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Gastric sleeve Mexico: Foods That Make You Gain Weight

16 May, 2022

Are you trying to lose weight? Whether you have opted for a traditional method or a gastric sleeve Mexico, you will surely want to be well informed to achieve your goals. In addition to exercise and motivation, a fundamental part of this process is understanding how to have a good eating plan. Thus, your loss will be safe, and you will avoid the dreaded weight rebound.

What you should know about Gastric sleeve Mexico

Failed attempts to lose weight are a common challenge faced by people with obesity. This may be due to a lack of accurate information on the subject. For example, many associate the word diet with starving, consuming only light products, or losing many pounds in a short period. So just thinking about it or not seeing quick results makes the process difficult.

To achieve successful weight loss, we always recommend that patients’ gastric sleeve Mexico change their relationship with food, understanding that it is not just about dieting for a few weeks and then returning to normal. Instead, it is about changing a lifestyle, incorporating a new way of eating, and being determined not to give up healthy eating. If you want permanent effects, you must be willing to make deep transformations.

What is really making you gain weight?

  1. Diseases that affect metabolism
  2. Unhealthy food
  3. Emotions that lead to self-destructive behavior
  4. Bad eating habits and lack of exercise

The cause of obesity can vary from person to person. There is no single trigger but rather a set of factors that induce weight gain over time. It is essential to go to a Mexico Bariatric Center for a medical evaluation because some diseases, such as hypothyroidism, can cause imbalances in the metabolism. So, if it’s a medical issue, even if your diet, you won’t achieve your goal, it is necessary first to identify the cause to receive good treatment.

But what if there is no medical cause? Then it is essential to evaluate the following three most common aspects that favor weight gain:

  • Food

Personal circumstances, tight work schedules, or simply poor nutrition education since childhood have led many to turn to fast food, junk food, or unhealthy food day after day as their primary source of nutrition. Being little aware of the calories, saturated fats, or sugars you consume each day, causes constant weight gain.

  • The emotions

In some cases of obesity, emotional eating is common. Sure, being sad, angry, or stressed won’t make you fat, but taking refuge in food, especially foods high in sugar, to calm emotions can trigger behaviors that lead to unhealthy eating. These foods help increase serotonin and give a false sense of feeling better, leading you to consume large amounts of calories without thinking.

  • The habits

Large portions of food and a sedentary lifestyle are two of the main habits that cause weight gain. It can become a habit to consume large amounts at each meal, or constant overindulgence can cause binge eating to satisfy hunger. And on the other hand, if there is almost no physical activity, you will not be able to burn calories, which translates into an inevitable increase in pounds (kilos).

Foods to avoid for weight gain

Specialists recommend avoiding high-calorie foods that lack nutritional value, that is, foods that fill you up but are not healthy or increase pounds (kilos). These include what we drink, snacks between meals, and our primary food source.

It is also necessary to evaluate the way we cook our food. For example, instead of frying, you can choose to cook on the grill, oven, steam, and papillote, among others. These are some foods that a patient’s gastric sleeve in Tijuana avoids during the first few months:

  • Sweets
  • Flours as paste
  • Bread or cakes
  • Whole dairy products such as milk
  • Potato chips
  • Popcorn
  • Seeds or nuts
  • Ice creams and chocolates
  • Fast food
  • High-fiber foods, including fibrous vegetables
  • Drinks with added sugars such as juices or soft drinks
  • Nuts or dried fruits
  • Meats such as chorizo, salami, or bacon
  • Fast food
  • Breaded foods
  • Spicy food
  • Foods high in sodium, fats, and sugars
  • Alcoholic drinks

Gastric sleeve Mexico – What about light products?

Are you one of those who prefer sweet foods, especially for breakfast or dinner? Some find it challenging to introduce salty foods, so they buy the light version of foods such as jams, yogurts, mayonnaise, margarine, etc. However, did you know that these foods will not necessarily help you lose weight?

Light does not mean calorie-free. Although these products still have calories, they’re still considered lighter because they contain 30% less sugar or fat than the original products but still have calories. In addition, some additives are added that will not provide nutritional value.

But another big problem is that sometimes, under the guise of being light, people can eat larger portions. If you want to change your habits fundamentally, it is better to replace your cravings with more natural foods.

Gastric sleeve Mexico – Foods you can include in your meal plan

When planning meals, it is vital that we not only let ourselves be guided by cravings but also make a strategic plan. Since food portions are small, making wise food choices allows them to stay nourished while shedding pounds. For example, those who underwent gastric sleeve Mexico tend to give proteins a higher priority.

Still, they have great food options that you can mix and match and learn how to cook in different ways. Creativity and motivation will be great allies in learning to enjoy this new eating style. You can even enjoy healthy desserts that you had never imagined with a professional guide. Here are some foods your nutritionist may allow you:

  • Natural water
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Chicken
  • Tuna
  • Fish
  • Lean meat
  • Egg
  • Soy
  • Yogurt without added sugar
  • Curd

Gastric sleeve Mexico – Should I avoid fattening foods for life?

During the weight loss of gastric sleeve in Tijuana patients, specialists recommend avoiding some foods to speed up the process. However, there is a possibility that people will return to eat some of these foods from time to time.

The key is that ‘forbidden foods’ do not become the main food source again. Instead, people should learn to be guided by four important factors: what to eat, what time of day, the right portions, and how often. Remember that excess junk food, fats or sugars can lead to regression or even cause weight to regain.

However, good habits and a taste for healthy food are reinforced as patients can see good weight loss results. Some of these benefits are external since you will have greater mobility, energy, and a physical change by losing pounds (kilos). But there are also internal changes such as increased self-esteem, improved health, and control of chronic diseases.

Make your weight loss permanent

At the best Mexico Bariatric Center by HWB, we offer specialized guidance for those wanting to achieve permanent weight loss. With the help of bariatric specialists and other health professionals, patients can reach incredible goals. You will receive a personalized follow-up before, during, and after bariatric surgery. We want your process to be a new beginning of something better.

If you want to know more about the benefits of gastric sleeve Mexico, we invite you to contact us today at (858) 779 2552 or email [email protected]. Start not only an effective eating plan but also a safe, comprehensive program for short and long-term weight loss.


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