch and the small intestine may expand in the years after surgery, which has reduced the sensation of fullness, and the patient once again experiences hunger again. The bariatric examination aims to reduce the stomach's volume and diameter to recover the feeling of fullness after a meal.

The surgery is performed via endoscopy or laparoscopically through the mouth, and it's over in less than an hour, under general anesthesia. The surgeon then proceeds to stitch and fold the pouch to reduce the stomach's diameter to limit the patient's capability for caloric absorption.

Even though stitches are placed to last a lifetime within the stomach, the gastric bypass examination performed by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico is an irreversible procedure. This means if it's deemed worthy, it is possible to undo the folding and give the stomach back its average volume, and return it to its original state.

After bariatric surgery, you can expect to receive some indications so you can cover your nutritional and vitamin needs. Again, you will need to implement good eating habits and rigorously follow your surgeon's instructions. That factor is crucial for success.

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