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Surgical options for weight loss surgery in Mexico

10 November, 2019

weight loss surgery in Mexico

Currently, there are different options weight loss surgery in Mexico includded under the category of bariatric surgeries, treatments designed for obesity, one of the most worrying conditions in the country by the high percentage of the population that presents and health complications associated with it. There are different options for bariatric surgery, but all are aimed at weight loss to reduce complications associated with obesity, including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


If you are interested in knowing why it is so important to treat obesity and how it is possible through weight loss surgery, we invite you to continue reading, it will dedicate this publication to discuss the issue.

Understanding Obesity Beyond BMI

One of the most common criteria used to determine whether a person suffers from obesity is the body mass index, which may be suitable for identifying symptoms of excess weight, however, sometimes is not a reliable factor, it does not indicate the amount body fat accurately, so people with a high percentage of muscle mass could have a very high rate of muscle mass, the position within the obese range, despite not having too much fat.


To avoid such confusion examinations and tests to diagnose obesity are employed. In the office, you can expect the doctor to examine the background associated with weight loss surgery in Mexico, eating and physical activity habits, weight loss efforts that have been made and existing treatments used sufferings and ask questions about psychological factors that may influence weight, such as stress. Besides a general physical examination is performed, waist measurements are made, the BMI is calculated and can be displayed blood to measure the cholesterol, thyroid tests, liver function, and glucose, especially when detected risk for other diseases.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico for Obesity

Confirmed the diagnosis of obesity and determined the level of severity, the treatment that can offer the best results is recommended. As with other conditions, recommended starting treatments are conservative type and include changes in diet and physical activity habits, supported by a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a behavioral psychologist. It is also possible that some medications are prescribed for weight loss treatment and care always includes other conditions associated with obesity, the most common high blood pressure and diabetes.


When conservative treatment tools are not enough to lose weight, or if a high health risk for obesity is identified, specialists may recommend a weight loss surgery in Mexico bariatric, which is specially designed to limit the amount of food that can be eaten, to reduce calorie absorption or to achieve these two objectives aimed at weight loss surgery in mexico.

While bariatric surgery is an excellent treatment option, it is important to note that carrying it out does not mean that in a short time can lose a lot of weight and that the results will be maintained forever. To be a successful procedure, it is essential that medical recommendations for dietary habits and physical activity are followed, so only recommended to those who are willing to take a formal and responsible commitment to weight loss syrgery in mexico.

When Surgery Becomes an Option

There are different types of gastric surgeries and are most commonly performed gastric bypass, laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal and gastric sleeve Mexico. The choice of surgery performed depends on the characteristics of the disease and patient preferences you can choose from the recommendations made by the specialist. In gastric bypass surgery, a sack reduced in size in the upper stomach and connected to thin to not interrupt the nutrition intestine is made, allowing the bolus flow from the bag into the intestine directly, avoiding most stomach.


On the other hand, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding stomach separation is carried out to form two sacks, that using a cuff that works as a belt. By setting the band a channel between the two bags is done by regulating the amount of food that passes.

Moreover, with the BPD with duodenal part of the stomach is removed, the middle portion of the intestine is closed and finally connects the last portion of the intestine with the duodenum, which is the first part of the small intestine. Finally, the gastric sleeve procedure involves removing part of the stomach to create a smaller pouch, bringing food consumption is limited, an easier option and involves less risk than before.

Post-Surgery Lifestyle Changes

Some of the metabolic effects that surgical treatment options for obesity make are considered ancillary to treat diabetes, something to discuss in future posts in this blog. After the surgery should follow a series of special care to achieve weight loss and prevent the problem appears again. It is for this reason that changing habits are indicated, which operate jointly with bariatric surgery allow weight loss and maintain, reducing the likelihood of risk of developing other conditions such as those already mentioned. Similarly, it is recommended to follow a parallel treatment for all diseases diagnosed after a weight loss surgery in Mexico. This to improve the quality of life of patients and reduce complications.


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