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Is It Possible to Increase the Size of the Penis with Male Enhancement?

8 November, 2022

Have you ever been tempted to try a product that claims to increase penis size? Indeed, some advertisements offer a wide variety of products that help male enhancement. Although it is possible to increase the size of the penis, some non-surgical methods have very little scientific support, so the ideal is to go to professionals with fabulous strategies and effective procedures.

How Much is Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you want to know more precisely how you can increase your penis, at Health & Wellness Bazar, we explain some medical solutions that can help you phenomenally increase your manly side.

Male enhancement—What is considered a normal size?

It is very common to fear that the size of the penis seems too tiny that the partner cannot be satisfied. However, some studies show that most men who consider their penis small have an average size. But what is the size of the penis? In itself, the length of the flaccid penis is very different from its length in an erect state.

For example, if your sexual organ is 5 inches or more when it is straight, it is a normal-sized penis. Instead, it is considered abnormal when it measures less than 3 inches when erect. From the medical point of view, treating patients with a condition called micropenis is only justified.

Products for penis enlargement – Do they work?

There are several methods to enlarge the penis, but they are not effective and can even cause permanent damage. Here are some details of some ways you should be careful:

  • Pills and lotions. These products usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and hormones that the manufacturers claim to make the penis bigger but may be harmful.
  • Vacuum pump. This type of pump pushes blood into the penis, sometimes causing it to swell. This type of pump can make the penis appear more prominent temporarily, but using this pump can damage the elastic tissue of the penis and lead to fewer firm erections.
  • The so-called penis stimulation is commonly done with the movement of one hand on top of the other to push blood from the base to the penis’ health. Although this technique seems safe, no scientific evidence supports its functionality since it can often cause pain, scarring, and disfigurement.
  • It consists of an extender device, also called a pending traction device. Some studies have reported an increase in penis size from half an inch to almost two inches, but rigorous research is needed to establish the safety of this procedure.

Male enhancement – Medical procedures for penis enlargement

Currently, various surgical procedures for male enhancement are used to lengthen the penis or increase its thickness. Surgery is a reasonable procedure to achieve penis enlargement, but never for cosmetic reasons. That is usually reserved for men with abnormal penile function due to injury or congenital disability.

Cut the suspensory ligament. When this ligament of the penis that attaches to the pubic bone is cut, it helps the penis appear longer because it is further away from the body. This ligament cutting can be combined with other procedures, such as removing excess fat from the pubic bone.

Inject fat. This process helps to increase the penis’ thickness. It consists of taking fat from a fleshy part of the body to inject it into the body of the penis. Still, this injected fat can be reabsorbed in some cases and cause an irregular shape or curvature.

Penile implant. This implant made of silicone is surgically grafted under the skin of the penis, helping to improve the size of the penis significantly. This exceptional implant is manufactured in 3 different sizes, large, very large, and extra-large.

Liposuction. This method can remove excess fat in patients with a burying effect on the penis. With this technique, an improvement of the man is a male enhancement, which will help aesthetically improve his masculine side without injuring the structure of the penis.

Male enhancement – Recommendations that can help you enhance your masculinity

Although there is no safe and effective way to increase the size of the penis, there are some things you can do if you are concerned about this fact. We will tell you about them right away:

Communicate with your partner. Breaking old habits and discussing your preferences with your partner may be challenging, but communication will help you build a better relationship.

Adjust the speaker. If you are overweight or your abdomen has abdominal fat, it can make your sexual member appear smaller than it is. So, losing weight can make a difference and improve your appearance.

Control glycemia (sugar in the blood). It is scientifically proven that uncontrolled diabetics suffer from erection problems, so taking care of blood sugar is essential.

Exercise your body. Exercising your body is very healthy as it releases dilating substances that help you have a more prolonged erection and can improve your strength and endurance during intercourse.

Eat healthily. Cholesterol affects circulation not only to the heart but also to the blood vessels that feed the penis; therefore, you need to eat healthy foods to stay stable.

Believe in yourself. Stress is almost always related to sexual problems in both men and women, so if you put aside your worries, you and your partner will enjoy the occasion more.

Talk to the top doctors in Mexico. It’s common to be dissatisfied with the size of your penis, so a certified and trained consultant from Health & Wellness Bazaar can help you determine if you have a problem.

The best place for male enhancement

If you think that the dimension of your penis is not average and want to enlarge it, consider the reasons. For aesthetic reasons or other problems, only look for the best professionals at Health & Wellness Bazaar to have realistic results when it comes to penis enlargement. You can rest assured that our specialists will be aware of your needs and will kindly guide you through each step of the procedure.

To schedule an appointment today to start feeling great thanks to confident masculinity, call Health & Wellness Bazaar at (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].

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