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Therefore, patients undergoing bariatric surgery must completely change their relationship with food. Starting with the food choices they make, how often they eat, portion sizes, and even how they chew. All of this is necessary to achieve optimal results.

What foods should be avoided before surgery?

Eating a proper diet will help make the procedure easier and reduce risks. Also, it will give a good start to what will be your new lifestyle. Starting the diet at least three weeks before the surgery will help the body better prepare for the intervention.

On the other hand, specialists advise maintaining a diet low in calories, carbohydrates, and fats. Not only will this help you lose weight quickly, but it will also improve insulin sensitivity, strengthen the immune system, and lower lipid levels, making the surgical procedure easier.

Therefore, avoid heavy carbohydrates like pasta, bread, rice, and cereals. Also, a few days before the surgery, eliminate sugars, such as soft drinks, juices, coffee, beer, and any other carbonated drink. You must consume a lot of sugar-free liquids to the extent that your surgeon indicates. Respecting these indications will improve the permanent weight loss results.

Particularly, before a gastric sleeve in Tijuana, it is important to stay hydrated, and after gastric bypass, patients must follow nutritional indications to reduce complications.

Why is diet important after bariatric surgery?

You may wonder why it is important to eat healthy after a procedure at Mexico Bariatric Center by HWB. If the surgery corrects the weight problem, shouldn't the surgery compensate for excessive food consumption? Well, not necessarily, as bariatric surgery changes the size of the stomach in the first years, but if patients do not implement new healthy habits, the stomach might grow again in size.

Since bariatric surgery limits the amount and type of food you can eat, the quality of your diet is particularly important because short-term and long-term nutrient deficiencies can occur. Thus, you will need to choose nutritious amounts to be able to stay healthy and at the same time avoid foods, drinks with high caloric content.

Consequently, from the day of your operation, a very transcendental adaptation period will begin that will begin progressively for approximately three months. The good news is that the surgical procedure will make you less hungry than before, so you will feel satisfied with very small portions.

Likewise, it would help if you continued with the liquid diet, although at the beginning, you start with half a cup of water a day; little by little, you will increase the amount of liquid. After two weeks, you can add protein shakes, yogurt, soups, liquid oatmeal, and similar liquid foods.

About three weeks later, you can include some purees and soft foods and eggs, cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, fish, tuna, cottage cheese, and hummus. Therefore, remember that each serving should be measured and taste small bites and sips, if necessary, drink water 30 minutes before and after each meal.

True, this means that patients must be strong-willed and determined to stay healthy. However, without a doubt, a procedure at Mexico Bariatric Center by HWB has proven to be one of the best methods to lose weight and results in incredible health benefits.


*Individual results may vary

Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weight-Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weight-Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weight-Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weight-Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weight-Loss Surgery



Gastric Bypass

Dr. Alberto Michel

Weight-Loss Surgery



Practical tips to achieving the greatest results

The following practical tips will help you enjoy fantastic results:

Phone apps on nutrition. - Currently, some applications help calculate the calories and proteins that you have consumed during the day. So, all you have to do is record your meals in this app and your ingredients and portions. Thus, you will know if you are under or over the limit.

Phone apps on hydration. - This is a great idea, especially for monitoring how much water you've had for the day, so you can remember to stay hydrated with a simple alarm clock.

Eat small portions. - If you are going to eat at a restaurant, always order small portions. Some restaurants include information on the number of calories in each item. If so, consider the information so that you feel satisfied and do not regret it later.

Reduce triggers. - Eating when you are bored, anxious, or due to peer pressure can put your health at risk; therefore, reduce these triggers.

Plan your meals. - It is especially useful to plan the meals for the week. You can do strategic shopping so that you can resist buying unnecessary items.

Avoid foods without nutritional value. - Although sweets, snacks, or alcoholic beverages may be tasty, they will not nourish us. Therefore, eliminate them from your diet or consume them less than normal.

It will be a good idea to check with your doctor before following any diet or treatment so that you know if it is safe and effective for you. If you recently had surgery at Mexico Bariatric Center by HWB, this article will help you understand the importance of a diet, and if you are thinking about a procedure like this, you will know what you need to do to get rid of obesity and its adverse effects once and for all.

