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Mexico Plastic Surgery – Should You Be Concerned About the Risks?

19 October, 2022

Can I die in plastic surgery? What if the results are not what I want? Should I take the risk? These questions often cross the minds of those who wish to improve their appearance through aesthetic treatments, or family and friends may be concerned about their safety and encourage them to think about these issues. You may be attracted to Mexico plastic surgery, but how do you know which surgeries are less risky?

Mexico Plastic Surgery: Should you ignore rumors about failed surgeries?

Usually, fears arise from stories circulating on the news or social media. And, of course, many of them have painful procedures that have been unsuccessful and even fatal, which causes fear, nervousness, or anxiety. Some prefer to completely ignore the possible risks and go ahead with their decision, but this does not eliminate fears.

In reality, those who want a change are the ones who are informed of both the benefits offered by Mexico plastic surgery and the possible risks. This allows them to be prepared both physically and mentally. In many cases, a greater knowledge of what can happen instills tranquility and confidence.

An article published a few years ago compiled some interesting statistics that you should know:

  • The risk of dying in surgery is 1 in 250,000 or 500,000, similar to the probability of dying in a plane crash.
  • The risk of anesthesia causing fatal complications is 1 in 13,000
  • It is estimated that plastic surgery has a death risk of 1 in 16,000, while 1 in 10,000 women die in natural birth.


Mexico Plastic Surgery: The 5 surgeries they consider most risky

The reality is that there is always a risk that we run daily in procedures and even in simple activities. But as we have seen before, fatal outcomes in cosmetic surgeries are not as expected as some believe. But you may wonder about the complications that can arise in the operating room or after the procedure.

Something important is that, when talking about risks, we refer to severe and not-so-serious complications, including those related to anesthesia, infections, hematomas, asymmetries, and even affectations in the cellular tissue or unsightly scars. In these, the risk of complications is around 5% likely. Taking this into account, some consider that among the riskiest plastic surgeries are the following:

  1. Abdominal dermolipectomy. This surgery aims to remove tissue and fat in the abdomen area. In some cases, bleeding or severe infection may occur, requiring opening, cleaning, and re-closing of the wound.
  2. Breast reduction. Although it is surgery with little demand, in the recovery process, keloids can occur, that is, excessive scar tissue growth. Also, there can be necrosis in the areola and nipple or infection. So, it requires corrective surgery.
  3. Facelift. Although facelift in Mexico is in high demand, a skilled and experienced surgeon must perform this procedure. And that stretching the skin can cause nerve damage, necrosis, or infection in some areas of the face.
  4. Liposuction. A fat aspiration technique is performed through this more invasive surgery, with a risk of bruising, infections, or pulmonary thromboembolism. This is in case a globule of fat travels through the bloodstream and clogs the lungs.
  5. BBL. The Brazilian butt lift is a technique where fat is removed from areas that are not desired and transplanted to the buttocks to increase its volume. But if the grafting technique is incorrect, it can cause serious problems such as thrombosis, strokes, or others.

What factors contribute to a higher or lower risk of plastic surgery?

Are you surprised by the list above? One of the surgeries you would like to undergo may be among the most dangerous. But before you get discouraged or discard it, you should know what factors can make even the most uncomplicated procedure deadly. By knowing what is involved, you can make decisions that allow you to choose safely. Next, we tell you what can cause the surgery to be riskier.

  • Physical condition

The ideal candidates for Mexico plastic surgery are those who possess a healthy and active lifestyle. Factors such as age, overweight and chronic diseases are not contraindicated, but they can increase the risks in the operating room. So, a good surgeon will perform a complete evaluation before approving you as a candidate.

  • Non-board-certified plastic surgeons

One of the biggest mistakes, especially in young people, is choosing a surgeon based on price rather than professional training. Many failed malpractice surgeries are caused by people posing as surgeons but not having the skills or equipment to act in emergencies. So, take enough time to get to know your surgeon.

  • Smokers

In short, the consumption mainly of smoking tobacco but also harmful substances is contraindicated for any surgery. Even when patients try to hide this habit from their doctor, they cause their healing process to be slow or complicated. But they are also at a higher risk than non-smokers as tobacco affects immune functions, blood circulation, and proper oxygenation in tissues.

  • Post-operative care

Have you already chosen one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico? Excellent, you are closer to getting the desired results, but remember that you are not enough. Patients have an essential responsibility to follow proper care after their surgery. This implies taking the indicated medication, correctly performing the cures, and not exposing yourself to the sun or pools. Thus, the possibility of infections will be much lower.

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia

Currently, the application of anesthesia is very safe. However, your doctor should consider your medical history, if you consume any current medication or supplement, or if you tend to have an allergic reaction. So, it’s vital to frankly provide your doctor with this vital information before your surgery. Thus, the application of anesthesia will be safer.

Mexico Plastic Surgery: Is it safe?—Where to go?

Did knowing this information help you? If you still have doubts and want to clear your mind to make a better decision, do not hesitate to write to the email [email protected] or call 858 779 2552 and contact an expert surgeon. Approach a network of doctors with vast experience and professionalism. Today, Mexico’s plastic surgery can offer excellent results if you put yourself in the right hands. Discover how others have achieved successful processes.

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