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BBL in Mexico

Is it impossible to have a body like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian? With a BBL in Mexico today, it is possible. It is an excellent surgical procedure even for those who have a healthy and sculpted body but want to enhance the appearance of their buttocks further.

Despite trying various exercise routines, some have not yet managed to shape their buttocks as they would like. Read on to learn what the Brazilian butt lift is, what it consists of, and how it will help you have natural and striking results.



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Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Marco Rodas

Plastic surgery



Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Ismael Gonzalez

Plastic surgery



Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Ismael Gonzalez

Plastic surgery



Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Marco Rodas

Plastic surgery



What is a BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift, known by its acronym BBL, is a surgical procedure that will help you show off incredible buttocks. It is designed for those seeking to increase volume and give a more toned appearance to this area of ​​the body. It consists of extracting and transferring the patient's fat to the buttocks, to create a harmonious contour.

For BBL in Mexico to be successful, trained, experienced, and experienced plastic surgeons in Mexico are required. The reason? It requires a careful surgical technique, as well as adequate processing of the fat to be transferred so that the adipose cells can survive and provide better results.

In general, specialists collect a large amount of fat from donor areas such as the back and abdomen since it is necessary to conduct a purification process before transferring it. Similarly, being a natural element, patients can lose part of that fat over the course of a few months, so a considerable amount is usually transferred.

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Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you want to know if you qualify for this procedure, you just have to fill out our online form, and a specialist will gladly give you a remote consultation. Generally, in this consultation, the medical history, physical condition, expectations, and other elements such as the following are evaluated:

  • Non-smokers

The most suitable candidates are non-smokers since it is proven that tobacco consumption can cause greater risks during the operation. Also, those who avoid smoking tend to have a quicker recovery and fewer complications in the process.

  • Discipline

Applicants to a BBL in Mexico must be willing to follow medical recommendations consistently as this will favor the final results. For example, you won't be able to sit on your buttocks, engage in strenuous activities, and even watch your sleeping posture for the first month or so.

  • Good overall health

A butt lift is a procedure in which the body requires the ability to promote blood flow where the fat cells will be implanted. Therefore, being in good overall health is vital in the process. And if you suffer from any chronic condition, you should keep it under control and inform your surgeon in advance.

  • Weight

Candidates must be patients who have a stable weight. That is because sudden weight changes can alter the results of the BBL. Similarly, patients must have excess fat where a considerable amount of fat cells can be removed. In the case of thin patients, it is sometimes recommended to gain weight before the procedure

Risks or possible complications

Although we know the incredible benefits of this surgery, knowing what risks or possible complications may arise is important. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, BBL is one of the highest risk surgeries. The reason? Mainly because there are uncertified people who mishandle fat and offer this surgery without applying the proper surgical techniques, as well as the lack of a complete medical evaluation.

Unfortunately, the desire to have beautiful buttocks at an excessively low cost can lead to worse or even fatal results. An experienced plastic surgeon in Mexico explains that surgeons require much attention and concentration, so it is safe when the procedure is done correctly and carefully.

Therefore, we always recommend you go to reliable medical institutions that offer you safe surgical techniques, truthful information, and high-quality medical advice. The best plastic surgeons in Mexico are certified professionals who will prioritize your physical integrity in each procedure.

Some of the complications that can arise are the following:

  • Pain
  • Uneven results
  • Fat lumps
  • Bruises
  • Tat embolism
  • Anemia
  • Seromas
  • Infection
  • Necrosis
  • Thrombosis
  • Nerve injury

Butt Lift Benefits

Is it worth the BBL in Mexico? Discover at least 10 benefits of the Brazilian butt lift that will help you decide on this aesthetic treatment:

  1. Since natural fat and not implants are used, the recovery time is shorter
  2. Get a natural and long-lasting look
  3. Since the fat is from the same patient, the body can easily accept it
  4. You achieve two goals, eliminate fat from an area you don't like and increase your buttocks
  5. You can show off a spectacular body
  6. You can improve results with exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  7. Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  8. It is a procedure for both men and women
  9. Get a body of harmonious proportions
  10. No risk of breakage as in the case of implants

Why choose us for a BBL

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have vast experience offering all types of medical treatments, including plastic surgery. Both local and foreign patients are delighted with our services and results. Here are some reasons:

  • Top-quality

One of our great goals is to offer medical services of the highest quality to people from anywhere in the world. We have a vast network of medical providers, specialized centers, and incredible tourist destinations.

Yes, all in one package at a price that is well worth it. If you are looking for the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, privacy in service, personalized attention, and comfort, then our service is for you.

  • Honesty

One of the characteristics that distinguish us is that we want our clients to feel safe and comfortable at each step of the process. Thus, we strive to promote transparent and accurate communication in both medical and travel matters.

Our medical providers are always ready to answer questions about the surgery and what the process entails. All of this allows patients to be mentally prepared, organize their life before surgery and even do good financial planning.

  • Comfort

Is it true that BBL is very painful? Naturally, the body may experience discomfort or pain after surgery, especially during the first few hours. Although usually, with the help of anesthetics, it is possible to cope with such discomfort.

However, thanks to medical tourism in Tijuana, you will be able to live this experience in a totally different way since you can choose to spend your next days of recovery in a luxury hotel or a first-class recovery center and enjoy unique comforts.


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