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What Are Arm Lift in Tijuana Scars Like?

23 May, 2022

Do you not like the look of your arms? No matter how hard you try,  you can’t tone them? Do you want to have beautiful arms and feel free to show them off? If the answer to these questions is yes, then an arm lift in Tijuana may be the solution you are looking for.

Thanks to Tijuana plastic surgery, today, it is possible to solve those minor defects that we do not like about ourselves. This incredible procedure is helping many to achieve the figure they want. However, when considering surgery, many are concerned about the appearance of the scars. That is why today we will tell you how this procedure is performed.

Advantages of an arm lift in Tijuana

The passage of age or drastic weight loss is a common factor that can cause sagging or excess skin on the arms. Thanks to the arm lift in Tijuana, it is possible to correct the flaccid appearance of this area of ​​the body, thus helping patients to enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Improve your image

Yes, for many, improving the appearance of the arms is one of the main reasons that motivates them to undergo this procedure. It can give you back the confidence to be able to wear an outfit showing off your arms and dress for summer without fear.

  1. Greater mobility

Do you find it difficult to perform some tasks due to excess skin? This is a common problem for many patients who have undergone major bariatric weight loss. Therefore, by removing excess fat and skin, they gain greater freedom of movement, making it easier to perform daily activities and thus making them more self-sufficient.

  1. Body harmony

For many, losing arm fat can be a challenge. When we start to lose fat, the body usually does it all over. There are areas, like the arms, where it is more challenging to tone them naturally. Add to that the fact that with age, the skin loses elasticity. These advantages make the arm lift in Tijuana the best option to achieve harmony between the arms and the rest of your body.

Arm Lift in Tijuana – What do arm lift scars look like?

Usually, in a Brachioplasty, the incision is made in the lower arm so that the scar is not exposed, but the incision is still visible. However, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico always seek to apply delicate techniques to make fine or even almost imperceptible incisions.

After a professional evaluation, your surgeon will determine which procedure is best. He will consider your specific case, your skin’s elasticity, and the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. Because the results may vary slightly depending on the technique applied, the surgeon will choose the best one for you. Below, we explain two common methods in an arm lift in Tijuana:

  • Mini Brachioplasty. This method is best for cases where the excess skin and fat are moderate or minimal and are located primarily in the upper third of the arm. An incision is made in the armpit, making the scar practically invisible.
  • Traditional Brachioplasty. An internal scar is made when a patient presents a significant excess of skin. Although there are various suturing methods, generally, the incision goes from the armpit to the elbow to mold the entire arm.

Arm Lift in Tijuana – Care for proper healing

Knowing both the benefits and the risks involved is essential when undergoing any Tijuana plastic surgery. This will allow you to take preventative measures to minimize possible complications. In the case of Brachioplasty, one potential risk that can occur is a raised or reddish scar.

Although these cases are rare, there are some alternative treatments to improve their appearance, such as corticosteroid injections. Each body reacts differently to healing, but all patients can take steps during recovery to prevent the formation of fibrous tissue.

It is important to follow postoperative care carefully and precisely to optimize results. The scar may be more evident initially, as the area will be slightly swollen, hard to the touch, and may even have a reddish hue.

But as the months go by, its appearance will improve remarkably. Within a year, the scar should attain the appearance of a fine line in your skin tone. If you want to be a success story, we present at least five basic precautions that you must take into account:

  1. Use a compression garment. After surgery, girdles or press therapy sleeves are recommended, as they will provide firmness and keep the skin in a new position. You will have to use it for at least a month. With showering and cleaning, you should use the compression garment 24 hours a day.
  2. Exercise. Exercise is essential for your arms to stay toned and beautiful. Your doctor will tell you when you can start exercising, as it is generally advisable to wait at least six weeks.
  3. Mobility. During the first month, it is important to avoid activities that require physical exertion, rigorous activity, and, most importantly, not to raise your arms above your shoulders. All this is needed to avoid compromising the incisions because healing is taking place externally and internally.
  4. Habits. After a few months, patients will be able to resume their everyday lives. However, it is advisable to maintain healthy lifestyle habits as this will provide the ideal conditions to allow the body to heal correctly. It is recommended to avoid smoking, as it slows down the healing process. Also, it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet.
  5. Sun exposure. Surely you are dying to show off your arms and enjoy the summertime. However, during the first months, you should minimize sun exposure. This is necessary to prevent swelling and infections caused by sweat. In addition, when you are exposed to the sun, the body releases melanin, and your scar may have greater pigmentation, making it more evident.

Arm Lift in Tijuana – Achieve desired results

For us, it is crucial not only to offer quality aesthetic treatments but also results that make patients feel satisfied. For this reason, we have a network of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who will accompany you step by step in this process. With the guidance of our experts, you will be able to know every detail of the surgery and obtain the necessary information for a good follow-up.

Remember that we have certified surgeons who have extensive experience helping our clients find the best option to achieve their goals. For many, this surgery is the step that allows them to complete a cycle of both internal and external transformation. You can experience these benefits too!

That is why we invite you to get to know us more closely. Find out how an arm lift in Tijuana can help you improve your image safely and with the best specialists. You can write to us at [email protected] or call us at (858) 779 2552.


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