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Mexico Bariatric Center: Eliminating Sagging Skin After Bariatric Surgery

10 November, 2022

Did you know that the Mexico Bariatric Center by HW Bazaar can offer you great options to optimize the results of bariatric surgery? These specialized centers not only connect you with the best bariatric surgeons in the country and other specialists but can also give you guidance and solutions to some challenges after your weight loss.

About a year and a half after bariatric surgery, most patients have already reached their weight loss goal. So, they have experienced a significant change both physically and with a transformed life mentality. However, despite the great benefits of losing weight, many face a new reality: the body’s skin does not return to its natural state.


Reasons for sagging skin after losing weight

Is it true that my skin will be flabbier if I lose weight quickly? With this misconception, many people neglect other important aspects of losing weight, focusing only on time. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the aesthetics of the skin after bariatric surgery is a reflection of multiple factors. Among these are the following:

  • How much weight you lost

Bariatric surgeries are effective alternatives for weight loss regardless of the type of obesity. From overweight or mild obesity to those cases of morbid obesity, it is possible to reverse this disease. But the more pounds you lose, the more evident the sagging since the skin has undergone a more excellent stretch. While those who lose a few pounds, the skin can return to its place more easily.

  • Healthy weight loss

How we lose weight will also influence the results. Frequently, those extreme diets or without specialized supervision usually cause nutritional decompensation, so the skin does not have the necessary elements to look healthy. For this reason, the Mexico bariatric center offers continuous follow-up so that each patient healthily loses weight.

  • Age

The skin is an organ that is characterized by its regenerative capacity. However, the reality is that with the genetic factor and age, the organism begins to decrease the production of these regenerative elements. So, it loses firmness and elasticity, and its layers thin. Therefore, younger patients are less likely to have sagging skin when losing weight than older patients.

  • Smoking

Anxiety and stress are two of the main reasons why many acquire the habit of smoking. However, those who undergo bariatric surgery should stop their consumption while preparing for surgery and during their weight loss. And it has been proven that nicotine causes significant damage to the fibers and tissue of the skin, affecting its tone, making it more flaccid, and delaying its recovery.

  • Exercise habits

Do you have a sedentary life? Lack of exercise and regular physical activity contributes to weight gain, the muscles losing volume, and the skin looking more hung. Therefore, for bariatric patients, sedentary life is a thing of the past if they want their skin to have a firmer appearance.


What experts at the Mexico Bariatric Center say you can do for better skin aesthetics

How can I lose weight without sagging skin? That is a common concern in those patients looking to lose weight drastically. The Mexico bariatric center has proven that patients with a comprehensive weight loss plan adapted to their needs can obtain better results. Of course, it requires effort, perseverance, and discipline on the part of patients, but following the recommendations can make a difference.

Here are some tips that can help you counteract sagging skin while losing weight:

  1. Cardiovascular and strength exercises.
  2. Hydrate well.
  3. Prioritize protein.
  4. Stay nourished.
  5. Use moisturizing products.
  • Cardiovascular and strength exercises. If you’ve suffered from severe obesity, workout may be challenging. Walking and jogging can be a good start, but as you lose weight, you need more. You must work your muscles with specific training. For example, dumbbells can help you tone.
  • Hydrate well. Good hydration helps the skin organ to strengthen and become more flexible. Also, it absorbs nutrients better and retains moisture, so as you lose weight, it will help you deal with dryness or peeling sensation. Avoid alcoholic beverages or sweetening liquids as these types of liquid is dehydrating.
  • Prioritize protein. When you undergo bariatric surgery, your food potions are reduced, and the feeling of fullness comes faster. So it is necessary to prioritize lean proteins, fish, or eggs. This type of food will favor the toning of your muscles.
  • Stay nourished. In addition to eating a healthy, balanced diet with legumes, fruits, and vegetables, other supplements may need to be consumed. Under the recommendation of a nutritionist, vitamins and supplements will allow your body and skin to obtain the necessary nutrients to recover as you lose weight.
  • Use moisturizing products. Some patients not only struggle with excess skin but also with the appearance of stretch marks and dryness. So, you can use moisturizing products that contain vitamins A, E, and collagen, sun protection, and other elements that keep your skin healthy.


Post-bariatric surgery and removal of sagging skin

A reality, the regenerative capacity of the skin has a limit. Even though bariatric patients have had good follow-ups and care during their weight loss, they will only sometimes be able to achieve the desired results for their skin’s appearance. This is especially common in those who lost weight significantly. However, an alternative can help them achieve the dream results: Skin removal surgery in Mexico.

This surgery aims to shape your figure and scrub the skin through various focused surgical procedures. When losing weight, the areas that can be most impacted are usually the abdomen, thighs, breasts, and arms. That can cause chafing, affect physical activity, limit wardrobe options, or even cause new complexes. So, removing the surplus often becomes not a luxury but a new necessity.

The good news is that, by losing weight, most patients have a healthier physical condition, better control of their diseases, and a stable weight. This makes them good candidates for safer postbariatric plastic surgery in Mexico. An experienced plastic surgeon will recommend one or more procedures to achieve an asymmetrical body.

Among the most common procedures to end sagging skin are:

  • Brachioplasty
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Butt lift
  • Facelift


Achieve a fantastic figure after losing weight thanks to Mexico Bariatric Center

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of losing weight to the fullest? Undoubtedly, yes, but often, sagging skin can continue to limit your mobility and freedom to feel good. Post-bariatric plastic surgery in Mexico is a cosmetic method that can help you achieve effective results and be the endpoint of your transformation. With the help of specialists, you can achieve harmony between your goals and your body.

Go to the Mexico bariatric center, receive adequate follow-up during your weight loss, and learn about your options to shape your figure. If you want to contact an experienced bariatric specialist or plastic surgeon, call (858) 779 2552 or email Finish what you started and enjoy a new healthy lifestyle to the fullest.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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