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Ultimate Guide for a Rhinoplasty in Mexico Recovery

11 June, 2022

Rhinoplasty in Mexico

Deciding to undergo rhinoplasty in Mexico will contribute to boosting your nose appearance. In addition, if you have difficulty breathing correctly or have suffered from a nose injury, this procedure will help you improve your well-being. For that reason, it is not a light matter to contemplate turning to this beneficial procedure.

Several patients who have opted for this plastic surgery feel completely satisfied with the outcome, surpassing all their expectations. Of course, they feel more confident about themselves and joyful because of having a better look at their nose. However, undergoing Tijuana Plastic Surgery is only the starting point of your journey.

Please discover what you will encounter during your healing process and the most valuable tips for enjoying the best achievement toward your nose and avoiding needing this procedure to be performed more than once.

We will consider the following 10 recommendations:

  1. Maintaining the swelling down
  2. Abstain from anti-inflammatory medicaments
  3. Do not consume painkillers and other medication without having your surgeon’s instructions
  4. Have enough rest and proper recovery
  5. Stroll around and walk
  6. Bathe instead of having a shower
  7. Keep a healthy diet and drink sufficient water
  8. Evade blowing your nose
  9. Avoid spicy food
  10. Post-surgical revision is vital


1.      Maintaining the swelling down

It can be helpful to utilize an ice or cooling pack to decrease swelling can help soothe and diminish pressure and inflammation in the area that was treated. That will be vital in the first days after your rhinoplasty in Mexico. The cool temperature will refrain from the bloodstream to that part of your nose, lower the swelling, and permit your nose to recover faster.

2.      Abstain from anti-inflammatory medicaments

Unless your plastic surgeon instructs you to do so, you must refrain from anti-inflammatories because they can provoke swelling and increase your blood circulation, leading to bleeding or delaying the healing process. We recommend talking with your surgeon beforehand about this type of medication, even before consuming any of this in your recovery.

3.      Do not consume painkillers and other medication without having your surgeon’s instructions

Feeling discomfort or pain will be usual during the first weeks after your surgery. Therefore, you will be prescribed by your plastic surgeon precisely the medications you will need for proper healing and the specific doses you will require. It will decrease the discomfort and avoid interfering or provoking any severe reactions that would obstruct your curing period.

4.      Have enough rest and proper recovery Rhinoplasty in Mexico

The less exhausting or demanding activity you have, the better! Your body will require your vitality to heal appropriately. You should avoid specific exercises or sports where hitting your nose could happen to prevent any injury or stress during this time.

5.      Stroll around and walk

Walking contributes to better circulation in your body and will help the fluid to move and your nose cure. It will also help lower your stress levels and, at the same time, prevent inflammation and fluid accumulation in your body. Incremented breathing and moderate heart rate growth provide more oxygen flowing in your anatomy, which is excellent for healing.

6.      Keep a healthy diet and drink sufficient water

Having virtuous habits such as a balanced and nutritious diet and drinking water will help you recover quicker and feel much better in a little while. Healthy eating provides your body with what it requires to restore and heal. On the other hand, drinking water and enough liquids speed the healing process by eliminating the anesthetic toxins and decreasing the infection probability. It permits oxygen and nutrients to arrive at the tissues adequately and wound drainage.

7.      Evade blowing your nose – Rhinoplasty in Mexico

If structures are placed into your nose for support while undergoing rhinoplasty in Mexico, blowing your nose could damage them and cause them to dislodge or shift. It can injure the inside of your nose, undermine your recovery, or irritate you. If you have drainage, it is not a problem to have a delicate dabbing or wiping in your nose.

8.      Avoid spicy food

It is better to stay away from peppery and hot food to prevent nose and sinuses irritation. Spicy meals can provoke blood vessel dilatation, increment inflammation, and bruising in the initial stages of your recovery. Refraining from this type of food will impede your nose from running, swelling, or irritation.

9.      Post-surgical revision is vital – Rhinoplasty in Mexico

You can rest assured that you will achieve the best outcome for your nose job in Mexico since you will be in the hands of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons in Tijuana. In addition, you will have some medical appointments to follow up on the operation and make sure you have proper healing. These appointments will ensure everything goes as it has to and that the splints and bandages are eliminated correctly or replaced if needed.

Therefore, attending your post-operation itinerary and following your plastic surgeon’s instructions is essential. Remember, he wants you to enjoy the best surgery results and make you feel more beautiful and confident with your new nose look.

10.  Are you prepared for your recovery? Rhinoplasty in Mexico

Once you have learned some vital things and steps you need to take for your recovery period, do not wait longer! Start preparing for this life-changing journey by undergoing rhinoplasty in Mexico. It will boost your appearance significantly. If you suffer from breathing issues or have been affected by an injury, you will contemplate the magnificent benefits it will bring to your health.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico are waiting for you to help you reach the nose of your dreams and improve your quality of life. Please, do not hesitate to turn to the experts for needed attention. Therefore, you can approach us by calling us at (858) 779-2552 or emailing us at [email protected]. We will gladly assist you with inquiries regarding this fantastic procedure.


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