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Many people dream of having children so its only natural for them to be disappointed when they hear they have fertility problems. According to UCLA Fertility and Reproductive Health Center, most couples (approximately 85%) will achieve pregnancy within one year of trying, with the greatest likelihood of conception occurring during the earlier months. Only an additional 7% of couples will conceive in the second year.



As a result, infertility has come to be defined as the inability to conceive within 12 months. This diagnosis is therefore shared by 15% of couples attempting to conceive. It is generally recommended to seek the help of a reproductive endocrinologist if conception has not occurred within 12 months.

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now many ways to treat infertility. In some cases, specialists advise patients to take medications to induce egg development and ovulation: The medications that help stimulate the ovary to develop mature eggs for ovulation come in two forms: pills taken by mouth and injections. Another option is Intrauterine insemination, also known as IUI, a process by which sperm is washed and prepared for placement into the uterine cavity, therefore bypassing the cervix and bringing a higher concentration of motile sperm closer to the tubes and ovulated egg. The most common procedure is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): In vitro means “outside the body.” IVF is a process whereby eggs are collected and then fertilized by sperm outside the body, in an embryology laboratory. The first IVF baby was born in 1978 in England.


The term Medical Travel is used to describe the phenomena of people traveling from their home country to other countries for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. Mexico is one of the most popular countries for in-bound medical tourism and plastic surgery represents approximately 30% of total medical services rendered. Patients from the US travel to Mexico for plastic surgery in order to take advantage of lower medical cost.

We conduct strict vetting and credentialing processes when selecting plastic surgeons in order to make sure that you get the best experience and results possible. We save you from the worry of finding a reliable and skilled surgeon by connecting you to the best doctors of Plastic Surgery in Mexico. Our doctors are board certified, experienced and are committed to providing you with highest-quality services. With their professionalism and years of experience, they can help you achieve the change you wish to see. You can count on us to receive a stress free and beautiful experience in return.


The woman undergoes gonadotropin injections, which stimulate the ovaries to produce many eggs.

Once the follicles (fluid filled sacs containing the eggs) reach a mature size, an HCG injection is administered which leads to final development and maturation of the eggs.

Just before those eggs would otherwise be ovulated, they are retrieved under mild anesthesia in an operating room. This procedure is done by ultrasound guidance when the surgeon utilizes a narrow needle to retrieve eggs from the ovary through the vaginal wall.

Once the fluid containing the eggs is removed from the follicles into the vials, they are handed to the embryologist who finds the eggs, places them in tiny droplets on a Petri dish, and then fertilizes the eggs using their partner’s or donor sperm.

The sperm can either be mixed with the eggs to allow normal fertilization (conventional insemination) or by injecting one sperm into each mature egg (ICSI).

The fertilized eggs, now embryos, are allowed to grow and develop in culture media for typically 3 to 5 days. Then, generally one or two embryos, which have demonstrated appropriate development, are carefully and gently transferred into the uterine cavity.

Embryos transfer is performed in the office under abdominal ultrasound guidance using a small, soft, sterile and flexible catheter. The embryos are placed within the tip of the transfer catheter and then injected within the uterine cavity once the catheter is placed through the cervical canal to the ideal spot within the uterus.

The pregnancy test is then performed 2 weeks after the egg retrieval. This process has revolutionized assisted reproductive technology and the way reproductive endocrinologists can help people in having a baby.




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Becoming a parent is a life changing moment in one’s life, filled with excitement and happiness and the opposite is many times true for couples that decide to take this big step without the joy of successful pregnancies. When couples are not able to get pregnant after months, or even years...

More about IVF in Mexico


All you have to do is browse for Mexican Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics and/ or Mexican Association of Reproductive Medicine and search for the specialists name in their online directory. Make sure you search using their full name. With the help of the directory, you can also get to know more details about your surgeon such as their training and experience. This is important because any doctor whose name is not in their directory is not certified. Any doctor not certified should not even be considered as an option. This easy step will help protect you from fraud plastic surgeons who display fake degrees and qualifications.


Your choice of IVF Specialist holds a great deal of importance as it can affect the ultimate result of your treatment. If you put your trust in the wrong surgeon, you might regret it for the rest of your life and may be much more expensive to fix in the long run. It is essential that you make sure to check off the following factors when considering medical treatments in Mexico:

  • Make sure that the Specialist is board-certified
  • Confirm they are up to date on latest surgical techniques and technology, participating constantly in workshops and conferences.
  • Make sure to review previous patient's feedback regarding their services, and overall results and satisfaction. Requests referrals or get in touch with them via forums and blogs to clarify your queries.
  • You should also check whether their education and training are from prestigious and certified medical institutions, with published researches. This is highly recommended because this will reveal their education, degree, qualification and experience to save you from fraud doctors that advertise false certifications and achievements.
  • Make sure you know beforehand the kind of facilities and services offered by them, by looking at the pictures and know where they are situated. Your safety and comfort comes first.
  • One of the essential things is to make sure that you will be able to communicate with them. The Fertility Specialist should be able to speak in English so that you can easily convey your needs and desires.
  • The Fertility Specialist in Mexico should openly communicate everything from details of the procedures to the quote. They should be able to take you under their wing, clarifying your queries and helping you choose what would be best for you.

IVF Solution to Infertility

Undergoing IVF with our doctors is as easy as booking a vacation through a high-end concierge service. Our Physician Advisory Committee has already done all the vetting and credentialing of our physicians so you don’t have to worry about verifying the training and experience of any doctor, with us you only have to focus on your travel and we take care of the rest.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar we have developed a patient-centric approach to medicine and our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way. From start to finish you will be in constant communication with your Care Manager and Patient Coordinator to assist you in anything you may need.

Below are the simple steps to undergo a plastic surgery procedure with our physicians:

  • Speak to one of our Care Managers to understand your wishes and desires
  • Fill out our Medical Questionnaire
  • Submit photos through our HIPAA compliant portal
  • Within 24 hours our plastic surgeons will review your case to provide a professional recommendation and pre-approve you for surgery
  • Your Care Manager will contact you to go over your treatment options and pricing
  • Book a surgery date with a $500 USD deposit
  • Our Patient Coordinators will help with your travel arrangements
  • Travel to one of our destinations for surgery
  • Return home and our Patient Coordinators will monitor your recovery
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