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Types of nose Rhinoplasty

26 October, 2019

Earlier in the Health & Wellness Blog Bazaar dedicated several publications to discuss the benefits that can be enjoyed with a rhinoplasty in Mexico by a certified surgeon and experienced Similarly we discuss some generalities of the techniques used to perform surgery, the type of preparation for the procedure and the care usually recommended for best possible results after operation and reduce the risk of complications. This time we will play another topic of interest to those considering a nose job done: the types of the nose, something that both those who are to operate for aesthetic purposes and for those requiring a rhinoplasty to improve the performance of your nose they should know.

In aesthetic rhinoplasty changes the shape, size, and position of the nose relative to the face to give greater harmony to the face and for best results, it is essential to hire the services of a certified surgeon with expertise in conducting surgeries nose. But not only this is important, but you also need an idea of ​​the results to be obtained and therefore it is recommended to go with references, for example, photographs or magazine clippings are taken as an example of what you want to obtain. From this and assessing how the current nose and symmetry of the face, the surgeon will determine the best option and will take care of the design and determine what type of surgery is the most convenient and, in some cases.

Many patients seeking rhinoplasty have nose bumps or humps, which is referred to as a camel nose and which is usually applied rhinoplasty filed easel. In this type of nose, looking profile bulging that may result from injury or is perceived to be a genetic surgical technical issue and aims, in these cases, reduce the cartilage of the nasal bridge for a nose straight. Bulbous nose tip is another type of nose that many patients want to change shape. It is identified by a ball at the tip which makes it look rounded and modify changes in cartilage that is below the tip of the nose are made. In the case of the nose with the tip uneven plastic surgery in Mexico Nose usually, focus on changing the tip of the nose to give greater symmetry. In this type of nose, sides are uneven, since one is larger than the other, that their position is higher or any of the nostrils is twisted towards some direction. These differences are caused by the state of the cartilage and can occur genetically or as a result of an injury.

Another type of nose that leads a person interested in a surgical procedure for modification is a crooked nose, which is corrected by a technique called septoplasty. A crooked nose is characterized by a tilt to one side of the face surpassing the midline, creating an overall picture of asymmetry. In this type of nose, nasal bone or the nasal septum are not aligned at right angles to the midline of the face and like some of the above, there may be genetic factors or as a result of the injury. It is quite common for people with this type of nose to present some problems at the functional level, so a rhinoplasty could in such cases, also have corrective goals to improve health.

When the nose sticks out too much of the face, giving the appearance of large, there is the talk of a projected nose, which can be changed by an increase in raising the bridge of the nose or modify the tip of the nose, as in usually this type of nose causes the tip looks irregular. The opposite of this type of nose is called a depressed or flat nose, which is sunken in the face by the small size of the nasal bridge. This nose can occur from birth or previous surgeries and to correct our cartilage implant which fills the bridge is used.

On the other hand, we find the wide nose, big nose, and small nose, which are genetic traits that often cause discomfort to those who have or are the result of diseases that affect functionally and aesthetically modified. In cases of large alignment and wide nose cartilage to change the dimension serves, while the small nose implants are placed to increase the volume of the nose. The snub nose other commonly subjected to surgical modifications. Although such noses are those usually seek to undergo a nose, those who are genetically or previous surgeries may present discomfort when it is too snub because it looks natural, and in these cases, the rhinoplasty in Mexico seeks to give a more natural appearance.

The long noses are treated with reducing underlying cartilage, skin eliminating the nostrils or by shortening the septum. Meanwhile, noses that have wide nostrils are modified with the removal of tissue in the nasal passages to reduce its width and length, which generally gives a smaller appearance nose although other changes are not made on the bridge or partition.

Because they know the type of existing noses easier to identify which presents and get an idea of ​​the procedure to be followed to modify it. As mentioned, it is suggested that the surgeon visual reference to the type of nose you want to get but it is important to note that there are no perfect noses and even though a person a kind of nose you look good, by the way, his face may not be the best choice for you and best plastic surgeon in Mexico present other options.

Trusting design surgeon is very important and therefore we recommend choosing the services of the team of the Health & Wellness team with extensive experience in Bazaar rhinoplasty in Mexico. If you wish to make an appointment or request more information about our services, we invite you to contact us, for us will be a pleasure to serve them.


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