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Tijuana Plastic Surgery – The Best Medical Tourism Destination

1 September, 2022

Tijuana plastic surgery

A sharper nose, breast augmentation, liposculpture, and eyelid or neck correction are some of the most requested cosmetic surgeries. Tijuana Plastic Surgery has become a favorite place for medical treatment for many patients as surgeons work in operating rooms equipped with advanced technology and minimally invasive surgical equipment to help reduce patient recovery times.

Mexico is one of the leading health tourist destinations worldwide. It frequently receives patients of different nationalities to request medical services, among which plastic surgery stands out. The solid growth of plastic surgery in Tijuana is due to factors such as geographic location, investments in private hospitals, infrastructure, and advanced technology equipment.

It is normal to worry about your safety and want to know how safe Tijuana is for plastic surgery treatment. But we can say that Tijuana is a safe place and the favorite place for many patients to undergo Tijuana plastic surgery. Additionally, patients and staff can be excellent sources of information to answer your questions.

Why is Tijuana the favorite place for plastic surgery?

Tijuana receives many patients from different countries, including the United States and Canada. Why do many choose Tijuana to undergo plastic surgery? Because they find this city a valuable opportunity to receive high-quality medical care since they are attended by certified doctors and specialists and have innovative clinics equipped with the latest technology.

Plastic surgery is one of the most requested in Mexico. And it has become so popular due to the new technological advances that make the procedures, in some cases, not require hospitalization, large fissures, long disabilities, or high doses of anesthetics. Feeling and looking good has gone from being a whim to becoming a priority among men and women.

In Tijuana Plastic Surgery, in addition to saving time and money, you get more benefits such as:

  • High-quality services
  • Advanced technology to improve surgical treatments and procedures
  • Highly qualified medical specialists, many with postgraduate studies at the best universities in the United States

Why is Tijuana plastic surgery the favorite place? One reason is the growing limitations of health insurance in other countries. Many have stopped providing or including services that would otherwise be excessively high. Tijuana has become the favorite place for thousands of foreign visitors.

Many patients have trusted and taken advantage of the tremendous medical offer in the region, both for its affordable prices and the variety of packages that include lodging and transportation. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have designed all-inclusive packages with world-class facilities. The service is personalized with immediate attention; the best specialists and surgeons provide medical care.

Tijuana plastic surgery: reconstructive and aesthetic

Tijuana plastic surgery aims to correct and improve anomalies or physical alterations of congenital or acquired origin by repairing or replacing the body shape and proper functioning. It also helps healthy and emotionally stable people who want to change their physical appearance due to the non-conformity of their looks.

Plastic surgery can be divided into two fields of work:

Reconstructive surgery: Seeks to correct anomalies of congenital, acquired, tumor, or evolutionary origin that require repair or replacement of body shape and function.

We can say that reconstructive surgery with surgical techniques helps restore a part of the body that is deformed or partially lost.

Below are some areas or situations in which it is convenient to apply reconstructive surgery:

  • Fractures of the facial skull
  • Congenital malformations, for example, cleft lip and palate
  • Facial injuries
  • Burns
  • Degenerative diseases

Cosmetic surgery: A procedure in which one or several body parts are reshaped to reduce signs of aging or improve a person’s appearance. Its purpose is to correct and modify the features of the body that are not entirely satisfactory for the patient, to adjust them or bring them closer to the sociocultural parameters of beauty.

Surgeons can shape or correct the appearance of certain parts of the body through cosmetic surgery. Some of the body parts that people most commonly want to improve through surgery include:

  • Breasts: increase or decrease their size
  • Ears: reduce their size or bring them closer to the head protruding ears
  • Eyes: eliminate bags under the eyes or correct the drooping of the upper eyelid
  • Face: remove facial wrinkles or acne scars
  • Hair transplants: fills in bald spots
  • Nose job: change and improve its shape
  • Abdomen: reduce its size and tighten it

Tijuana plastic surgery: solution to aesthetic and health problems

Plastic surgery helps improve the quality of life of people. It is the solution to aspects that cause complexes and affect self-esteem. We live in a society where physical appearance is one of the fundamental aspects of any field. Plastic Surgery in Tijuana is the remedy to these problems when the person has not been able to accept her body. We manage to improve their self-confidence and, consequently, their work, personal and social life.

These types of interventions are usually necessary to solve health problems. For example, rhinoplasty in Mexico, one of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments, helps improve a person’s breathing. However, the benefits of plastic surgery are not always related to physical appearance or mood.

Thanks to plastic and reconstructive surgery, it is possible to repair areas of the body that have been damaged. People who have suffered accidents or are obese can be given another chance so that their consequences or ailments are not lifelong.

Make good plans and choose the best medical tourism destination!

Tijuana Plastic Surgery aims to help revitalize physical appearance and self-image and improve self-esteem. Our commitment is to improve your health and physical appearance through the highest quality plastic surgery procedure. If you make good plans and choose our services, you will have made one of the best decisions.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we want to be part of improving your physical beauty and emotional well-being. Feel free to schedule a FREE consultation by calling at (858)779-2552 or email us at [email protected].


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