We invite you to reach out to our Health & Wellness experts to clarify any doubts and receive the best attention from weight loss surgery experts and the best bariatric surgeon in Tijuana. Thus, you will rest assured knowing that you will be in the expert hands of attentive specialists who will comply and respect your wishes.

Do not put off the crucial decision of losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Our advisors are ready to help you at (858) 779-2552, or you can email us at [email protected].


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Evaluation. Get the necessary pre-op tests or evaluations, so the bariatric experts can recommend the optimal bariatric treatment to ensure the best possible results. These consultations are completely cost-free.

Choose. Once you know the recommended weight loss treatment, choose an all-inclusive package that will cover every aspect of your treatment and stay in Mexico.

Start your trip. Your Patient Manager will provide a detailed itinerary and be with you every step of your journey. You just need to start your trip via airline or road trip.

Arrive. As soon as you arrive, our ground staff will pick you up and take you to your hotel and will provide all ground transportation throughout your appointments for your bariatric treatments.

Recover. You will spend only one to two nights in the Bariatric Center. You can continue the rest of your recovery in your hotel or resort while you enjoy the most beautiful destinations in Mexico, or you can do so at your home.

Follow-up. Depending on your specific bariatric treatment, your surgeon and nutritionist will provide the necessary post-op treatment in Mexico and in your home. Also, they will give you essential guidelines for a successful recovery.




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How can you make the right decision regarding where to get the best bariatric care? Compare and contrast the benefits of Mexico Bariatric Center vs. the best medical centers in the US:

Mexico Bariatric Center Best Medical Centers in the US
Experienced surgeons with the highest credentials
First-class clinic rooms
High-quality pre-op and post-op tests and care
Adherence to international safety and health standards and regulations
English-speaking medical staff
Modern surgical procedures for a quick recovery and successful results
Affordable prices and all-inclusive packages
Personalized attention
Superior medical financing options

Know the packages we have for you

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we make healthcare a wonderful experience. Thanks to medical tourism Mexico, we offer patients from all over the world the opportunity to have first-class medical care like the rich and famous get with the comforts of a vacation. How is such an experience possible?

Our packages include world-class facilities, personalized service, immediate attention, and the best specialists and surgeons with the highest credentials. Our all-inclusive packages include the following:

  • Local and airport transportation
  • Accommodation in a luxury hotel
  • Preoperative tests
  • Surgeon's and anesthesiologist's fee
  • Cost of medical supplies for the procedure
  • Postoperative medication
  • Periodic monitoring
  • And much more…
  • Reasons to undergo surgery in a bariatric center in Mexico
  • Specific needs care
  • Highest quality technology
  • Testimonials

Reasons to undergo surgery in a bariatric center in Mexico

Deciding to have surgery can be a complex issue, even more so if you do not have good reasons. However, treatment at the Mexico bariatric center offers you healthy reasons. Above all, an obesity procedure is a practical, definitive, safe, and successful solution in Mexico.

International center of excellence. If you want the best care after your surgery, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we can provide you with the best quality treatment. Our Medical Tourism Mexico agency is recognized worldwide as it evaluates and accredits surgical centers to advance the safety and efficiency of procedures.

We have the international certification of excellence, and we have extraordinary qualifications constantly. In addition, our nutritional and psychological services and treatments are governed by the highest standards and are under the constant surveillance of our experienced staff.

You can also have confidence because our administrative team is bilingual and support patients in their treatment from start to finish.

Accredited and recognized. Mexico bariatric center meets the following fundamental facets:

  • Commitment to quality
  • medical experience
  • Assigned Medical Director
  • Surgical equipment and utensils.
  • Dedication of bariatric surgeons
  • Medical and surgical staff
  • Constant quality assessment
  • Clinical pathways

Our provider network comprises elite board-certified physicians who constantly seek to exceed all expectations. This way, we can offer a complete service in any type of surgery you want.

True commitment. In a bariatric center, we provide patients with excellent care to feel safe and at home. Therefore, the staff is highly qualified to assist the patient in each procedure step.

Dr. Alberto Michel is a bariatric surgeon with 14 years of experience and has improved more than 7,000 lives through a Mexico bariatric center. He is an excellent surgeon with extensive knowledge in obesity treatments, so choosing him will give you confidence because he is committed to the health of his patients and always offers magnificent results.

