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Plastic Surgery in the Time of COVID-19

24 April, 2020

A few months ago, the word COVID or coronavirus was unknown by many. Now, however, it is all too common in our everyday conversations. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we want you to stay safe, and we continue to take good care of our current and future patients of Tijuana plastic surgery. What can you do to keep your spirits up and stay healthy during the lockdown?


Staying motivated, fit, and healthy

There are specific things that you can do in order to feel good about yourself while you wait to undergo plastic surgery in Mexico. For example, you can dye your own hair, or you can follow a meditation session with a professional on YouTube. Let’s now discuss three ways in which you can stay motivated and healthy.

1.- Make the Time

Jim Vance, a San Diego-based coach, says that a great way to keep each other motivated is setting a virtual race on Strava with your friends.  Also, don’t underestimate how important it can be just to arrange a time to meet up with friends and family using video conferencing. He gives good advice on being disciplined with the use of your time. He assures us that stress will, in fact, destroy fitness. Therefore, let’s make sure to set aside time to work out. It’s normal to be super busy with demands and worry about the things needed in the house, and at the same time, watch or home-school your kids.

Remember, though, what they say on airplanes: “First put your own mask on, then you can assist others.” If you want to be there for everyone else, you need to focus on making sure you are in good shape, and that requires you to be healthy and fit. Your health and your fitness should be a priority; as a result, you will be able to better help all in this situation. If it seems almost impossible to do so during the day, just get up earlier than everyone! You won’t regret it.

2.- Resetting Your Goals

Rache Joyce, who is a multiple Ironman champion and coach, has suggested setting short-term goals that aren’t too difficult but will keep you moving forward. For example, you can do a 14-day long goal of running for 30 minutes, or you can do 10 push-ups or squats every time you wash your hands.

She assures us that this is more about healthy well-being than being fit. Try to make the challenges fun and enjoyable even including the kids if you can. She says, “I’ve got a three-year-old son, Archie, he does with me my daily strength routine, and although his push-ups might not be great, he enjoys it and loves counting my repetitions!”

3.- Work on Your Weak Areas

Dede Griesbaur coaches 10 age-group athletes and who is in the process of preparing for the 2020 race season, thinks this is a perfect time, and a great opportunity to work on your weaknesses. She comments: “We were all already in the mindset of the race season being upon us, but now it seems that we are back in an uncertain offseason. However, this provides an excellent opportunity to clean up your form, work on your mobility, and even strengthen your mental game.

A lot of people went to gyms and pools to find a sense of community, but now that they close, we should replace that feeling by having an online community, perhaps through some online apps. Some of those closed gyms are running some online classes, which is a great way to find inspiration and motivation by working out with others.


Tijuana Plastic Surgery: What Can I do if I had a plastic surgery scheduled?

We realize that it is crucial for our patients to continue with their plans to have Tijuana plastic surgery. Such a procedure not only increases a person’s self-esteem, but it also enhances a full and healthy lifestyle. With the increasing measures of stay home, also comes a growing desire to go back to normal life.

We continue to monitor the situation to stay up to date and follow strictly all the instructions given by the Health Departments both in the US and Mexico. Regardless of the specific instructions for each city, since we provide medical treatment, we have strict hygiene protocols in place. These protocols will stay in effect long after the pandemic slows down. Some of the precautions we take at our medical centers for Tijuana plastic surgery, and other procedures are:

  • Increased hand sanitizer stations around the premises.
  • We have implemented a time gap between appointments to disinfect and sanitize all equipment needed for treatments and rooms for consultations and surgeries.
  • We have created larger gaps between chairs in the waiting area to keep the recommended social distancing (1.5m).
  • All frequently touched areas are disinfected and sanitized regularly. This includes, but, reception desk and reception area, coffee station, coffee tables, door handles, phones, bathrooms, and treatment areas.
  • We have provided disposable cups for beverages
  • We have various signs urging all patients to wash and sanitize their hands frequently.


Tijuana Plastic surgery: Take the step to a new you

The pandemic has brought a new norm: We see ourselves much more. A few months ago, we would never have thought this would be possible. Just by looking we in the mirror once or twice and keeping a goof picture for profile was enough. However, in the past few weeks, almost everyone has been staring at their faces more frequently with the use of Skype, FaceTime, and video conferences in Zoom or

Of course, these things are not as important as staying safe and keeping a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown. However, staying isolated has made a lot of people concerned about the way they look, especially if their job is linked in some way to their looks and appearance. Tijuana plastic surgery not only gives high-quality procedures in this regard, but they are also much more affordable compared to the US and Canada.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are eager to support our patients with all their doubts, fears, and expectations, especially during these uncertain times. We are a team made up of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and medical professionals with excellent credentials, people skills and extensive training and experience. If you would like us to support you on your path towards a youthful and healthy appearance, call us now at (858) 779-2552 or request a free quote.

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