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Knee Injuries That Require Knee Replacement

26 March, 2019

A knee replacement in Mexico procedure allows the surgeon to replace a damaged joint with a prosthesis to alleviate complications stemming from arthritis or arthrosis at the knee. The reason why a doctor may suggest you undergo a knee replacement surgery may include, joint wear and tear, intense pain which hinders the patient’s capability to perform normal activities and prevent him from walking.


Knee Injuries That Require Surgery

People over 65 and athletes are the most common type of patients who undergo this surgical procedure to alleviate related complications and to resume with their day to day life.

As it is well known, due to the body’s natural aging some complications may arise and wear and tear of the cartilage which surrounds the joints may occur, this often results in a loss of mobility, swelling and pain, this is known as arthrosis. There are different types of arthritis, but the most common ones are arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis, the first one not only targets elderly people but may also target people who perform high impact physical activities.

The knee is one of the joints that is the most prone to injuries in the world of sports, especially in games which involve sudden changes in direction and contact. Whether it is because of an improper technique, a lack of proper equipment or because of going beyond the body´s resistance and capability, the knee may suffer injuries like sprains, ligament rupture, meniscus tear, and (ACL) which stands for anterior cruciate ligament rupture.


Why is Knee Replacement in Mexico Needed?

To better understand how it that these injuries happen and the extent to which they impact the patient’s mobility we need to explain better how the knee works. The knee is a joint in which the femur and the tibia with the kneecap to allow flexing and extending movement for which that part of the leg is known. However, for it to have enough stability to make said movements it requires a whole set of muscle and ligament structures which are located on the anterior and lateral parts of the knee.

Most of these structures are located outside of the particular muscles, like the quadriceps and the hamstring muscles, and extracapsular ligaments. These ligaments are situated outside the articular capsule which surrounds the knee, like the collateral and the medial tibiae ligaments, the later one which is extracapsular, even though it’s also inserted in the articular capsule.

Inside the knee, both the articular capsule and the cross posterior and anterior ligaments are the ones in charge of providing stability, while the meniscus, located at the middle and lateral part of the knees, being intraarticular cartilage structures, offer stability and the capability to absorb impacts. This is one of the main reasons why these are some of the most prone to injury parts in our bodies.

There are many different mechanisms which may produce injuries to the structures which form the knee, for example, the application of an exterior force into the internal knee structures. This generates external rotation and flexion within the meniscus. The use of force to the exterior, causing an injury to the lateral and collateral ligaments, or anterior cruciate ligament, or both; the application of frontal, lateral and the hyperextension of the articulation which generates cruciate ligaments injuries; and also the weigh it carries and the articulation rotation at the moment of trauma, which create damage to the meniscus.

The signs and symptoms of a knee injury vary according to its level of severity. However, in any case, it comes with low to moderate pain, and contrary to popular belief, those who experience third-degree ligament sprain often state experiencing less intense pain, and in some cases may even walk without help, often this leads them not to get proper and timely treatment, which often causes some patients not to treat their injury at all.

It’s common for the patient to feel or hear a sort of hissing sound the moment of the injury, also for him to feel tenderness and pain over the damaged ligaments and pain when flexing their knee, mainly when the meniscus has suffered damage to their medial and lateral portion. Furthermore, there may be the risk of joint effusion on all ligament or meniscus injuries, which is visible and palpable.

This is because this type of injuries overloads the joint cartilage, which is vital to receive proper treatment; otherwise, you are at risk of developing arthrosis. There are many conservative, surgical, and alternative knee treatments to speed up recovery, for example, stem cell therapy Mexico. The main concern with arthrosis is that the knee joint structure suffers wear and tear, which in turns causes pain, stiffness and reduces the range of motion. These symptoms may cause a certain degree of disability.

Depending on its severity, a knee replacement in Mexico procedure may be recommended to treat arthrosis. In future entries, in this blog, we will detail these procedure´s characteristics and the measures you should take during the recovery process, as well as mentioning the activities which are allowed, and you can perform during after surgery is done, the surgery´s success rate so athletes may resume their athletic training.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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