Another recognized doctor who puts himself in your place is Dr. Darío Ciambelli. This doctor is one of the most skilled bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Since his responsibility is to change lives in the short and long term, he is not surprised by his human warmth and professionalism every time he enters the operating room.

We care for specific needs

Mexico bariatric center is dedicated to the comprehensive care of the person and attends to their physical and psychological needs throughout the process. When a patient arrives at a bariatric center, he receives information about obesity and the various treatments that are offered, thus guiding him to make the right decision.

The medical team strives to get to know each patient personally and does so by following the entire process of the operation. On the other hand, they focus on offering nutritional plans, physical exercise routines, non-invasive methods, and various bariatric surgery options to ensure each patient has success, the figure of their dreams, and attainable expectations.

We use the highest quality technology

Health & Wellness Bazaar only selects the best medical groups with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments. This technology makes it possible to provide a clean and safe environment in each area of ​​the bariatric center so that the patient is calmer and more relaxed.

It should be noted that all surgical and nursing staff are made up of trained professionals who receive regular training and updates to keep up to date with the most advanced methods that effectively combat obesity.

As a team, we are always looking for ways to renew our bariatric center and use state-of-the-art methods for weight loss surgery in Mexico, and we do so by regularly evaluating our standards to ensure robustness and better performance across all services.

Testimonials from patients who have undergone weight loss surgery

Jennifer Roberts experienced weight loss because she was aware of her body. She explains, "I am so glad I found Health & Wellness Bazaar. They connected me with Dr. Andrei Ríos, who has transformed my body and life. I will be hugely grateful to the entire team at HWB. They were amazing and helped me through the entire process."

Ivette, a 40-year-old girl who underwent gastric sleeve surgery, says, "I decided to have surgery because I was never at the same weight. Sometimes I was thin and thicker until I weighed 238 pounds (108 kg). Since I had the operation, my life has changed completely. I am in a better mood and can dress again as I like. I recommend obesity surgery to everyone because basically what I needed was for my stomach to help me."

Luis, 35, who underwent a gastric sleeve, explains, "Before, my life was tough because I was constrained. I couldn't do any outdoor activity because obesity caused me social phobia, and I developed several diseases. But I have lost 88 pounds (40 kg) in 8 months, and my life has taken a radical turn. I still have kilos to lose, but the experience has been great, and my health problems have improved significantly."

Karen, 51, underwent gastric bypass surgery and stated: "Since the age of 15, I have been looking for a remedy to combat obesity. When I went on a diet, I didn't get results, so I took refuge in the French fries. However, now I have found the solution that I had been searching for ten years; That is why I am encouraged to write my testimony since I am happy, and the new physique has opened up new hopes and opportunities for me."

Eduardo, 61, says, "I was morbidly obese and worried about getting old and having health problems, so I decided to have a gastric sleeve. I am enormously satisfied with the operation. I feel better, not everything is perfect, but it is worth it."

The exposed testimonies confirm that if you visit Mexico's bariatric center, your life can take a radical 180° turn since you will achieve a healthier body and an attractive one, and you will be happier. In Health & Wellness Bazaar, you will get a safe, impeccable, and pleasant space with all the personal care.

Bariatric Specialties

Even though there are a number of possibilities when it comes to weight loss procedures, Mexico Bariatric Center specializes in the ones that offer incredible results, quick recovery, and lifelong health benefits.

Gastric Bypass. Thanks to the latest malabsorption and restrictive techniques, patients with a high BMI or severe complications due to obesity can see extremely quick and safe results.

Gastric Sleeve. A less invasive procedure uses restrictive techniques to reduce the stomach’s size significantly. Thus, patients enjoy fast and continuous weight loss, along with drastically reducing cravings and adverse effects from diabetes and other conditions.

Gastric Band. A procedure that uses similar gastric sleeve methods but uses an adjustable band around the stomach to provide weight loss results.

Body Contouring After Weight Loss. After dramatically losing weight through bariatric surgery, patients benefit from this comprehensive plastic surgery to improve their figure and remove any traces of their former obese lives.

Choose Best. We Will Take Care of The Rest

If you are one of the millions who has failed to lose weight through standard methods, don’t let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey. Be determined to choose best. Yes, choose Health & Wellness Bazaar so that we can take care of the rest. Call us today at the toll-free number +1 858 779 2552 or email us at [email protected].

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