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Why Do Many American Citizens Choose Dental Tourism in Mexico?

14 March, 2022

dental tourism in México

There might be two conflicting opinions when thinking about dental tourism in Mexico. Some have never come and fear they might not be safe or undergo poor treatment. And on the other hand, there are those patients who are delighted with the world-class medical care and outstanding results and who do not hesitate in recommending it. The question is, whose opinion should you trust?

An old proverb says that the naive person believes everything he is told, but the intelligent one watches where he goes. In other words, not all the opinions we hear about a matter are true. One reality is that fears can be based on myths, sensations, or simply thoughts or fears of others who have never even lived the experience. Unfortunately, we rarely try to verify their veracity or investigate further.

That is why today, we present some reliable characteristics of dental tourism in Mexico that will allow you to have an accurate perspective on this incredible service if you have not tried it yet.

What are the advantages of dental tourism in Mexico?

What are you looking for in a dental service? Undoubtedly, a professional, quality service, reasonable prices, and excellent and modern facilities. These characteristics are essential for a good service that gives you pleasant and effective results.

Therefore, here are some of the elements of experience thanks to our top-rated services through dental tourism in Mexico, and that may interest you:

  • Costs and insurance

Although most people in the US and Canada have health insurance, many do not have access to good dental care. The reason? Because quite often, insurance covers very basic things or minimum costs, so when you need more specialized treatment, you have to pay large amounts of money or deductibles since insurance does not consider it a necessity but a matter of aesthetics.

So, when coming to Mexico, patients realize that a specialized treatment such as a dental implant in Tijuana is much less expensive than in their home country; even the entire trip is cheaper considering the difference in the cost of living and other factors. That is one of the essential reasons foreigners decide to come to Mexico, but not the only one.

  • Medical protocols

We cannot ignore the fact that there are excellent services in all countries. Yet, most of them are attainable only for the rich and famous. Many people abroad face a problem: medical protocols can be tedious and time-consuming.

For example, if you need a general blood test for an implant, you must go to a general practitioner to get the order. On the other hand, for a dental implant in Mexico, your dentist can order it, or you can go directly to a laboratory, request it, and get the results on the same day. You also have the right to keep the tests or x-rays you have paid for.

Similarly, there are countries where the malpractice insurance system can cause dentists to limit their treatment options. When considering when it is necessary to use dental implants, in some cases, they may decide to extract the teeth that can be saved, but instead of discussing it with their patient, they prefer to take no risks and opt for the most conservative route. Additionally, many have little flexibility to care for a patient who has had work done elsewhere.

  • Service quality

What about the quality? Dental tourism in Mexico aims to connect you with the best doctors and first-class facilities to receive simple and complex dental treatments. Physicians now have access to training, certification, and continuing education at the same level as in advanced countries.

Similarly, in Mexico, cutting-edge technology is used. For instance, 3D scanners and quality digital equipment make the service much more professional, reliable, and safe in each procedure. It is increasingly common to see modern, well-equipped facilities with official certifications recognized by the government and the patients themselves.

  • Adapting to recovery times

A natural characteristic of dental treatments is that they require specific recovery times. In other words, when placing a dental implant in Tijuana, extracting a tooth, or placing a veneer, many times, it is necessary to wait for the body’s healing process to complete the treatment.

Healing cannot be forced, so it may take a few days or weeks, depending on the treatment. That is why the specialists and medical tourism packages in Mexico contemplate this fact and help you organize your schedule and needs in the best possible way. If you need to stay more than one day, you can enjoy accommodation and enjoy some of the city’s best hotels; all included at the same cost.

  • Safety

Safety is a primary issue for all tourists traveling abroad and for the country’s government itself. That is why tourist destinations are areas of the country where the government has reinforced security and prioritized protecting those who travel on vacation or medical tourism Mexico.

If you have never been to Mexico, you will be surprised to experience the locals’ warmth and hospitality for those who come from abroad. Mexican culture is characterized by its good treatment, kindness, and cordial service always. In fact, medical tourism packages in Mexico include personalized and private transportation to take you to and from the clinic to the hotel where you are staying and avoid the fear of getting lost.

What is the best dental service?

The best dental services are those that satisfactorily meet your needs, offer you affordable costs, and provide you with exceptional treatment. Come and see for yourself the fantastic benefits of coming to Mexico to significantly improve your oral health. You can get to know our specialists and comprehensive services through our website.

Whether you need a simple procedure or a more complex one like restoring most of your teeth, you can enjoy a treatment by renowned expert dentists with vast experience in their fields. They will give you real solutions and treatment alternatives that best suit your needs and allow you to smile freely again.

Learn more about dental tourism in Mexico today; you just have to contact us through our email at [email protected] or call us at (858) 779 2552. We will gladly answer your questions about world-class dental services available to all people.


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