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How to Prepare for a Rhinoplasty?

16 April, 2019

A rhinoplasty in Mexico is cataloged as plastic surgery and may be performed perusing aesthetic or corrective objectives. When it is done with aesthetic goals in mind it is aimed at modifying the size and shape of the nose to create more harmonious facial features, or, to reconstruct the nose after an accident or illness. If on the other hand, corrective objectives are in mind, the modifications performed have corrective purposes as a goal, changes made serve the purpose of improving nasal functions and reducing any respiratory problems and others that may affect the patient´s quality of life.


How to prepare for a Rhinoplasty in Mexico?

That being said, whichever the desired goals by the patient and the surgeon are, nose tuck is an optional procedure. Whit this we mean to say people choose under their own free will to undergo this procedure. Even when a specialist recommends a nasal corrective surgery to treat these medical afflictions, in the end, the decision is up to the patient and being this a surgical procedure, it a decision that needs to be taken seriously.

This is the main reason that compelled us to share information about nose surgery and other surgeries in this space, because, with this information, our visitors who are considering undergoing any surgical procedure may help them to make up their mind and make a well-educated decision. Of course, you may consult a specialist, who is in charge of evaluating each case individually and make more adequate recommendations to obtain the best possible results.

A nose tuck, as any other surgery has several risk and complications involved. This shouldn´t be a reason to be frightened or avoiding the procedure. Except for some rare cases in which the process is not recommended is enough to implement some precautionary measures before and after the intervention to reduce any risk.

If the medical indications for surgery and post-op and recovery care are followed, there are fewer chances of hemorrhages and to develop infections or allergies, even though, it is essential keeping in mind that some secondary reactions may arise, which are entirely reasonable, and may generate a certain degree of discomfort, like pain and swelling.

This is due to the risks of going through a surgical procedure that we recommend you look for the best plastic surgeon in Mexico, he´ll make sure if the applicant is a good candidate or not for the surgery, and who ultimately indicates which measures need to be adopted to prepare for said surgery.

During the days and weeks before the surgery, the surgeon shall provide the specific steps the patient need to follow so the patient may achieve the forecast results in the least amount of time possible, and to reduce risk and complication. It is necessary to clear up, even though, there are general indications given to each patient; it is possible that the surgeon indicates some particular ones according to each patient’s state of health, age, and goals.

That is why the information mentioned here serves as a guide to give a broad idea of what a doctor can indicate, but by no means substitutes the instructions and care provided by a specialist.

The fist step-Rhinoplasty in Mexico

The first step for preparing for rhinoplasty in Mexico is to consulate a surgeon about the procedure, this is vital to make a decision, and we recommend you schedule an appointment with the tentative surgeon so you may meet him and check his experience and credentials before confirming surgery. While talking to the specialist who you have in mind to perform your operation, you may determine if both of you share objectives and if there is enough trust to leave him in charge of the surgery.

It is necessary for the doctor to explain details of the operation openly and, to take into account the patients desires for him to go through the realistic results that can be achieved with this process. Also, he should take into account the patient´s desired outcome, the surgeon examines the patient´s nose with care to explain the realistic options with what he has to work with and the surgical techniques he may employ.

It is recommended to go to the specialist with some examples of the desired goal, for example, pictures and magazine clippings so that the surgeon may have a more precise objective of that is you are looking for. The surgeon may take photos of your face and run a tridimensional simulation to show you the realistic possible results that may be achieved. Finally, after going through the medical history and an examination of your current state of health, he determines if you are a viable candidate for surgery.

Once the decision to go through with the process and the program is made the surgery is scheduled, the surgeon then provides you with the steps so you can prepare. Preparation allows getting everything in place and avoiding any problem on surgery day, and as mentioned before, instructions and care may vary from individual to individual. Generally, patients are asked not to take any aspirins, or any other medication which includes this component due to its anticoagulant properties, this increases the probabilities of bleeding out after surgery and makes it harder for scars to heal.

It is possible your doctor indicates you to take iron, vitamins C and E amongst other vitamins to strengthen the immune system and avoid illness, especially any infection. Before surgery, the surgeon usually speaks with the patients about the type of care he needs during this recovery period, which is vital so you may get ready with everything you need during this time.

It is advised checking if you have everything needed for the recovery process one day before surgery, this includes ice bags, bandages, and any healing material, as well as medication prescribed by the doctor to alleviate symptoms such as pain and swelling, which are normal after a nose tuck.

Making sure you have plenty of adequate food, you should opt for easily digestible food. The night before your surgery it is recommended to wash the face with anti-bacterial soap to reduce the risk of infection. It is essential to fast as prescribed by the doctor since some patients show signs of nausea after surgery. Proper rest is crucial, as so going to your doctor if any question arises regarding your operation or the recovery period.


Day of Rhinoplasty in Mexico

The day for of your plastic surgery in Mexico you must wash your face thoroughly with an antibacterial soap or solution, don´t wear any makeup in your skin or hair. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and go in fasting. In case no one is able to drive you to the hospital or clinic you´ll have to arrange adequate and safe means of transportation to drive you home.

You cannot drive immediately after this procedure, and because of the amount of resting you must take it is advised that you have the assistance of a family member, friend or certified caretaker to rely upon a few days after for domestic chores and meal preparation, due to the restricted amount of mobility the patient has.


Start your journey with a Rhinoplasty in Mexico

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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