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Can Your Health Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

16 September, 2022

Being in control, feeling protected, or gaining a sense of trust are some associated terms when someone thinks about taking out health insurance. Financial backing is a way to care for your future and your family. And those who undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico know that health and the future are closely related.

Solving obesity in time can be one of the best investments for your present and future health. However, bariatric surgeries are a treatment that is effective when you receive the proper follow-up until you achieve your weight loss goal. For this reason, knowing how to finance the surgery and what the treatment entails during the following months is of great interest. Discover the position of some health insurance in this regard.

What are the primary medical services covered by insurance?

Health insurance aims to help you handle emergencies, sudden injuries, and other illnesses that can arise suddenly. Having financial support at such times can relieve you of tension and anxiety caused by finances. This way, focus your attention on your physical well-being or family.

In addition, many of them give you the freedom to choose the medical center, a bariatric surgeon in Mexico of your trust, or other specialists to improve service quality or receive faster care. Below, we show you an overview of what insurance can consider within its services. It is worth mentioning that these conditions may vary from one company to another or from one country to another.

Basic medical assistance:

  • Ground ambulance shipment.
  • Home Nursing Services.
  • Medical guidance via telephone.
  • Routine laboratory studies.
  • Dental service.
  • Ophthalmological service.
  • Chronic disease control medication.
  • Nutritional counseling, prevention, or weight control plans.

Coverage of basic surgeries:

  • 48 hours of hospitalization.
  • The partial or total cost of certain surgeries.

Major expenses:

  • Open heart surgery
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Organ transplantation
  • Brain surgeries
  • Spine surgery


Some companies may have specific exclusions you should know before taking out a policy. Among the most common exclusions are the treatment of congenital or pre-existing diseases, self-harm, plastics surgery, experimental treatments, lesions caused by events where the holder is the provocateur, among others

Medical insurance and bariatric surgeries

Can health insurance cover 100% of a weight loss surgery in Mexico? In some cases, yes. In others, it will only cover a part. Many other insurers do not cover bariatric treatment expenses. Why? Everything depends on the type of policy you have contracted and each company’s criteria.

Many insurance companies do not consider bariatric surgery within their expense coverage. Because it is expensive, surgery has aesthetic objectives, or obesity is simply not considered a priority disease. In many cases, insurers can send an evaluator to analyze your case through a medical report and determine if it will partially or fully cover the expense.

It is possible that weight loss surgery in Mexico may be only covered under some specific conditions. For example, if your policy belongs to a community, that is, you are part of the insurance through a company or institution. Or, if you have certain seniority and currently suffer from morbid obesity, it can be considered an acquired disease.

What is the best way to pay for bariatric surgery?

Before taking out health insurance, evaluating the costs, type of coverage, and additional benefits is essential. And if you already have insurance, analyze in detail the policy to know what it covers and what expenses it does not cover. In some cases, you may even appeal a denial of your request for bariatric surgery. Also, the laws of some states can be used in your favor as long as you have good medical backing.

But what if your health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of surgery? In that case, you must pay for it on your own. But all is not lost! There are two practical options:

  • Medical tourism

If you live in a country where medical expenses are high, medical tourism offers you the option of traveling to another country where you can get high-quality medical service at a much more comfortable cost in your pocket. For example, there is currently a large influx from the US and Canada to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Due to currency exchange, you can save up to 80% on expenses. For example, the gastric sleeve in Mexico can cost $8,450, while in the US, it costs $28,700, in Thailand $13,636, and in Costa Rica $10,500. Imagine it. You can start your bariatric treatment without the need to go into debt for a lifetime.

  • Financing

The reality is that our medical needs and financial capacity are often not aligned on many occasions. Or you may be unable to dispose of your savings at the moment. Back then, the second big option is to choose a company that offers medical financing at a low-interest rate.

Companies like LendingUSA offer all kinds of loans with the best terms and comfortable interest rates. Once your medical condition is assessed, the qualification process is usually simple and quick. With sound financial planning, your treatment can be paid monthly in small payments, and you do not need to postpone your treatment.

Come and get to know the all-inclusive packages of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Currently, undergoing a gastric sleeve in Mexico or any other bariatric surgery should not be considered a luxury but a necessity. Obesity can compromise the health of those who suffer from it in the short and long term, so it is a priority to choose an effective solution such as bariatric surgery.

Did you know that more and more people are successfully losing weight and improving their quality of life? Thanks to Health & Wellness Bazaar’s incredible all-inclusive packages, patients can take the burden off the burden of making significant expenses and focusing on their health. If you want to know more about weight loss surgery in Mexico and the fantastic options for financing any procedure, contact us at (858) 779 2552 or email [email protected].

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