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Bust operation reconstruction after mastectomy

25 October, 2019

In the previous blog, Health & Wellness Bazaar publications we talked about the general characteristics of different types of Breast Implants Mexico used to modify the size and shape of breasts. The breast surgery can pursue different purposes, whether breast augmentation, breast reduction or, reconstruction and it is precisely the latter which will be discussed this time, specifically for breast reconstruction in women who have undergone a mastectomy to treat breast cancer.

Breast Implants Mexico – Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is an option offered to women who have undergone breast removal, a procedure known under the technical name of mastectomy. This type of operation bust can be performed at different times depending on the decision of each patient and in any case the results obtained, as long as the surgery is performed by a qualified surgeon and care instructions are followed for the proper recovery, they are satisfied and return to the breast’ natural appearance.

When reconstruction surgery is performed at the same time as the mastectomy, it is discussed for immediate reconstruction. This operation is performed when the oncologist surgeon just removes the breast and is responsible for a plastic surgeon who can use tissue from another part of the body of the patient for the reconstruction or use Breast Implants Mexico, Although sometimes use both the implant and the tissue.

The advantage of this procedure is that everything is done in the same operation as the effects of anesthesia are passed awaken patients with breast or reconstructed, which has a great effect on the safety and comfort of the patient. However, it is not always possible to make immediate reconstruction, specifically when it is carried some additional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, in that case, the specialist will recommend when is the most appropriate, they may recommend to perform a portion of the reconstruction immediately and complete the process when the treatment ends.

Another type of reconstruction is delayed, which is done after mastectomy and after therapies being administered. The reason why the plastic surgery in Mexico Breast reconstruction is finished upon completion of chemotherapy and radiotherapy it is because these can cause a loss of volume, changes in appearance, texture, and color.

It is for these unwanted effects and how breast implants Mexico may interfere with the effects of therapies, experts recommend to patients to wait at least six months after completing treatment of radiation and chemotherapy following a mastectomy, but as already mentioned, the time is carried out this operation is complete decision of the patient and may even wait years or simply do not make any changes after removal of the breasts.

As already mentioned, an existing option is to perform a partial immediate reconstruction and then finish it, which is known as delayed-immediate reconstruction. It is a reconstruction procedure in stages and has some peculiarities. Although not the most popular choice is increasing patients who opt for it and involves the placement of a breast implant or tissue expander under the chest muscle to the breast skin preserved after this is extirpated.

This alternative requires the use of so-called expander, which is nothing more than a device as a balloon, which has the task of keeping the stretched skin to gradually create a sack where he later places resembles the reconstruction implant. After a couple of months from the last therapy session, the implant or placed expander is removed and replaced with the implant or tissue taken from the same patient.

With this kind of reconstruction is necessary, according to the specialist processor, that they may take some special measures such as deflating the expander during therapy to target the radiation more precisely to the desired area, for subsequently inflated again and to not lose effects. It is worth mentioning that if this is the decision of best plastic surgeon in Mexico discomforts may occur every time you re-inflate the expander as a pressure in the chest, but these disappear within a few hours. In addition to this factor, it is necessary to decide the type of reconstruction procedure to carry out the risks and special care that requires each is consulted.

Bust operation reconstruction Breast Implants Mexico is an option that allows women who have had cancer to maintain the shape of their breasts and reduce the negative consequences that involve the removal of one or both breasts, this especially on issues of security and self-image.

Undergo a procedure of this type, the time is carried out and the characteristics of it is a decision of the patient and in any case will be the group of specialists who treat those who can recommend the best options for health, safety and comfort of patients. If you wish to request more information about this procedure or to schedule an appointment with the Health & Wellness team Bazaar invites you to contact us gladly assist you.

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