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Why is Tijuana One of the Best Medical Destinations in the World?

16 March, 2021

Every year millions of people from around the world travel to Tijuana in search of medical care and recreation opportunities. In fact, according to statistics, Tijuana has become one of the most visited and famous places in the world thanks to its world-class services such as high-quality medical care, luxurious hotels, remarkable dining opportunities, and beautiful places to visit and recreate. Besides, medical procedures are affordable and comparable to the best hospitals in the world in medical fields, such as bariatric and plastic surgery in Tijuana.

A significant number of patients that visit Tijuana are from the United States. Plus, an increasing number of them have chosen Health & Wellness Bazaar for its outstanding medical treatments since they know we have incredible English-speaking staff and the best specialists with the highest credentials. Thus, they experience remarkable medical care, sometimes even surpassing the quality of some medical centers in the United States. Besides, they are able to save up to 80% from the same types of procedures and treatments, including plastic surgery in Tijuana. Hence, they enjoy increased health, satisfaction, and financial freedom.

What else can Tijuana offer to visitors?

Some of the most famous streets in Tijuana where you can see thousands of visitors walking each day are Revolution Av. and Plaza Rio. Here, multiple pharmacies offer low-cost patents and high-quality medicine. Additionally, some of the best medical centers are located here, which are home to state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Granted, it comes with no surprise that Tijuana receives an incredible number of excellent reviews daily since thousands of patients are delighted and happy with what this city has to offer.

Health & Wellness Bazaar has all-inclusive packages and great promotions so you can benefit from the city’s high-class medical treatments and recreation opportunities. Statistics show that nearly 1.5 million people come to Tijuana annually seeking medical treatments that go from dental care, orthopedic treatments, plastic surgery in Tijuana, and weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve in Tijuana.

Additionally, many take advantage of medical tourism to receive personalized medical attention, and at the same time, get to do some shopping or see some beautiful tourist places while they relax and recover. They enjoy a beautiful climate, enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the Tijuana beach boardwalk, and visit the local or nearby beaches.

Planning your trip to Tijuana

The idea of traveling to another country can be stressful, but planning ahead will help you achieve your goals and enjoy a wonderful time. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we provide you with all ground transportation and help you make reservations in advance. You only have to worry about simple things like who to bring and what clothes to pack depending on the time of year you choose to undergo a procedure or a simple treatment such as dental care.

Additionally, at Health & Welles Bazaar, we provide you with all necessary details of your specific procedure, such as plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico, to ensure that you understand how to recover and take care of a surgery wound, for example, if it is necessary.

Regardless of the type of treatment you wish to receive, be it plastic surgery in Tijuana or other medical procedures,  you can speak freely with your surgeon to clarify any questions or concerns you have. Doing so will help you get ready for when the day comes.

Let us know how much time you wish to stay in Tijuana so you can also take the time to look at the most visited places for entertainment or just to relax. For example, you can choose from the wide variety of restaurants that serve delicious food from all over the world. This will be greatly beneficial and mindful, particularly if you are traveling with a friend or family member. They will be able to enjoy themselves while visiting one of the most thriving cities in the world.

Best places to visit in Tijuana

As mentioned earlier, this border city with the US is one of the busiest in the world. Millions of people cross the border every day not only to have plastic surgery in Tijuana but to explore this astonishing side of Mexico since it has one of the most beautiful coasts and oceans that will ever see. Of course, Tijuana offers the best of the Mexican culture. Yet, since it is so close to the US, you will find various American restaurants and franchises, so people feel as if they were right at home.

Revolution Av., located in the heart of the city, is one of the most visited and loved sites by tourists. Here you will be able to experience Tijuana’s cultural, tourist, social, and nightlife side. Additionally, you will find various shops and stores from handicrafts, local products, and designer stores.

On the same Revolution Av, you can delight with the fantastic seafood cuisine, one of Tijuana’s specialties. Many visitors fall in love with these dishes and only come to enjoy some good fish tacos. No matter how small the place you choose to eat them, Tijuana’s tacos’ quality and flavor are unique and unmatched.

Museums are an essential part of Tijuana’s cultural experience. Thus, Tijuana’s cultural center has some of the best art and cultural sites in the region. One of its famous buildings has the shape of a giant ball, which is a movie theater. It shows all kinds of productions, from documentaries to independent films.

Another famous landmark that you cannot miss is the Tijuana beach boardwalk. It is home to great cafes, shops, and restaurants that offer delicious seafood dishes of all kinds, from crab, marlin, ceviche, or the traditional fish tacos.

Tijuana’s beaches are perfect for enjoying the astonishing sunsets and are ideal for walking with friends or family. Interestingly, at night on the beach, most people like to launch sky lanterns into the sky to light up the night. You can miss this great Tijuana tradition!

The nearby city of Ensenada -about two or three hours- stands out for its beautiful vineyards and exquisite wines. It is the home to the award-winning “L.A. Cetto” wines. Visitors love taking this fantastic road trip and enjoy its remarkable variety of wines

Finally, there many other entertainment options if you like sports, casinos, and racing. In Tijuana’s racecourse called Hipodromo, you can enjoy a variety of sports simultaneously, including horse racing and wrestling. Also, it is the place of greyhound races. In fact, most of the events are live and people are very animated. Thus, this is the perfect place for fun and adrenaline.

Tijuana, your home away from home

No matter what treatment or specialty you are looking for, Tijuana has it all. So, whether you need bariatric surgery, orthopedic treatments, IVF, dental care, or plastic surgery in Tijuana, you can rest assured that you are in one of the safest and most remarkable places for medical care. Moreover, at Health & Welles Bazaar, we help you receive medical attention even exceeding the standards at great hospitals in the United States while you enjoy yourself in one of the best medical tourism destinations.

World-class medical care is possible and extremely close to your home. Request a free virtual consultation by calling our toll-free number at +1 (858) 779-2552 or by emailing us at Allow us to help increase your quality of life and enjoy an incredible destination you will never forget!

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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