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How to Find a Safe Plastic Surgery Center for Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

22 June, 2019

Best plastic surgeons in Mexico

Only in 2018 around half a million traveled to Mexico to get a surgical procedure done in Mexico. At one of the clinics for plastic surgery in Mexico, you may receive high-quality care at a fraction of the price of the United States, with minimal complications by highly qualified medical professionals with multiple certifications in medical fields.

Thousands of Americans cross the border every year for specialized surgical procedures, not only for plastic surgeries, therefore, if you have considered traveling to Mexico for cosmetic surgery, then, it is possible you may feel anxious about the procedure and also have serval questions. This is perfectly normal because choosing a plastic surgeon is not a decision you should take lightly.


Plastic surgery in Mexico: Are all plastic surgeon in Mexico safe?

Just like in every country, not all specialists have the required certifications and experience to provide high-quality medical attention, however, if you go to an international certified clinic, you can rest assured you´ll receive medical care from the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, who have all the necessary experience.

This doesn´t mean all plastic surgeons in Mexico are that safe. It also doesn´t mean you won’t be able to find an excellent plastic surgery at a decent price. It merely means that you have to do your research before choosing a surgeon or clinic. The best is visiting the clinic’s website, to get to know their patient´s experience through their social media and get counseling from their local doctors.


Plastic surgery in Mexico: How do you find a safe plastic surgeon in Mexico?

Above all, the most critical certification you should be looking for in a plastic surgeon abroad is verifying they are AMCPER certified, which stands for Mexican Association for Reconstructive Plastic and aesthetic surgery, which is the Mexican equivalent of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which certifies all plastic surgeons in the United States.

An AMCPER certified surgeon must undergo several years of medical training, continuous education and practice to become a member. Minimum education required for surgeons to receive their certification is:

  • 6 years of medical school.
  • 3-4 years of general surgery.
  • 3 years of plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery.
  • 1-year internship, minimum.

After this, they must complete an oral and written exam to become certified. Qualified surgeon abroad, besides, must also complete a whole year of internship before practicing in Mexico; they also must maintain the highest standards of practice receiving constant training within the country and abroad. Any member who lacks behind the expected standards of practice may lose their certification.

As a result of this, even the most recent AMCPER member already has plenty of years of experience in plastic surgery under the belt. As with any other plastic surgery procedure, there are several risks involved, however, working with a certified plastic surgeon ensures you are in the best hands possible.


How to know if the surgeon is certified?

It is pretty easy to know if a surgeon in Mexico is certified. The Mexican Association for Reconstructive Plastic and aesthetic surgery has an online directory of certified surgeons, therefore, once you find a quality clinic that fits your needs, at an affordable price you may go to AMCEPER online directory to verify if their surgeons are certified.

In addition to looking for the specialist name in the AMCEPER list for surgeons’ plastic surgery in Mexico, you may also filter the search by city or region; this information will work so you can find the best clinic for you. Remember, some surgeons may falsely claim to be AMCEPER certified. If they are not in the directory, they are not certified. Therefore, you should always verify the surgeon has this certification. With the help of this directory, you may find more information about the surgeon´s training, experience, and area of expertise.


How to know if the clinic is safe?

Besides the certification, another important thing for your Tijuana plastic surgery to be a success and for you to enjoy safe results is the clinic and tools used for the procedure. When it comes to plastic surgery, certifications mean nothing if the operating facility where the surgeon performs is not modern and has state of the art equipment.

The plastic surgery industry is growing at an accelerated pace, with new technologies reaching the market every day, besides, new technologies enable safer and more efficient surgeries. An excellent plastic surgery clinic should be able to inform you about the type of equipment they use and how modern it is.

Be sure to look at plenty of pictures of the clinic as part of your investigation process. Excellent service begins at the waiting room, without mentioning how well equipped are the treatment room and recovery room, even though a lot of people say pictures may lie and not tell the complete story. However, they may give you a basic notion of how modern and well equipped is the clinic you have chosen.


Plastic surgery in Mexico: How to know if the reviews are real?

Besides pictures, the surgeon’s certification, and your doctor’s recommendations; reviews are an excellent way to get to know more about the quality of the service you’re about to get. This is due this is because a clinic may make claims regarding its quality which they cannot back up.

Above all else, it is possible that some patients post some honest comments regarding their experience. However, always keep in mind that not all reviews are real. Many times, these reviews tend to exaggerate their expertise; therefore this makes it necessary for you to analyze in-depth reviews posted regarding the service you are looking into.

Now that you know what to keep in mind to find the best clinic for plastic surgery in Mexico, if you require additional counseling to get the best service, get in touch with us here at Health & Wellness Bazaar. We are a network of medical tourism which offers a complete and reliable service at the best prices. We work with the best doctors abroad as well as with an experienced medical team which will guide you every step of the way towards your full recovery.

Plastic surgery in Mexico

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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