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Beautiful and Young with Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

22 April, 2019

The field of plastic and cosmetic surgery has evolved astonishingly during the last years, to the point that now is possible to recover a lusciousness loss through time through stem cell therapy Mexico.  You may have undoubtedly heard about stem cells, and asked yourself if they can actually help look better, or if it´s worth investing in it to treat a severe disease. Truth be told, these cells are the body´s raw material; through them, our bodies generate any other of the cellular groups which make up organs and tissues.

Under the optimal conditions, both in our bodies and in the lab, stem cells will divide and form daughter cells, which self-replicate, and in time turn into specialized stem cells like blood, brain or heart cells.

Researchers and doctors from all over the world have placed their faith in the studies oriented towards the application of stem cell therapy Mexico. Stem cell therapy’s results may help in several medical fields, as well as providing a better comprehension on how certain illnesses occur, how to generate healthy cells to replace the sick ones on those patients who suffer from chronic or degenerative pathologies, like cancer. For example; as well in the creation and trial process new, safer and more effective medication, even though; most of them are yet in the trial process.

It is precisely in the world of cosmetic surgery where there has been a revolution, since stem cells have arrived and quickly become a game-changer, creating a paradigm shift in regards to how we looked at the age reverting process.  While it may not be considered as the fountain of eternal youth, it may help improve overall health in both men in women who desire correct facial imperfection and to renew themselves.

As a matter of fact, many specialist and centers for plastic surgery in Mexico state that stem cells are the future of medicine when it comes to regeneration therapy, and application of safe and secure treatment. We used to live in a world where it seemed we had reached a speedbump in the process of attacking any class of very aggressive diseases. This discovery as the great brake trough of our time, a real modern miracle, which might as well give new hope to thousands of patients, but also help them feel better with themselves and what they see in the mirror.

Where are stem cells obtained?

Scientists have discovered several sources to obtain stem cells. Firstly, it may come from three to five days old embryos, since, at this stage, a fetus is called a blastocyst and has around 150 cells. These pluripotent stem cells can divide into more stem cells or into any other type of body cell. This versatility allows them to be used to repair tissue and to treat diseased organs.

Adult stem cells, which may be found in most tissues in small amounts in adult, they may come from bone marrow or fat. In comparison to embryo cells, adult cells have a lower capability of pluripotent development. Until recent years, researchers firmly believe that adult stem cells worked only for the same type of cells; for example, bone marrow could just create bone marrow, blood cells could only generate blood cells, but, recent evidence has determined that they may be used to develop several amounts of cells.

These adult stem cells which have been modified with the objective of obtaining inherent properties similar to embryo stem cells. This was discovered by scientists who have taken this transformation process trough reprograming genetic information. With the use of this new technique, it is possible to prevent the rejection of these new stem cells from the immune system.

Finally, perinatal mother stem cells are those who come from anatomical fluids, such as blood from the umbilical cords, which unites the fetus to the mother. These cells possess a high capacity to become into specialized cells; however, it is still required more in-depth research into the nature of how amniotic fluid comes to be to understand its real potential and the effects of said cells.

Benefits of using stem cell therapy Mexico in cosmetic surgery, are they convenient? Even though in its beginnings they were merely employed to treat severe degenerative diseases, for some time now mother stem cells have come to expand the possibilities in the medical field, placing themselves as a safe and effective alternative in the age reverting process. Throughout the years, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles pretty fast; the face loses its proportions and becomes saggy and less youthful.

A stem cell therapy Mexico may help correct facial imperfections. Their potential is incredible, they may reduce stretch marks skin recovers a more unified skin tone and gains a healthier look. It also works excellent on patients who have lost skin due to skin burn; in these cases stem cells are the perfect facial, neck a hand skin allies. It works to reduce stretch marks, acne, wrinkles, scars, keloids since it has the potential of stimulating collagen production, which offers a silkier and more youthful looking skin.

This procedure is usually performed by extracting abdominal fat with general anesthesia. This fat is placed on a machine better known as a centrifuge, which is in charge of separating stem cells that will be used on the regenerative tissue process.  A capillary mapping is a study which allows knowing the difference between patients and supplements needed.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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