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What do you need to know before getting dental implants in Mexico?

24 June, 2019

Dental implants in Mexico

Dental implants in Mexico are perhaps one of the most significant advances of the century in the dental field; likewise, it is an excellent option to resort to when you´ve lost dental pieces. Implants are placed with functional purposes in mind. This makes it possible for the patient to chew comfortably and painlessly, they also provide a natural appearance imitating the lost dental pieces.

You must consider there is a certain degree of failure when placing dental implants in Mexico , that´s why is vital for a medical professional to review your specific situation to correctly asses the needed treatment; implants are suggested on some instances. Your doctor needs to discuss your complete dental history and thoroughly review your mouth to provide a correct diagnosis.

Risks Associated with Dental Implants in Mexico Placement

Once this examination is over, the doctor needs for you to understand the possible consequences this procedure may generate so you can adequately give your consent. When confronted by this information many people choose to back out, however, you need to know that placing dental implants is way more comfortable than removing a tooth. It has its risk just like any other surgery; some of the risks may be due to the following factors:

  • The patient’s age plays a huge role since older patients are more at risk than younger ones.
  • The quality and number of bones present in the patient’s jaw. For optimal results, patients must have a minimum of 4mm of bone thickness and 12mm tall. In case bone density requirements are not met, the specialist may suggest an alternative, for example increasing bone density by implanting tissue graft.
  • Current diseases, especially the ones related to blood coagulation and the immune system.
  • The location where you want the implant placed.

Now, results may vary depending on each patient, and the implants themselves. Everybody is different and may react differently. It is possible to reduce any initial risk if you follow your dentist instructions. Furthermore, you must bear in mind; implants are not permanent, even though they can last for a very long time if all hygiene and basic care measures are carefully followed.

Risk Factors in Dental Implant in Mexico Placement

It is crucial for you to thoroughly analyze alongside your dentist which is the most viable option to solve your dental problem. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that there is a failure rate of about 10%withen the first ten years after being placed. So this doesn´t happen, you dentist schedules for your regular office visits and examinations to keep track of your recovery for a certain amount of time, or until the bone adapts to the implants. In case the dental implants in Mexico are rejected the dentist proceeds to remove them as soon as possible and put in a replacement in due time.

The screw which fixes the dental implants in Mexico pieces in their place can sometimes loosen if this happens you must seek the professional so he can tighten it as soon as possible to avoid the implant falling. Once 2 years have passed, if the has been no difficulties with your implant then your set for a long time.

A thorough study is performed to each patient to ensure the bone doesn´t reject the implant; additionally, this study sheds some light into the patient´s disease background, some of with may complicate the recovery process or hinder the final results, like blood-related problems, cancer, and diabetes.

Care and Follow-Up After Placement

Besides a physical exam, there is also a psychological examination you must undergo. It is not recommended getting dental implants in Mexico for those emotionally unstable people. To be more precise, it is not recommended for those who suffer from depression or anxiety, as well as psychosis, people with severe bruxism or the habit of grinding your teeth against each other, and lastly for those people who currently take blood thinning medication. It’s suggested you wait some time if you are going through a severely stressful period, wait until you are more emotionally stable and ready for the procedure.

Infection is another risk which may arise, even though; this considerably reduces the risk if you follow your dentist recommendations. It is important to mention that those people whose immune system is compromised, drink or smoke must wait a certain amount of time before undergoing the procedure since these factors put you more at risk.

Nevertheless, moving forward and seeing beyond the potential risks, dental implants in Mexico has many long term benefits in comparison to any other options which are aplenty. One of the most significant benefits is the implants are tightly placed, preventing them from moving or wiggle. This provides the sensation of having your own teeth back in their place.

Patients also report they can once again bite without any problems, they also state they feel more natural than any of the other alternatives. It is important to mention that implants require far less care in comparison to a prosthesis, which offers considerable advantages for many of those who suffer from having lost dental pieces.

Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants in Mexico

In the end, this is a safe and efficient procedure, as long as it’s performed under the supervision of an experienced specialist. In case you live in the United States and are looking for a high-quality procedure at an affordable price, then we recommend you undergoing this procedure in the neighboring country of Mexico.

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