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Why Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico Matter

3 August, 2022

We all probably have a friend or acquaintance who had a bad experience with plastic surgery. And the truth is that choosing a good surgeon is not a joke. Our money is on the line, but above all, our physical appearance and life. For these reasons, have you asked yourself, what should I look for in a plastic surgeon? Where can I find the best plastic surgeons in Mexico?


Choosing the best plastic surgeon should be your #1 priority. Why? Many people don’t consider the expertise of a doctor when choosing a best plastic surgeons in Mexico. The lack of knowledge in a doctor may result in the patient not getting the desired results. A lousy surgery can result from a surgeon that lacks experience, or the technology they use is not up to date. The worst part is that the patient has to live with the results they don’t want for the rest of their life.

Therefore, before choosing your plastic surgeon, do careful research on:

  • What is the experience of this doctor?
  • Does he use the most current technology?
  • What are their facilities?
  • Are they clean and full-service hospitals?
  • Does he work for a legit company, Brand?

Remember, we are talking about your money, looks, and life, so do your research. Take your time, and as the saying goes: measure twice and cut once!

Top plastic surgeons perform plastic surgery in Mexico with Health & Wellness Bazaar. These experts are skilled and fully accredited with the best training and knowledge of the art of plastic surgery. Additionally, they use the most advanced technology, their facilities are of the highest quality, and they have all the services. Without a doubt, they are the best plastic surgeons in Mexico.

Did you know?

Mexico is one of the most trusted countries for plastic surgery. People living in North America prefer paying for surgery in Mexico. Mexico has emerged as a plastic surgery hub that provides safe and affordable procedures.


When choosing a surgeon, it is best to determine if they are board-certified, male or female. Why is this important? A doctor can only get board-certified once they pass an exam licensed by the government. This exam involves taking a series of tests and trials. As a result, these doctors gain experience, knowledge, and recognition from the government for their work.

Health & Wellness Bazaar has a list of certified experts in Mexico. However, this does not substitute the research that you need to do.

Simple step-by-step for choosing your doctor:

  • Search for a doctor in our Health & Wellness Bazaar network with transparency and confidence based on specialty, surgical procedure, or location.
  • Learn about our doctors’ credentials, experience, and patient testimonials and ratings.
  • Review the facilities where they practice.
  • Contact our Care Managers to confirm pricing for our packages and to coordinate your consultation with our experts.


Plastic Surgery with Health & Wellness Bazaar is performed by world-class plastic surgeons who are skilled and fully accredited with the best training and knowledge of the art of plastic surgery. Health & Wellness Bazaar is an elite network of English-speaking Board-Certified experts strategically located in Mexico.

We contract with the best and highest-rated medical providers in Mexico. For this, we ensure that these health services meet or exceed U.S. standards of care with extraordinary credentials and facilities with the highest quality and safety certifications. And the cost of plastic surgery in Mexico makes these procedures affordable for you.


  1. Dr. Tania Najar

Dr. Tania Najar is one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. Dr. Tania Najar is a dynamic plastic surgeon, highly trained, and distinguished by her academic excellence. And for this reason, she has had the opportunity to work with the best professors of Cosmetic Surgery.

  1. Dr. Marco Rodas Nava

Dr. Marco Rodas Nava is one of the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana. He has helped thousands of people enhance their beauty and has improved physical functionality and appearance. He has treated several complex surgical cases from an aesthetic and medical perspective. This experience gave him the tools and practice to become one of his generation’s most experienced plastic surgeons.

  1. Dr. Ismael Gonzalez

Dr. Ismael Gonzalez is one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. He has specialized in body contouring with the desire to allow people to achieve satisfaction. He stands out as a world-class professional. He is committed to offering the highest quality medical treatments.

  1. Dr. Javier Nares

Dr. Javier Nares is a distinguished plastic surgeon in Mexico who has treated thousands of patients. He has a specialty in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Reassignment Surgery. In order not to stay in his comfort zone but to keep improving, he offers his patients an incredible combination of experience, cutting-edge technology, and up-to-date training.

  1. Dr. Mario Navarrete

Dr. Mario Navarrete also stands out as one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. He has more than 25 years of experience performing plastic surgery in Mexico. His dedication and commitment are focused on transforming the lives of his patients. He is a highly respected reference in the medical community since, in the past, he served as president of the Plastic Surgery Association of the General Hospital of Mexico.


Honestly, not everyone is born with striking looks. However, with the advanced medical technology the surgeons have access to today, we can change how one looks with plastic surgery. But as we have discussed, having the expert guidance of the best experts available in the health care Service is essential. A reputable and experienced doctor will help you safely achieve the goals that will make your surgery a success.

Health & Wellness Bazaar is your most reliable Full-Service Medical Tourism in Mexico. We work with only the best experts abroad, and our experienced team will guide you toward your full recovery. Your only focus is your health, and we care for the rest.

For this reason, we invite you to let us help you with your journey toward a better life. If you see that plastic surgery could help you achieve your goals in life, then contact us at [email protected] or (858) 779-2552. If you choose Health & Wellness Bazaar, you can be sure that we will use all our resources and ensure that after measuring twice, you can be sure that we will only cut once!


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