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Tips for a Successful Recovery After Tijuana Plastic Surgery

18 September, 2021

Tijuana plastic surgery

After Tijuana plastic surgery, all patients want to show off their phenomenal results and resume their activities as soon as possible. However, success depends significantly on having received care from world-class surgeons and following his recommendations regarding the recovery period.

Remember that recovery time varies from patient to patient and depends on the procedure of your choice. Some questions regarding care at home will be addressed in this article. For example, we will see the relevance of wearing compression garments and how long you can regain sensitivity in the performed area after surgery. But first, let’s see how much time you might take to recover.

What is the recovery time from Tijuana plastic surgery?

All cosmetic and Tijuana plastic surgery have different recovery times. Above all, because different surgical methods and techniques are used. For example, regarding breast implants Mexico, the healing time will depend on the location of the implants. Generally, these patients can return to their daily routine in about a week. Yet, exercising and working out might be allowed after 2 or 3 weeks.

On the other hand, even if two people undergo the same Tijuana plastic surgery, the result will differ because all bodies recover differently and have unique features. That is why it is important to receive a personalized medical evaluation and have realistic expectations about your procedure.

Let’s now analyze some basic tips that will be useful to you to recover from surgical intervention.

What is the relevance of compression after Tijuana plastic surgery?

The postoperative period after surgery is an especially important stage in any plastic procedure. It determines if the work performed by the surgeon can last an exceptionally long time, even for life. One important aspect is to wear compression garments after Tijuana plastic surgery. These will provide excellent benefits for proper wound healing.

Compression garments can help compress wound tissue, thus protecting it and reducing inflammation. In addition, depending on the area that has been treated or addressed, you must choose the appropriate compression pieces of clothing. For example, if you underwent surgery in the leg area, the ideal would be to use compression stockings, but if it were in the abdomen area, you would need to wear a girdle or special belt to compress the abdomen.

There are other advantages of wearing compression garments. For instance, it prevents fluid retention, allowing the body to reabsorb the fluids generated. In addition, it minimizes bruising by helping blood circulate correctly and reduces the risks of forming blood clots that could be dangerous.

The goal of compression garments is to exert continuous and reasonable pressure. When used well, they can help the skin regain its smoothness and sensitivity, ensuring better results. It is necessary to wear them for as long as your surgeon deems it appropriate.

Therefore, now that you know the relevance of wearing compression garments after any Tijuana plastic surgery, make sure never to forget to use them correctly and respect the period indicated by the specialist. But why is it advisable to follow your doctor’s recovery plan?

Why should you follow the plan recommended by your plastic surgeon?

After undergoing Tijuana plastic surgery, it is important to have a program and follow your specialist’s instructions. Some of these indications may include:

  • When and how to clean the incision areas
  • The medications you can take for pain and inflammation
  • How to avoid infection
  • Using alternatives for pain and inflammation
  • How to use the drain (if it was needed) to prevent fluid build-up
  • When to go to your next check-up

Therefore, if you want to prevent complications and be successful in your plastic surgery, you must constantly communicate with your surgeon and be aware of what to expect during your recovery.

How long does it take for skin to regain sensitivity after Tijuana plastic surgery?

After plastic surgery, it is normal to feel hypersensitive in the performed areas, especially during the first days and weeks. So don’t worry if you experience this sensation; it is completely normal. Also, skin sensitivity is not permanent, and it only occurs in 10% of cases.

As a general rule, the sensitivity returns to normal in three to six months. Therefore, do not worry if your skin is numb in a few months because the recovery times vary, and eventually, you will regain sensitivity. Of course, if during this time you have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to consult your surgeon.

Moreover, keep in mind that if you choose multiple surgeries at once, the recovery process will take longer since more body areas are addressed. On your scheduled follow-up appointments after the operation, the surgeons will evaluate the evolution of every patient and help you keep up your successful recovery.

Indeed, this period can be challenging, but you can achieve incredible results by closely following the instructions your surgeon gives you. They are the best qualified and have extensive experience to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results and that your efforts pay off.

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