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Penile Implant – Do They Work?

24 November, 2022

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Is it true that there is an implant that can increase penile length and girth? Many men interested in this question and about increasing the size of their penis have heard of penile implants. If these implants work, if this is true, then we must have a deeper dive into this subject to understand it, and if it works, then you could consider penile surgery.

But first, we must lose the shame regarding any male enhancement treatments. In reality, just like women get breast implants or buttocks lifts, there is nothing wrong with men wanting penile surgery. The penis is just another part of the human body, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed about reading this blog. Actually, you are clever by researching this topic on a trustworthy site instead of feeling ashamed of your own body and maybe resorting to phony methods or “medicine” that could hurt you.

In this blog, we would like to address some of the main questions about this procedure. We will try to answer the following questions:

What are Penile Implant?

The penile implant is a soft silicone medical-grade implant. This implant, which looks like a sleeve, goes around the penis. This implant aims to increase the length and girth of the penis. And, by the way, they are FDA-approved.

These implants are natural looking, and if needed, they can be removed. They don’t interfere with penile functions. In other words, they won’t interfere with the normal erection and strength of the penis.

Who is a candidate for penile implant?

This implant is recommended for men who desire to change the aesthetic of their penis. For example, it is recommended for men with indentations or irregularities of the penis and men with a retractile penis. Also, it could be an option for men who desire to increase the size of their penis.

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What are the physical requirements to get penile implant?

This is a fundamental question, so let’s try to answer it as clearly as possible. As with any surgery, several physical and psychological tests need to be done before getting this implant. And there should not be a shortcut for this step.

The doctor must confirm that the patient has not had any prior penile extension procedures. This surgery is recommended for patients without other penile surgeries since the results are more favorable for these types of patients.

Also, this surgery is recommended for men who are circumcised. So, if the patient is not circumcised, his doctor will need to examine him to check if he is a candidate or if he will need to get circumcised first.

The doctor will also check genital skin health, quality, and elasticity. Any anatomical abnormality, skin lesion, or scar tissue should be addressed since it could affect the results, thus making that patient not a suitable candidate for this surgery.

Penile Implant: What are the psychological requirements?

The doctor will need to check that the patient is in the right state of mind to undergo this procedure. One of the ways is by checking that the patient has reasonable expectations. For example, by asking, what size do you think your penis will be after surgery? Depending on the answer, the doctor can assess if the patient has realistic expectations or if his idea of a normal penis is distorted.

What are the results of penile implant?

From past patients and the medical research available, it has been found that men can increase the girth of their penis by nearly 57% from the original size. This is like 1.9 inches increase in the circumference of the penis.

Another recorded benefit is the increase in self-esteem and confidence. Almost 90% of men mention that now they feel more comfortable with their penis size. And this is one of the most significant benefits, that one feels comfortable with his skin and body. This is the right of every person!

What are the possible risks of penis enlargement surgery?

This procedure sounds excellent, right? Well, what about the negative side? What are the risks? Reports have shown that, in general, risks are pretty low. The reported side effects are the ones you would expect from surgery: inflammation, infection, and scarring. All these issues can be treated and solved with proper medical care and following the indications of the medical team.

Is penile surgery for you?

As we have seen, there are many positive things about penile implant. The research and the patients who have undergone this surgery speak very highly of it. Should you consider this surgery? How can you make a good decision about this?

One suggestion is to make sure that you select an expert doctor on this subject. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So, look for a surgeon with expertise in penile implants and penile surgery. In your initial consultation, ensure you thoroughly understand the subject and ask all the questions you have. Also, take advantage of this consultation to see if your doctor knows about this subject and if he has experience performing it.

We have a group of medical experts at Health and Wellness Bazar who can help you with these crucial decisions. We invite you to investigate our website and get to know our network of surgeons.

We collaborate with only the best doctors in the region. Before inviting a doctor to our network, we ensure that they comply with the highest standards and have the experience and knowledge of the plastic or cosmetic surgery they practice.

Penis surgery – Where to start?

Again, we congratulate you for doing your due diligence and researching this subject of male enhancement surgery. A confident man is a happy man. And your happiness will be reflected in your intimate, family, and professional life. So, it is not a matter to be taken lightly. If you want to know more about this subject or other male surgeries, we invite you to check the Health and Wellness Bazar website, where you will find more reliable information. Contact us now by calling (858) 779-2552 or emailing us at [email protected] to start this journey and get all the answers you need.

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