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When Can I Return to My Everyday Activities After Mexico Bariatric Center?

17 April, 2021

Mexico Bariatric Center

Despite the increasing health problems worldwide, obesity continues at an all-time high. Therefore, many of those with excess body weight strive to lose weight through exercise routines or diets. However, while those routines are a fine way to prevent obesity, once you reach a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher, you enter a dangerous phase that will not fade away with simple exercise routines and a good diet. Fortunately, Mexico bariatric center has provided thousands of formerly obese safe and effective procedures to start a new healthy lifestyle.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are proud to have world-class and highly certified bariatric surgeons. Besides, we are pleased to say that we have the best patients who never leave without a big smile on their faces after undergoing medical treatments. Plus, our state-of-the-art medical techniques, technology, and modern treatments allow for improved techniques at a low cost.

What is a Mexico bariatric center?

Obese patients who come to Mexico bariatric center have at their disposal a variety of effective surgical procedures to combat obesity. Every patient is different. Thu, our weight loss surgery experts can help you choose the right procedure and follow-up treatment to ensure permanent weight loss.

In general, being overweight is a health hazard. Sadly, without proper medical care, overweight can easily turn into obesity and morbid obesity. Consequently, obese patients must endure side effects, including health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, some physical disability, and even death.

If you feel unsure about any weight loss procedure, please feel free to approach us and help you with your concerns and other doubts. It’s better to seek help now than to feel sorry later. Undergoing a weight loss surgery will enable you to feel more comfortable and happier with your body and well-being. Also, you will feel more confident talking to other people and your health problems will significantly reduce or even disappear. You too can enjoy a healthier and happier life thanks to Health & Wellness Bazaar and its extraordinary destinations in Mexico.

Specialties of a Mexico bariatric center

Generally, a bariatric center specializes in various procedures to reduce a person’s excess body weight. One of the remarkable advantages of these treatments is that patients can enjoy a quick recovery and minimally invasive procedures with health benefits that can last a lifetime. Besides, Mexico bariatric center allows patients to experience the body and figure they always dreamed of with plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss.

On the other hand, the most common and effective weight loss surgeries performed at our bariatric center are gastric bypass and gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Why are they so effective? First, because gastric sleeve surgery aims to reduce the size of the patient’s stomach by 60-85%. Thus, after this procedure, when patients eat, they are satisfied with small portions of food in a way that does not affect their health and lose weight continuously during the first two years.

Therefore, by consuming fewer calories, the patient loses weight in a few weeks. Additionally, the added value to this procedure is that there exists abundant evidence for continuous research, and with today’s technology, it is possible to perform it safely, quickly, and with excellent results. Before performing this procedure, your bariatric surgeon will carry out specific tests to know the state of your health and thus avoid complications.

Second, gastric bypass Mexico is a surgery that has become popular throughout the world, particularly for patients with morbid or extreme obesity. The reason? Because it provides remarkably quick results that allow the person to fight obesity and eliminate excess body weight permanently. It uses a similar technique as in a gastric sleeve, but it includes a quick bypass to the small intestine to provide speedy weight loss results.

Consider the following: a weight loss procedure at Mexico bariatric center allows patients to save money immediately in their procedure and the long term as they eliminate expenses due to treatments and medications for their obesity-related conditions.

Post-op care and return to everyday activities after Mexico bariatric surgery

Usually, after a few weeks following bariatric surgery in Mexico bariatric center, the patient can return to his daily activities and recover soon. These surgeries are performed laparoscopically, so although it is a complex procedure, this technique does not require a long hospital stay. Therefore, after two to four weeks, a patient can resume his activities with his surgeon’s approval am recommendations.

Moreover, the surgeries with these techniques are highly specialized, advanced, and effective. Usually, only 1.5-centimeter incisions are needed, and the whole surgical procedure can last one to two hours.

Keep in mind that each of the incisions in the abdomen will have several staples. Therefore, when you go home, you have to take care of your surgery wound according to your surgeon’s instructions. The staples will be removed seven to ten days after the operation. After your procedure, you should not wear tight clothing, do not allow soap and water to come into contact with the wounds during the shower.

Also, your doctor and nutritionist will give you specific instructions about your diet and nutrition requirements. You should drink plenty of water, chew your food many times, and eat slowly once you start eating solid food. One important recommendation is to drink water 30 minutes before or after your meal. When you do so, do it in small sips and do not use a straw so that the air does not enter the stomach.

Do not swallow tablets or pills either. It is better to crush them or dissolve them in some liquid. Little by little, you will return to normal. To help with any anxiety after the procedure to go back to your routine, consider walking five minutes twice a day and gradually increase physical activity so that the body gets used to it again. Keep doing so until you can walk for 20 minutes straight. Perhaps you can try climbing stairs, of course, slowly and without forcing yourself. In fact, gradually, you will be able to exercise according to the doctor’s table. In short, laparoscopic surgery in a bariatric center has a quick and simple postoperative period.

Who is eligible for surgery at Mexico bariatric center?

Our Health & Wellness Bazaar experts have the experience and training to know if you qualify for this type of surgery. Some of the parameters they consider are: being between 16 and 60 years old, having a BMI greater than 35, or 30 with five years fighting obesity, and suffers from obesity-related diseases. If you fall into these categories, we can provide you with the needed information tailored to your needs.

Above all, to qualify, you must commit to making the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle. It can help to make a long-term fitness plan. Therefore, it’s crucial to cooperate continually with your weight loss experts.

Why is Mexico bariatric center the best option?

Besides the many positive points mentioned so far, at Health & Wellness Bazaar and our Mexico bariatric center, we adhere to patient health and safety rules and regulations. We have doctors and staff who are fluent in English. So, communication will always be easy and smooth.

Moreover, our modern surgical procedures allow for quick recovery and phenomenal results. Our “all-inclusive” packages have saved patients thousands of dollars. While the United States has excellent hospitals and medical centers, Mexico offers the same quality and even exceeds their standards at affordable costs.

If you choose Health & Wellness Bazaar, you will be in the best hands. Therefore, please make an appointment with us and send us your questions at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you fulfill your dreams as it will be the best decision of your life!


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