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In Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination-What is the Difference?

16 April, 2022

Today, while some couples conceive children unintentionally, others have failed in their struggle, and they would spare no effort to become parents. The great news is that thanks to IVF in Mexico, several couples have experienced the satisfaction of conceiving and raising their own family.

We will analyze two of the most used assisted reproduction treatments to help women and couples with fertility problems fulfill their most natural dream of being parents. What are In Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination? What are each treatment’s advantages and differences?

What Does Each Technique Consist of?

In Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination are two of the safest and most effective methods to help future mothers achieve a successful pregnancy. However, they are sometimes confused, so it is convenient to distinguish the differences between each other and seek help according to the couple’s needs.

Artificial insemination. – It is a technique that consists of first obtaining a sperm sample from the partner or donor and processing it in a laboratory to increase its effectiveness. Subsequently, this sample is introduced through a fine cannula into the future mother’s uterus at the ideal time of ovulation.

In Vitro Fertilization. – IVF in Mexico consists of collecting the eggs of the future mother through ovarian stimulation. On the same day, fertilization is performed with the best quality semen sample. Once the embryo is born, it is carefully supervised until it is ready to be implanted in the future mother’s uterus.

Advantages and Differences of Each Fertility Treatment

Fertilization process

  • The complexity of treatment
  • Information about the process
  • Odds of success
  • Sperm quality
  • Fallopian tube quality

Fertilization process. The site where the fertilization process occurs is one of the most apparent differences between the two methods. Artificial insemination is a straightforward technique and closer to natural fertilization, in which the union between the egg and the sperm occurs inside the woman’s body. While in IVF in Mexico, fertilization is carried out in specialized laboratories, and then the embryo is transferred to the mother’s uterus.

The complexity of treatment. IVF in Mexico is a more complex method in which the mother’s body is prepared with hormonal drugs to stimulate egg production for two to three weeks. Subsequently, they are extracted under light sedation that does not require hospitalization.

However, artificial insemination is a more direct and less invasive technique since ovarian stimulation is minimal, and the eggs do not need to be retrieved. One of the disadvantages of this procedure is the risk of multiple pregnancies. It is impossible to control how many eggs will be fertilized after placing the semen sample inside the uterus.

Information about the process. Because IVF in Mexico takes place in a laboratory, it is easier to get up close and personal with the treatment process. You will be able to evaluate factors such as the reaction to ovarian stimulation, the quality and quantity of the ovules, the fertilization probability, and even the embryo’s growth and development.

On the other hand, it is impossible to know all this data in artificial insemination. You must be patient and wait for the pregnancy test results to know if the treatment achieved its objective.

Odds of success. The difference between one treatment and another is quite remarkable. While artificial insemination has a 15-20% chance of success in women with adequate fertility status, IVF in Mexico achieves more than 50% in the first cycle and more than 90% in three attempts. However, age and the causes of infertility will also be decisive in the treatment’s success.

Sperm quality. The semen’s quality is essential to facilitate fertilization in both techniques. For artificial insemination, a semen sample is prepared that has an average of two million motile sperm.

For its part, IVF does not require a large number of sperm since those with greater mobility and sound quality can be selected to fertilize the egg.

Quality of the tubes. In the case of artificial insemination, the pipes must be permeable to facilitate fertilization. The lack of patency in the fallopian lines could prevent the sperm and egg from meeting and fertilization. As for In Vitro Fertilization, you will not have to worry about this factor since the process is carried out outside the woman’s body.

Why is IVF in Mexico a Fantastic Option?

In each case, it will always be the specialist who determines the most appropriate treatment based on the tests, profile, and needs. However, In Vitro Fertilization through Medical Tourism Mexico is an extraordinary option for those who have tried previous artificial inseminations without success, for women who have a low ovarian reserve or have blocked or ligated fallopian tubes, or suffer from health problems such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary, apart from of overweight and obesity.

Contrastingly, IVF treatment at Fertility Clinics in Mexico offers you incredible benefits; for example, you can save up to 50% on costs through medical tourism and receive top-quality medical care thanks to our specialists who have the training and experience to perform state-of-the-art treatments.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are a medical tourism agency focused on your health. We offer you excellent state-of-the-art fertility treatments such as IVF in Mexico and artificial insemination through highly specialized fertility clinics, which have helped countless couples to achieve successful pregnancies.

Now that you know the advantages and differences of each treatment consider the most suitable option for you with your doctor. Contact our specialists toll-free at (858) 779-2552 or fill out the contact form through our website. We’ll be delighted to answer your questions and provide you with the support and guidance you require to potentially increase your chances of making the dream of starting a family a reality.

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