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Safe Procedures with the Best Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana

10 June, 2022

plastic surgeons in Tijuana

If we talk about highly trained plastic surgeons, we have to talk about Health & Wellness Bazaar, where a group of highly experienced plastic surgeons is concentrated, who together and individually are part of the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana and Mexico. Just like world-class plastic surgeons, they are fully credentialed with the best training and knowledge in plastic surgery. They are in charge of performing aesthetic, restorative, and reconstructive surgeries.

The work of these medical professionals contributes to improving appearance and self-confidence, as well as improving the patient’s quality of life. World-class plastic surgeons in Tijuana go out of their way to answer all their patients’ questions. They are very specific in explaining the details, the type of anesthesia used, as well as the complications that could arise during and after plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery has a presence and remarkable development in major medical tourism destinations in the world and Latin America, such as Mexico. Thanks to the excellent work of its plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico has been classified as one of the best places in the world to perform plastic surgery. It is no coincidence that plastic surgery in Mexico is preferred by people who live in other countries, such as the United States, because it provides more accessible, reliable, and safe plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic surgery: reconstructive and aesthetic

Plastic surgery aims to correct and improve anomalies or physical or physiological alterations of congenital or acquired origin by repairing or replacing the body shape and proper functioning. It is also aimed at those healthy and emotionally stable people who want to change their physical appearance due to the non-conformity of their appearance.

Plastic surgery includes in its designs a large aesthetic part and as close as possible to the natural or normal shape of the body; the intention is to achieve a visibly attractive or good-looking result.

Plastic surgery can be divided into two fields of work:

  1. Reconstructive Surgery: Also known as “rehabilitative surgery.” It focuses on reconstructing or hiding the destructive effects of an accident or trauma, as well as the defects of a congenital malformation, among others. We can say that reconstructive surgery with surgical techniques helps restore a part of the body that is deformed or partially or totally lost. Below we will mention some areas or situations in which it is convenient to apply reconstructive surgery:
  • Craniofacial fractures
  • Congenital disabilities, for example, cleft lip and palate
  • Facial trauma
  • Burns
  • Degenerative diseases, for example, arthritis.

Benefits: Thanks to an excellent reconstructive surgery, the defective parts of the body return to their almost original position, achieving better aesthetics and function.

  1. Cosmetic surgery: also known as “cosmetic surgery.” Its purpose is to correct and/or modify the parts of the body that are not entirely satisfactory for the patient, to adjust them, or approach the socio-cultural parameters of beauty. The most requested aesthetic procedures are facials, with a particular interest in eyelids, nose, and areas that reflect aging.

For example:

  • Rhinoplasty allows you to reshape the nose, achieving greater symmetry and harmony with facial features, while restoring a healthy breathing ability.
  • Facelift helps reaffirm the loose and wrinkled areas of the face to provide a youthful and smooth appearance.

Some patients seek to improve the abdominal area or give a better appearance to parts of the body such as the bust, buttocks, arms, and legs. It is vitally important that experts carry out the work to obtain the best results before and after plastic surgery.

Where to undergo plastic surgery in Mexico safely?

Find the Best Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we put at your service the best specialized and certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana with the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to carry out a reconstructive or aesthetic plastic surgery procedure.

Our services are highly specialized with a high standard of quality and safety. We are highly committed to providing patients with an experience with satisfactory results. As if that were not enough, we are always searching for excellence and innovation. We do not stop improving each of our processes to make them more fluid and straightforward.

All our plastic surgeons in Tijuana have been trained in prestigious medical institutions around the world and are guided by the most up-to-date international standards. Moreover, they are up to date with the latest and most innovative medical treatments to perform any type of plastic surgery, and we also have the most advanced technology.

plastic surgery in Mexico

Those who have chosen Health & Wellness Bazaar to assess their services have obtained a high quality and safety standard with competitive costs. Our patients have expressed their satisfaction with the facilities, the medical staff, and the procedure. But above all, the results obtained after the process have allowed them to achieve an enhanced appearance that improves their quality of life and their relationships and performance on a business, professional, and social level.

After conducting an extensive search for plastic surgery, a patient found our medical staff confident enough to undergo liposuction. He commented that “the entire process was significantly smooth and straightforward, and he is happy with the progress.” That is just one of the many experiences that contribute to the broad recommendation of our services.

If you are thinking of undergoing plastic surgery, whether for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, but you still have doubts, contact us, and we will gladly resolve all your doubts and/or questions. You can ensure safer work with extraordinary results through good planning and communication. You can rest assured knowing that we have the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana and Mexico to achieve our mission.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we want to be part of enhancing your beauty as well as improving your quality of life. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling (858)779-2552 or emailing us at [email protected].


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