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Skin Removal Surgery vs. Toning Without Surgery

28 July, 2022

Happy to lose weight but don’t know how to deal with excess skin? Sagging skin is a more common problem than you might think. For many, skin removal surgery in Mexico is one of the best alternatives, while others prefer not to go through the scalpel.

That’s why today we’ll discuss this dilemma’s pros and cons. But first, let’s start talking about why we do not always get the desired results when losing weight. That happens because, when being a massive weight loss, the skin does not usually get the necessary time or the ability to re-adapt to the body.

This process can be similar to when you inflate and deflate a balloon. The more air it has, the greater stretch it will present when it deflates. Similarly, in the bariatric center of Mexico that works with people suffering from obesity, it has been proven that the greater the weight loss, the less ability the skin will have to return to its natural shape or tone.


How you can avoid sagging skin

The abdomen, arms, and buttocks are the areas of the body where more excess skin usually occurs after a significant weight loss. In the search for solutions, some people have tried everything. From remedies, conventional methods, and surgery. Today we will talk about the 4 most common ways to avoid sagging skin:

  1. Skin removal surgery in Mexico
  2. Exercise routine
  3. Good hydration
  4. Specialized therapies


  • Skin removal surgery in Mexico

Skin removal surgery in Mexico is a surgical intervention aiming to improve the appearance and remove excess skin and fat, mainly in the abdomen. In some cases of severe or morbid obesity, the sagging skin can reach up to the thighs, causing skin infections or joint pain.

Now, through plastic surgery, it is possible to remove excess skin from other body parts. Depending on how drastic your weight loss has been, an expert surgeon may recommend liposuction, abdominoplasty, arm or thigh lift, or facelift.

  • Exercise routine

If you want to tone your skin through exercise, you will need a rigorous and consistent training plan. Abs, planks, and squats are some of the basic toning exercises, as well as elastic bands and dumbbells.

In some cases, it can also be beneficial to have the help of a personal trainer in a gym if you want to know how to focus on toning some specific areas. Usually, it is recommended to have between 4 to 6 weekly training sessions. These sessions can consist of 45 to 60 minutes.

  • Good hydration

During weight loss and after it, good hydration is essential to provide the skin with the necessary elements to promote its elasticity. That should start from the inside, through a balanced diet rich in vitamin C and E, as well as fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and drinking plenty of water.

Similarly, dermal moisturizers can help improve the external appearance of your body. They can provide properties such as collagen, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and others that favor the production of elastin and collagen. However, it is essential to know that there is no miracle product or that some specialized creams can be super helpful and have a miraculous moisturizing or regenerating effect in the medium or long term.

  • Specialized therapies

Some consider massages to be an excellent way to combat sagging. It is believed that an intense modeling massage can promote muscle tone. Lymphatic drainage is a way to eliminate fluid retention, reduce swelling and stimulate blood circulation.

Similarly, some techniques such as radiofrequency or electrostimulation stimulate collagen production, accelerate blood flow, or destroy fat cells. Although it is worth mentioning that these methods do not provide quick results.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of toning the skin without surgery?

Advantages of toning the skin without surgery:

  • The monetary investment is lower

Compared to skin removal surgery in Mexico the cost of a monthly gym, cream, or even specialized therapy can be much lower. However, it is worth mentioning that methods without surgery do not offer great immediate results. It is usually necessary to attend several therapies or the continuous use of products, so in the long run, it is necessary to consider that the cost increases.

  • Not only do you tone up, but you strengthen the body

Investing in a good diet and constant physical activity is ideal for losing weight, toning, and maintaining good health. The immune system is strengthened, the respiratory capacity converts fat into muscle mass, and the bones gain greater resistance. Also, exercise will allow you to keep your weight stable.

Disadvantages of toning the skin without surgery:

  • It doesn’t work in cases of drastic weight loss

Methods without surgery are recommended to prevent sagging skin and in those cases where only a few pounds have been lost. In those cases of severe or morbid obesity, removing sagging skin is much more complex. Age and drastic weight loss make it almost impossible for the skin to acquire elasticity naturally.

  • Some parts of the body are not so easy to work

Each person’s genetics and conditions influence how the skin regenerates. Some usually have a concentration of sagging skin in only one area of the body and can work with some types of exercise. In contrast, other parts such as the jowls or the folds in the arms and hip are much more difficult to remove without surgery.

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What are the pros and cons of skin removal surgery in Mexico?

Advantages of skin removal surgery in Mexico:

  • It improves aesthetics and mobility.

Skin removal surgery in Mexico is an excellent alternative to molding and creating a harmonious asymmetry in the body. In addition, removing excess skin can help eliminate joint pain caused by your weight and incredibly promote the mobility of people.

  • It treats specific areas.

You can choose which area of your body you want to work on through plastic surgery. In fact, at the bariatric center of Mexico, with the help of an expert plastic surgeon, you can discuss in advance what you want to achieve and have a projection of the possible results.

  • Its results can be optimized.

In addition to the fact that surgery provides strong results, it is vital to keep in mind that, over time, people can improve and optimize the results. You have the option to continue shaping your physical figure with good nutrition, exercise, and regenerating creams.

Disadvantages of skin removal surgery in Mexico:

  • Cost

Are you afraid that the cost will be too high? Since it is considered major surgery, having the best specialists and hospital centers is necessary, which almost always means paying the expense out of your pocket. However, medical tourism in Mexico is an excellent option for many that allow having surgeries of the best quality at a lower price than in the US.

  • Scars

In many cases, those who want to undergo surgery must decide between removing excess skin or having a permanent scar. Scars may be extended and visible in some areas. Depending on the surgeon’s technique and the patient’s skin type, these can be bulging or flat and may fade over time.

A decision that can make your life easier

The fact of undergoing skin removal surgery in Mexico does not mean taking the easy route. Instead, it is one of the most effective alternatives. If you want to know how this procedure is performed, we invite you to approach one of the Health & Wellness Bazaar specialists. You can call (858) 779 2552 or email us at and get a medical consultation with the best experts.

Skin Removal Surgery in Mexico

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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