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Mommy Makeover in Mexico – What Do Celebrities Do to Recover Their Body After Pregnancy?

24 September, 2022

mommy makeover in Mexico

Jennifer Lopez, Georgina Rodriguez, and Shakira are just some of the celebrities who have two things in common: spectacular bodies, and they are mothers! Some go through procedures such as the mommy makeover in Mexico, while others choose not to go through the operating room. Even so, they usually achieve incredible results. You may have wondered more than once how it is possible. Is it just their genetics? Do they use cosmetic procedures? What’s their secret?

Mommy makeover in Mexico – 3 common challenges that can occur after childbirth

Motherhood is a stage of incredible changes, both personally and physically. Some decide to plan this moment in their life, while others experience it by surprise. And while each experiences unique things in her process, many of these changes are inevitable in every woman. Here are some common challenges after pregnancy:

  • Weight

Did you know that weight gain during pregnancy on average is19 to 28 pounds? Naturally, as months go by and the baby grows, the elements that increase in weight and size are the uterus, placenta, size of the breasts, accumulation of fat, and fluid retention. Of course, many celebrities have genetics in their favor. Still, significant factors to consider are the physical condition of each woman and the habits she maintains during the gestation period, which will influence how much weight she will gain.

  • Flaccidity

Immediately after delivery, weight loss is usually about 11 pounds counting the baby’s weight, placenta, and amniotic fluid. In the following days’ mothers continue losing weight, they begin losing the retained fluid, and along with this, most suffer the effects of drastic weight loss, such as sagging skin on the abdomen and stretch marks begin to be noticed as well as the breasts can look saggy or not very firm after the lactation stage.

  • Time

It is no secret that actresses, models, singers, and other celebrities live and work in an environment where physical appearance plays a vital role. In addition, the demand for work sometimes requires them to return to projects within a few weeks or months of giving birth. Therefore, effective methods are necessary to recover the body’s figure in the shortest possible time while enjoying their new stage as mothers.

Mommy makeover in Mexico – Breasts that look fantastic, how do they do it?

One reality is that looking spectacular after giving birth is not the fruit of chance. Many celebrities who enjoy their motherhood and at the same time want to look good get better results through the guidance of a personal trainer or coach. Not only after childbirth but before and during your pregnancy, having a personalized program that prepares your body for an effective recovery is extremely helpful.

Here we will talk about some standard methods that these experts apply, which can help you recover faster after childbirth:

  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Aesthetic treatments
  • Compression garments
  • Exercise

Having a good exercise routine is one of the most effective keys of the famous ones so that the effects of pregnancy are minimal. The practice of sports, Pilates, and other exercises allow the body to be better prepared for changes since they promote flexibility, prevent muscle stiffness, and allow muscles to recover more quickly. After childbirth, many usually resume their routine as soon as possible in a progressive manner.

It is worth mentioning that most celebrities choose to have a natural birth, which makes their recovery process faster. However, this is not possible in all cases. So, the exercise you can perform will depend on your process and the potential discomfort some exercises present. The good news is that the body has memory, so if exercise is part of your life, the process will be much easier.

  • Feeding

Food can be a determining factor in how the body changes in the face of pregnancy. Of course, it is a stage you should enjoy, and cravings are part of it. However, self-control is required to avoid indulging in foods with high caloric value and fats. With the guidance of nutritionists, many women in the artistic world maintain a balanced diet during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Although it is not advisable to make slimming or extreme diets, especially if you are in the lactation stage, a personalized, healthy, and nutritious feeding program is essential. Guided by nutrition experts, you can have a safe weight loss program. For example, experts recommend eliminating or reducing the consumption of carbohydrates from two in the afternoon and having protein-based dinners always cooked in the oven or grill.

  • Aesthetic treatments

Of course, plastic surgery is a major help if you want to recover your figure. This surgery aims to correct specific body areas in the same intervention, such as the abdomen, hips, and bust. Procedures like the mommy makeover in Mexico have turned out to be an excellent option for both celebrities and any woman who wants to look good in a short time.

It should be noted that not all women suffer the same effects after pregnancy. Genetics can significantly influence this, as some women gain more weight on the hips, others on the abdomen, etc. A crucial part of successful surgery is choosing the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. Thanks to their vast experience, they will help you select the best surgery for your specific needs.

  • Pressure garments

After childbirth, reaching the desired weight can take you longer than expected. Or even after undergoing plastic surgery in Mexico, your body will need to recover. The reality is that the body goes through a recovery process internally and externally, so each woman can experience a different development. For this, compression girdles and garments are great allies of all women.

Mommy makeover in Mexico. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Rachel McAdams, and Georgina Rodriguez have openly spoken out in favor of wearing these garments as part of their care after being a mother and as a way to make their body look better while they recover. Although it is advisable not to abuse pressure garments, their use is undoubtedly of immense help because they compress everything that has not returned to its place and hide the effects of sagging skin very well.

Is mommy makeover in Mexico the most accessible route?

Does plastic surgery mean I don’t need exercise and diet? A common mistake is to think that plastic surgeries are the most comfortable alternative and that they do everything for us.

Undergoing a mommy makeover in Mexico can help you recover much faster and improve the appearance of specific parts of your body that are a little stubborn. However, women who combine a healthy lifestyle and exercise can achieve better results.

The key is to have good habits before pregnancy and maintain them during pregnancy and lactation as well as choosing an experienced plastic surgeon to help you plan the best time for a mommy makeover. These procedures are recommended after the lactation period, 12 months after childbirth, or when you no longer plan to have children.

 You can also look fantastic after childbirth

Looking good and phenomenal is not only for celebrities. Every woman should enjoy the joys of being a mom without giving up on looking fabulous. You, too, can achieve incredible results! Discover how many women have achieved it thanks to the help of experts through the mommy makeover in Mexico. Call (858) 779 2552 or email us at [email protected] and take the first step to recover your figure.


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